True Thompson: Khloe Kardashian Has Revealed Her Daughter's Name And Twitter Exploded

It’s been a wild few days for Ms. Khloé Kardashian. Not only was she pregnant with her first child, but she conceived her baby girl with a man she truly loved; a partner she could share her life with.

Well, that all came to an ugly head when allegations (and videos… a lot of videos) came out, showing her NBA baby-daddy sneaking around on her, while traveling for basketball. In short: Tristan Thompson sought out other women while his nine-month pregnant girlfriend was nesting in the home they built together — which was far away from her family members.

Thanks to the overwhelming surprise of all this, it’s been said that Khloé went into an early labor (she gave birth on April 12th when she was supposed to be due at the end of the month). And while the world eagerly waited for a comment regarding her baby girl and the status of her relationship — Khloé shocked all by releasing a sentimental statement about “their” healthy baby girl named True Thompson…

(And yes, Twitter noticed the irony.)

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15 Kris Jenner Doesn't Sleep

It’s unsettling to me that people are creating Instagram accounts for their children. It’s one thing post ocasional family photos or cute baby moments of your child on your own page, but to make your children their own account… Doesn’t that seem a touch excessive? Maybe it’s an electronic version of a photo album?

Nevertheless, it appears a member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan created True’s very own Instagram page before any other fan found out the name of the baby and created it themselves. And who would do such a thing? Most likely Kris Jenner. This way, her family has the say over how their baby is viewed. Or, you know, they could just <not show their children on social media. That’s also an idea.

14 That's A Lot Of Babies!

It’s one thing knowing that the Kardashian-Jenner clan have a bunch of babies, but it’s another thing to see all the names written out. Like, Kim and Kanye already have three children. Kourtney and baby-daddy Scott have three children. Rob and ex-girlfriend Blac Chyna have a baby girl. Kylie has a newborn. And no Khloe is in the mix! That’s nine grandbabies for Kris Jenner in a short amount of time!

While we’re talking about all these kids, though, let’s chat about their names. We all knew Kim and Kanye’s kids’ names were gonna be…. unique, >mainly because Kanye is their father. But none of us saw Rob, Kylie, and Khloe coming in hot with their one-of-a-kind baby names (Dream, Stormi, and True).

Who would have thought that Kourtney would have the most relaxed names out of the bunch?

13 The Irony Is Not Lost

You guys… I cried laughing at the irony in this name. I actually think the name True is kinda sweet. It’s original and yet romantic, if you ask me. But the name True REALLY doesn’t work in poor Khloé’s case, especially considering her man was anything BUT true when their baby arrived. Poor baby.

However, it appears there’s a deeper meaning to the name. Kris Jenner took to Instagram after Khloé released the name to give a little background on her new granddaughter's name.

“I’m so excited to welcome my precious little granddaughter True!!! FUN FACT … my Grandfather’s name on my Dad’s side was True Otis Houghton ….my Dad’s name was Robert True Houghton … so i am so excited Khloé named her daughter True!!!

12 True Jackson VP

Wait a gosh darn minute! The Kardashian-Jenner clan DO seem to be watching a lot of Nickelodeon and Disney! I mean, with so many kids running around, it makes sense that they might get some inspiration from kids’ shows. Honestly, when I first heard of Stormi Webster, it sounded more like an adult-film actress than anything else, but now all I head is a Nickelodeon show character.

But let’s get back to focusing on baby True...

There were a lot of tweets laughing at the fact that the name True Thompson reminded them of the Nickelodeon show True Jackson, VP. The show starred Keke Palmer and ran for three years, from 2008-2011. It focused on a young girl who was thrown into the fashion industry after asking to be the VP of a fashion line. And honestly, knowing how the Kardashian-Jenners work — this could be True Thompson’s reality.

11 Goodbye

I’m not even shy to admit the fact that I am borderline obsessed with this family. I don’t know what it is. I find them entertaining and though many people disagree with me, I do think they’re business savvy. I mean, look at where they are now… People will buy anything those girls endorse. They know what they’re doing. So while I was waiting around anxiously for the name of Khloé’s baby girl, I was SHOOK when her Instagram post FINALLY popped up.

When I read the name was True… My jaw hit the ground.

Out of all the names I’ve rumored hearing online, NONE of them were even close to True Thompson. It was also surprising to see Thompson as True’s last name, considering.

10 Are You Sure You Wanna Do This, Khlo?

Before hearing the background story to True’s name from Kris Jenner, I honestly asked myself if she was sure she wanted to stick with that name. Out of ALL the pain Khloe has gone through. Out of all the men she was hurt by. Out of nine months of pregnancy — THIS was what she envisioned for her daughter? It’s questionable, to say the least.

However, I am glad there’s an explanation to the name True. And it’s a sweet tribute to her roots, as well. Knowing that her grandparents’ names were True, makes the name that much more special. So good for her.

Now that her name is officially out though, I still have some pressing questions: What is True’s middle name (if she has one). And what were some backup girl names she and Tristan liked?


Like I said, the irony in the name True is just sad. Out of ALL the names in the world. Out of all the adjectives she could have chosen from. She chose True. As if this gorgeous woman didn’t need anymore time in the spotlight, now people will forever look at her baby girl and see the irony of her father being untrue.

Speaking of True’s father. I’m still pissed AF that he did this to Khloe.

NO woman deserves to be hurt in such a public and embarrassing way when they’re pregnant. And Khloe wasn’t just a little pregnant. SHE WAS NINE MONTHS. Tristan Thompson will forever be on my hit list. He may call himself a man, but a man doesn’t do that to someone they love. Especially so close to such a beautiful time in their lives.


