We're Trying Not To Sob Over The Accuracy Of These 20 Millennial Tweets

Millennials seem to be the generation that gets the most flak and insults on a regular basis... or at least that's how it can feel for people who fit into that category. It doesn't seem possible to be part of this generation and go online or on social media and not see at least a few negative comments every day (even several times a day). That just seems to be the way that it goes these days. Maybe people always love to poke fun at and complain about a generation younger than them, so this is most likely a cycle or pattern that repeats itself. But most Millennials would probably like to ask why they're always being talked about and seem to be the focus of so many articles and conversations.

One place that this generation is definitely talked about is Twitter, and people are using this platform to either express their frustration at some of the comments that are being made or just to have some fun.

These 20 tweets are ones that Millennials will absolutely love. They're sure to put a smile on any Millennial's face and make them nod their heads and say, "Same" (especially the ones about avocado — aka: Every Millennial's All-Time Favorite Food).

20 Avocado Toast Or A House?

Has anyone ever been in a pickle where they weren't sure whether they should spend $500,000 on a house or on some avocados at the grocery store? Or even fancy avocado toast at brunch? No? They haven't? What about friends? No? They haven't, either?

Hmmm. That's confusing... because according to a statement that has been floating around the Internet, the reason why Millennials can't afford to buy houses isn't because houses are super expensive (i.e. over $1 million in some North American cities) or because they don't have jobs that pay that kind of dough. The reason is our beloved avocado.

This tweet is hilarious since we can all relate to wondering why anyone would think that buying avocados to make some guac for our friends has anything to do with purchasing a house. We're probably all pretty tired of hearing this by now. It just doesn't make any sense. We buy avocados because we love them, they taste good, are healthy fats, and are good for us. It's not a real-estate thing. (Also, because guac is the greatest invention ever, along with corn chips. And putting them together is like a gift. There's that, too.)

We love us some guac, but we're not that bad with money.

19 Ripped Jeans Are Stylish, Okay?

Every Millennial has had this happen to them. Most Millennials have bought a pair of ripped-on-purpose jeans, maybe from Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, or Free People, and then had an older relative ask, "Were those holes already there?" (Groan.) Or maybe our dad or male relative has made the classic dad joke, "Where are the rest of those jeans?" (Double groan.)

I'm pretty sure that other generations wore questionable pants and even jeans. Remember the hippie era and those super baggy bell-bottom jeans?! We would probably never be interested in wearing those today, and yet they were a totally fashionable thing back in the day. It was almost like we just weren't cool or stylish if we didn't wear them. Well, that's kind of the same story with ripped jeans these days.

When it comes to fashion, there's a certain amount of "keeping up with the Joneses," like that old saying goes. For us, it's ripped jeans, so we're going to buy them and wear them. Plus, they look cute, and are they hurting anyone? Nope. Other generations wanted to be like everyone else by buying houses in suburbia and throwing perfect dinner parties. We'll just wear ripped jeans. Seems like the same thing, right?!

18 Happy New Year

If you don't laugh at this tweet, you're not a Millennial. And we're all laughing, so we're clearly all Millennials, right? This is too good.

You might not know where the whole "I can't even" saying came from, but it's safe to say that this is one of those Millennial sayings that we can't get enough of. From adding "literally" to every sentence to saying "I can't even" about just about everything, these are just some of the things that our generation says all the time.

Every generation has a certain amount of slang, and this is ours.

There's also the fact that saying you "can't even" is very satisfying. It's kind of the perfect thing to say when you don't even know what's happening anymore; when you've been working two weeks straight—including weekends—and are so tired that the word is losing meaning, It's for when you're wondering how you already spent half of the money that you allocated for yourself this month and it's only a few days into the new month. Yeah, this is the perfect slang for those kinds of times. Even if you laugh when you see this phrase in memes or get a text from a friend who uses it, and swear that you never would, there comes a point in every Millennial's life when they end up saying it.

17 It's Very Important

There are all kinds of Twitter hashtags that involve coming up with creative ideas, like new titles for famous books or something like that, and this one involves Millennial Oscar categories. That statement alone is pretty hilarious, and this guy's tweet is too amazing for words.

If you don't spend more time figuring out the Instagram filter for your post than anything else (yes, more than the composition of the shot and the caption), you don't deserve to call yourself a Millennial. We all do this, though, so you can all breathe easy and keep calling yourself a Millennial.

What is it about filters that are just so fun to use? Some people might say that we're insecure and have to make sure that our selfies and photos look as pretty as possible and that's why we're so into filters, but it might not be that. Filters are just enjoyable.

Sometimes we need a break from our busy schedules, and taking a photo and playing around with filters is just a nice break from whatever else we have going on. It's definitely a Millennial thing. You might have had the experience of your mom, dad, or another relative, asking you why you're spending so much time on your phone. The answer is always "I'm trying to pick the right filter."

