Try Guessing Which Is The Celebrity And Which Is A Regular Person (15 Photos)

In society today, many people are willing to pay good money to look like some of their favorite celebrities. There have been reports about people who have gone under the knife more times then they are willing to admit in order to get that sought-after bust, booty, pout, or body shape. In fact, there have even been a few reality shows that focused on just that. The Swan focused on making “ugly” women beautiful, and in order to do so, they referenced the looks of many popular celebrities. Of course, MTV had to get in on the trend with I Want A Famous Face. And most recently, Botched focuses on two great plastic surgeons who fix people’s botched surgery jobs. Every once in a while, they get a character or two who comes in wanting to look like someone that they physically could never look like. Can you imagine how ticked off these people are when they come across photos of other people who have been naturally gifted with the looks of some of the world's most famous celebrities?

There are a ton of people on the web who post photos claiming that they have been told that they look like a certain celebrity. Normally, not only are they wrong but it’s usually a ploy to get attention or “likes” for their photos. However, ever so often some people post a photo where they actually resemble the likes of Katy Perry, Beyoncé, Brad Pitt, and many more. Here are just a fraction of those photos.

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15 Angelina Jolie

via pudelek.pl

This lady looks so much like Angelina Jolie, it’s scary. If someone was planning on making a film about the megastar, this young woman—whether she could act or not—should be a shoe-in for the lead role. It’s weird because she looks like Angelina Jolie currently, but she could totally play a younger version of her as well. She even got her makeup to match Jolie’s. Well, that or she did her makeup that way on purpose. Regardless if Brad Pitt is looking for a less intense Angelina Jolie, maybe be can look this girl up. It’s is so scary how much she resembles the award-winning actress, there is no doubt she gets mistaken for her at least 10+ times a year. She’s gorgeous maybe she can parlay her looks into her own acting career.

14 Lorde

via BuzzFeed

There is no question that this girl is a Lorde fan. I'm assuming this because she is basically dressed in all black. She looks so dark, just like Lorde. Besides that, they have the same face structure the same dark, thick, wavy hair. Although it is rather odd that she is taking a selfie in a public washroom (which is the norm now), she is so adorable. Even though Lorde has a dark demeanor to her, she has proven to be a pleasant girl and her double looks just the same. If we were gullible, we would assume that this is actually Lorde on hiatus because she strikes us as someone who would do something like this. She may be able to get a job as her stunt double! How cool and easy would that be? Just show up to red carpet events and look stoic.

13 Miley Cyrus

via mundotkm.com

I am still trying to figure out if this is Miley Cyrus or not. This girl looks so much like the young singer and she is acting wild in the picture just like Cyrus would. Not to mention this is totally something that Cyrus would wear, and her hair was cut in the exact same pixie cut not too long ago. Either this chick is a big fan who will do anything to look like her idol or this is Cyrus just being Miley. She IS the voice of a generation, so chances are this girl went out of her way to look like her favorite celebrity. The resemblance is just too much to ignore. This looks like an Instagram pic that Miley would post without hesitation, so maybe she should seek out her doppelgänger and make friends with her.

12 Ms. Doubtfire (AKA Robin Williams)

via ocko.tv

Whoever’s mama is responsible for this should be ashamed of herself. How in the world are you going to dress your baby like an little old lady? Of course, this photo had to be taken before Ms. Doubtfire was even a thought in a script-writer’s eye, but still. What are the chances that this would happen? All this baby needs is some waves, wrinkly skin, and some old lady pearls. Wait a minute, maybe Robin Williams saw this photo at some point and was inspired by it! I need to see what this little girl looks like now and if possible, have her recreate this photo because it is so freaking cute. Why do kids always look so cute when they are dressed up to look like adults?

11 Emma Watson

via YouTube

Emma Watson is one of the most basic looking celebrities out there. And I mean this in the nicest way possible. That being said, there should be no surprise that there are a few people out there who have almost uncanny similarities to the actress. The long face, mousey brown hair, and a nose with a perfectly straight bridge. If this woman on the left doesn’t have all of those features then I am seeing things. She definitely resembles Watson, she is even posed like her in the picture. The side swept bang, and that praying hands pose is everything. I think her resemblance is based on the fact that she is slightly turned to the side. If the photo were head on, she may not resemble her so much.

10 Ryan Gosling

via All4Women

How many times do you think this guy benefitted during a night out from looking like Ryan Gosling? He isn’t an exact replica per se, because if he was, he would be married to Eva Mendes and have gorgeous kids. However, he does have more than a few resemblances to Gosling. The shape of his face for one is a huge part of it. He is slightly skinnier but he still has the same look as Gosling. Then he went ahead and bought the same glasses, tried (but failed) to get his hair the same way, and to top it off he has the Gosling beard. The one difference that is pretty noticeable is that this guy’s hairline if farther back. This is a sign of eventual balding we can only hope that Gosling doesn’t go bald.

9 Michael C. Hall

via scribol.com

I'm not sure if looking like Michael C. Hall is a good thing. He played a serial killer and in real life, and he just always has a look on his face like he is living out Dexter’s life for real. His double looks just as creepy. His features are so sharp and piercing that him just smiling like any normal person would do is sending shivers down my spines. Even his wild hair is menacing. I would have never been threatened by a tussled coif before, but there is a first time for everything. Dear God, even the five o’clock shadow is creepy! This guy has to be stopped several times a day and asked how it was working on the set of Dexter. That must get annoying.