8 I'm So Sorry, Kim!

You guys… Remember when Kim named her baby girl Chicago and we all gave her agony for it? EVEN though it’s where her husband was born and raised, and seemed to be a real sentimental city for the couple? Well… Now we all owe her an apology. Because not only is Chicago a better name that True Thompson, it’s also a better name than Stormi Webster. (This is all personal opinion of course.)

Kim and Kanye can at least call Chicago, “Chi.” But what can Khloé and Tristan nickname their daughter — “T”? Maybe. But don’t people call Tristan “TT”? Plus, every time someone says “true” as in the dang word, Khloé’s baby is gonna think someone is calling her.

Sorry, True. It’s not you. It’s them.

7 It's Story Time

With names after cities, adjectives, and whatever else there is, it’s very easy to make up stories revolving around the Kardashian-Jenner’s kids’ names.

“Stormi in Chicago” is a classic tale, but “Stormi in North West Chicago” is EVEN BETTER.

You honestly can’t make this stuff up. And don’t even get me started on Rob Kardashian’s baby girl. She’s probably the most adorable child I’ve ever seen, but her name is Dream… Really, Rob? That’s what you chose? Out of all the names in the world and all the emotions a new parent must be feeling, you chose Dream?

I don’t about y’all, but when I was in elementary school, I got picked on for my name (and it’s Layne). I can’t imagine what kids think about when they meet fellow students named North, Chicago, Reign, True, Stormi, and Dream.

6 #True

The really unfortunate part about being a child in the media is they’re going to look back on their birth story one day and become aware of all the drama that was going on around the time of their birth.

North, Chicago, and Saint are all gonna find out that their mom was robbed when on a trip in Paris and their dad ended up having to be hospitalized from all the stress. Dream is gonna learn that her parents truly said some ugly words to one another in the press. Stormi is gonna find out there was a paternity question regarding who her father was. Mason, Penelope, and Reign are gonna find out their dad was an addict who dated a 19-year-old. And now True is gonna find out that her father snuck around on her mom when she was pregnant.

Shaking my damn head

5 True & False

Can you imagine if Khloé had twins? One baby in the midst of all this drama is hard enough, but having two babies? That would be WAY too stressful. I know the Kardashians probably have full time help with all their children, but as a mother, it’s nice knowing you can co-parent with a partner who is in the trenches with you. Not running around New York City with five other women…

Nevertheless, can you imagine if Khloé gave birth to twins and named them True and False? I would die.

No, I’m not being dramatic. I would die. Having a baby girl named True is one issue, but naming the other one False would just be too much to take in one day. Plus, False would probably feel like an outcast with such a negative connotation to their name.

4 Girl, C'mon Now

Here’s my problem. I have been watching Keeping up with the Kardashians since its inception. And because of my deep KUWTK knowledge, I feel like Khloé is going to react to this situation in one of two ways.

She’s either gonna kick Tristan to the curb, pack up her stuff, and take baby True back to LA where she can be raised around a supportive family. Or she’s gonna put in the work to make her relationship with Tristan better.

The problem is, Khloé has already been through SO much with men. Does she really wanna put in the work to fix her relationship with Tristan? Who’s to say, but her Instagram post was oddly optimistic about her relationship with Tristan. She said “our” and “we” quite a few times, instead of keeping it #solo.

3 Is Khloe Trolling?

Do you think Khloé purposefully named her daughter True so that Tristan could look at his daughter everyday and think “Wow, I’m the worst human being on the planet”? Because that’s something I would do. I’m not petty, but if you piss me off enough, I’ll make some decisions that’ll make my husband cry. Whatevs.

I know Kris gave the backstory of the name True and all that, but what if that was all lie, and Khloé just really wanted to name her daughter something that made Tristan sweat in his sleep? WHAT IF?

Thankfully she didn’t name her baby girl “Rumor” or “Sneaky” or “Liar.” Because those words also all define Tristan Thompson to a tee. I mean honestly, how does that man sleep at night? Not only does he have to deal with the backlash of his baby-mama, but he’s gonna deal with ALL the Kardashian-Jenners.

2 It Does!

The protagonist is the leading character in a novel, story, or movie. And with a name like True Thompson, that really does sound like the protagonist to a mystery series for children. I mean honestly, this person should make their tweet private, but I bet one of the people working for the Kardashians are gonna see it and spiral the idea into a reality.

The girls have definitely put out a few books on their lives thus far, but writing children's books is not on their list quite yet.

But why shouldn’t it be? They have enough kids in their family to make a complete series of characters and shenanigans. True Thomson is the lead detective. Stormi Webster is her annoying little sister who always wants to go on adventures with her. Saint West is the town’s hero — being all knowing and holy…

See what I mean? This could definitely work.

1 Is True Even... True?

WHAT IF KRIS JENNER COMPLETELY MADE UP THE STORY ABOUT “TRUE” BEING A FAMILY NAME? (Yes, capital letters were relevant to that sentence. It’s a huge theory that needed to be exclaimed in the most obnoxious way possible.)

I know her grandfather’s name was True, and her dad’s middle name was “True,” BUT IS THAT STORY TRUE? All we can do is believe what we’re told from the horse’s mouth, but damn.

I guess I wouldn’t put it past that family to make something like that up, just to shy away from the irony of True’s daddy being untrue.

I wonder if True will grow up resenting her father for what he did when she was born? Only time will tell, you guys. Only time will tell.


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