16 Dude, Where's My Car: The Millennial Sequel

The movie starring Ashton Kutcher and Seann William Scott is a classic, and most fans probably saw it in the theatre, maybe with some friends and a parent depending how old you were Because back in those days, we needed a chaperone when we went to the movie theatre. These days, it might be a different story. But we're talking about the 2000s — so that was a thing.

A sequel would totally be Dude, Where's My Uber? because we're not buying and driving cars these days. Just like we're not getting married as young or owning homes. These are things that people say about us that are also totally true for some of us. 

Sure, not every person that uses Uber is a Millennial, but a lot of them do use this service. It's super easy since all we have to do is download the app. And we love apps. We really and truly do.

It can be confusing to be a Millennial because we don't leave hearing other people say certain things about us, but at the same time, they can be right. Most of us probably don't have cars. And we use Uber. So this tweet is spot on and puts a smile on our face. What more can we ask for?!

15 Let's Play A Game

Yes. So much yes for this tweet.

Being a Millennial can be such a strange, funny, confusing, and complicated experience. We have that one friend who is still living at home, whether in the basement or in their childhood bedroom, and they claim that it's to "save money" or whatever, but they basically seem to love living rent-free and eating the meals that their mom makes. Sure, we would all love that, but we want to be independent and have our own places sometimes, But, hey, to each their own. We also have that one friend who has a super fancy condo that they either rent or own (what?!) and they buy organic food and host dinner parties and seem to have it all together.

These are both very confusing lifestyles in different ways. When it comes to the friends who seem to live like they're super wealthy, we would all love to know how they do it. Most of the time, we know that they're not making millions or anything even close to it.

Maybe these friends should host seminars on how to save money and buy fun things? It could be called "How to be a Millennial and make money like a Millennial and spend money like you're not a Millennial." They could even charge us and they would have a new side hustle.

14 Brunch Is The Best Meal Ever

Oh, brunch. People should write novels and movies about the amazing thing that is brunch. Okay, that might be a bit boring... but wait. No it wouldn't be. Because brunch is never dull. It's the most exciting thing ever!

Who doesn't want to walk over to their favorite neighborhood brunch place on a Saturday or Sunday around 10 or 11am, knowing that they don't have to cook and that piles of food are waiting for them?

Whether you're into bacon and eggs or omelets, or your fave place really does sell avocado toast (contrary to popular belief, not every brunch place has that dish). Or maybe you even like sweet stuff like pancakes and waffles! Either way, you're going to have a pretty great meal. The best part is we don't have to lift a finger. Okay, sure, we might have to wait in line, but there's going to be lots and lots of coffee in our future (and bacon, let's not forget about the bacon) so it's all good.

This tweet hits the nail on the head, though: brunch is a nice distraction, not just from our problems (like not being able to afford real estate, as this guy suggests), but from everything else. We all work hard and have busy lives, and it can be nice to spend time with our friends, family, or significant other and just eat some good food, talk, and laugh.

We need brunch seven mornings a week, but we'll settle for the weekend.

13 What's Owning The Place?!

We always hear that we can't afford to own houses, condos, or any kind of real-estate, so this tweet is pretty spot-on and amazing.

Maybe the next time we hear someone say this to us, we should just say that we're "walking around like we rent the place." It seems like others would love that response and it would go over really well.

Okay, so it might not, but it's still a good joke.

We might all have different senses of humor and ideas of what is funny, but chances are, we can all agree that the best jokes are so funny because they are smart and easy to relate to. Sometimes we just have to step back and poke fun at ourselves and the reputation that we have, and that's where this tweet comes in.

This tweet is also hilarious since it gets at the idea that Millennials are entitled and think really highly of themselves. Yes, some might be like that, but not everyone, just like older generations have snobby and nice people. Unfortunately, that's the reputation that we seem to have. If we're so entitled, then why can we only rent apartments that are smaller than we would like?! Yeah, exactly.

12 A Generation Of Foodies

Millennials are known for loving certain things, like Instagram, brunch, avocados, wishing that it was still the '90s (oh man, do we ever wish that), and they are also known for loving food.

If any generation could be called foodies, it would totally be this one.

That's what makes this tweet hilarious. Yes, on the one hand, Millennials definitely care about food, but on the other hand, everyone does because food is necessary. That's something that people tend to forget when talking about this generation. We're not always doing something that is super specific to us and so different from everyone else. We're pretty sure that our parents and their friends and our older relatives eat food, just like we do, and just like younger people who aren't part of our generation do. Food is just a thing. We didn't come up with it. It's been around.

When I think about it, we don't need more than good food (both healthy and junk food because, hey, we have to enjoy ourselves. Or YOLO as those Millennials say), friends, family, love, and something good to watch on Netflix. We definitely know how to live the good life (in my humble opinion).