8 Scarlett Johansson

via Fooyoh.com

Scarlett Johansson is gorgeous and so is her look alike. Their likeness is pretty amazing; the small yet, pointed nose, the pillow-soft pale, pink lips, and beautiful smile. These are all things that Johansson is known for and regularly complimented on when spoken about. For this woman to have all of those same features, what are the chances? She should definitely use her looks to get closer to Chris Evans, I know I would. I also have to mention that this lady is glowing in this picture, so I'm not sure if she is utilizing filters but dare I say she looks even better than Johansson in the comparison picture? Maybe I'm just getting ahead of myself. Regardless, I would be psyched to look like her. Oh, and be best friends with Evans AND have all that money, of course.

7 Taylor Swift

via ELLE Malaysia

With Taylor Swift’s reputation taking somewhat of a hit, I'm not sure if anyone really wants to look like the songstress. That being said, it looks as though this girl doesn’t really have a choice. The signature red lip and sunglasses are just the beginning of her resemblance to Swifty. She also has a tall stature, glowing skin, and to top it off — she’s blonde. Her brunette headed friend looks like Abbi Jacobson of Broad City fame, if I'm being real. This is making me want to seek out this girl's Instagram and stalk the heck out of her photos to see how many of her other friends look like celebrities. Maybe they are a club of celebrity look-alike friends (don’t knock it, it could happen one day).

6 Adele

via HelloMagazine

Adele is one of the most sought-after artists in the industry, so what a pleasure it would be to have someone say that you resemble her. Of course, her talent is almost unmatchable, and I'm not sure if this young look-alike can sing, but even if she can't, who cares. She has that cute, small pointed nose, those big greyish blue eyes she's even got the winged eyeliner down to a science! To top it off, she has that indent at the tip of her chin that has basically become a signature stand out for Adele. I really had to look twice to make sure that this actually wasn’t Adele with great lighting and superb angles. Even her picture looks artsy and pensive, I'm jealous of how photogenic she is.

5 Rose McIver

via utahvally360.com

Rose McIver is darling. She has such an adorable face and she looks like everyone’s best friend. Who wouldn’t want a face like that? Her look-alike is lucky she gets to look like McIver; she has the plumpest, rosiest cheeks I have ever seen. Even though her face is fuller, she still resembles the iZombie actress in so many ways; the bright eyes, soft skin, and the haircut are just some of the more noticeable things about their resemblance. This could be a picture from the future! Maybe McIver grows up to look like this... But let’s be real, weirder things have happened. The only thing is, I can’t see her look-alike being okay with playing a zombie who eats brains and takes on the personality of the person whose brain she eats. It may be a bit too much for her sunny disposition.

4 Arnold Schwarzenegger

via BrightSide

Ahhhh let’s just discuss the elephant in the room, this guy is the black version of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Okay, there you go, it's out in the open. No really, I'm actually wondering if this is Photoshopped or if this guy is a real person. Everything about him is the keen resemblance of Arnold; the fanged teeth, the small eyes, the smile. It’s just crazy. How does something like this even happen? I have to assume that he is another secret love child that Arnold can’t bring himself to tell his ex-wife about. One love child, okay. But two? You’re begging to get slapped. There has to be some kind of kinship somewhere down the line because this resemblance is just too close to be a random look alike. Arnold has very distinct features so, this picture is definitely making us question what is really happening.

3 Bradley Cooper

via Buzzworthy

Oh, to look like Bradley Cooper. This young man is lucky that he was blessed with the looks of Cooper. The only real difference is that his nose is a bit broader but besides that; his smile, his eyes, and the overall shape of his face is the same. He even has the same beard/jawline. This guy is essentially Bradley Cooper if he was a normal guy going to a game with friends, or if he had a normal job and wasn’t a millionaire. He looks like he doesn’t know anything about walking a red carpet and going on publicity tours, and to be honest, this is how most of us like to think of Cooper; just a normal guy who is attainable and doesn’t only date models.

2 Ariana Grande

via edna.bg

How adorable is this little Ariana Grande look alike? Not only does she have her favorite pose down perfectly, she has the exact same profile. The brows (which are on fleek, by the way), the lips, the small but subtly pointed nose, even her freaking hairline! It’s just too much for me! I almost couldn’t tell who was who. She probably has been asked for a picture or an autograph more than she would like. It’s uncanny how much she looks like the actress/singer. Her own brother, Frankie Grande would also probably have a hard time figuring out which one was his sister. The best part is Grande is so cute, who wouldn’t want to look like her? The downside is, if she was on a dating site many people would think her profile picture was fake.

1 Cara Delevingne


This girl might be in for a modeling career herself if she keeps going out in public looking like Cara Delevingne. One of Delevingne’s signature features is her eyebrows; those eyebrows may be more popular than her. Currently, people are obsessed with brows that are on fleek and let’s be honest, Delevingne’s set the standard for fleek. This girl was also blessed with naturally beautiful eyebrows so that coupled with the piercing eyes and tomboyish good looks, she is basically Delevingne’s twin. She looks like she could have her own career in Hollywood (if she has the talent that is). Regardless, no one can take away from her how much she looks like the model. Slap a little makeup on her and she could walk side by side down the runway with the best of them.

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