11 A New Children's Classic

The 1985 children's book, If You Give A Mouse A Cookie, is pretty famous. Basically, the storyline is about a mouse wanting more than just the cookie, like milk and a straw, to drink that milk and so on. People have associated it with Millennials since there are always claims that this generation wants more than they deserve (and expects and/or demands it).

This tweet is so funny since it goes along with that but makes it even more Millennial. If that book was published today, it would totally involve a very sophisticated, complicated cookie.

Sure, not every Millennial follows a certain diet like being gluten-free and dairy-free or vegan or Paleo, but it's definitely a trend that many members of this generation have gotten behind. A cookie isn't just a cookie anymore. It's not necessarily made of white flour, white sugar, and butter. It might be made of a combination of flours like almond, coconut, oat, brown rice, or white rice. It might be low carb so it's only made of almond or cashew flour. It might be made with vegan butter or coconut oil. Also, white sugar is totally uncool so you would use maple syrup or coconut sugar or honey. It's a whole thing.

10 Dr. Seuss, Millennial-Style

Truer words have never been spoken. It's funny how some parents with more than one child get super picture happy with their first child, and there are countless photo albums and maybe even some videos... Then they have another kid, and there are only a handful of snapshots. They were so busy running after two kids that it wasn't possible to take that many photos of the second one. That would never happen to a Millennial. Their friends would text them immediately and be like, "You haven't posted in a few days. What's wrong? What's going on? Are you okay?"

Millennials live for taking photos. You know the old saying "Give a man a fish"? Well, give a Millennial a Smartphone with a good camera and the Instagram app downloaded and they will be so happy. It's a new version of that.

It's safe to say that Millennials who are having children are taking tons and tons of photos of them. And they're definitely uploading them on their social media platforms. There is no way that a Millennial would ever say that they are too busy for that. Taking photos is very important. There's also the whole "If you don't take a photo, it never happen" thing that we're very familiar with, and so this tweet gets at that idea, too.

9 That 20-Something Life

Besides being told that we can't buy houses, we're also being told that we're not getting married as early as previous generations. There are tons of reasons for that, of course, from not meeting the right person to not having time to date because of grad school or working a bunch of jobs to pay off student debt to the fact that dating can be so tough.

This tweet sums it up perfectly, though: the 20-something experience is different today than it was a few generations ago. Millennials are paying off student debt and they also have to work for free in certain industries if they want to get ahead. So, yeah, having a wedding might not be high on their priority list right now.

It's hard because on the one hand, we're always being told to "work hard" and "pay your dues" and "start off in the mailroom." That often means internships, whether they are unpaid or not paid that high. On the other hand, we're being asked why we're not getting married. It does seem kind of unfair to be judged for waiting to take that next step when we really do want to find a good paying job. It's kind of a big deal.

8 All About Kale

First of all, this tweet is golden because who doesn't love You've Got Mail?! The '90s Nora Ephron movie starring Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks is total and utter perfection. From the New York setting to the fact that most of the movie takes place in the fall (aka the best season ever. And yes, it's a totally Millennial thing to say), everything is so good. So this tweet wins an award for that.

Second of all, if there was a romantic comedy about the Millennial experience, it would definitely involve kale. It would have to.

If the avocado is the official Millennial food, then kale is a close second. It's a Millennial superfood for sure and the green vegetable (or vegetable in general) that Millennials are okay with eating. In fact, we seem to actually enjoy eating it. I'm not sure how that happened. When I stop and think about it, it's a really, really green vegetable. It's not potato chips or French fries. It's green (and a really dark green at that) and we have to spend a long time massaging it in order to be able to eat it. Sometimes it tastes bitter if we don't do anything to it.

It shouldn't really be as popular as it is. And yet it is. And we Millennials can't get enough kale.

7 What's Our Age Again?

No one really seems to know the exact age range of a Millennial. According to the PEW Research Center, you can be a Millennial if you were born between 1981 and 1996, which means that you would be between the ages of 22 and 36 in 2018. But sometimes, we come across an article or social media post that seems to suggest otherwise, and it can be all kinds of confusing.

According to this super relatable tweet, no one knows how young or old Millennials are, and literally call anyone one. Sure, it's a bit exaggerated since, of course, no one really thinks that kids who are 4 years old up it 10 years old fit into that category, but sometimes it can feel like something close to that.

All we know is we have a reputation for crying all the time and feeling like we should always get tons of praise, but that's not really how most of us feel. We're okay with the ups and downs that everyone goes through in life, right? We totally get that we can't always succeed and that we should keep trying to do our best. (We just want some avocado toast. Is that too much to ask?!)

6 Phone Obsessed

Another thing that Millennials are supposed to be obsessed with: their Smartphones. Well, at least this is totally right because we are all guilty as charged.

Look, it's not our fault. Smartphones are just so, well, smart.

We can text our best friends, we can look at social media a million times a day, and we can feel connected to people even when we're walking down the street or running errands. Sounds pretty good to us.

We can all relate to being super into our phones... and we can all relate to having people ask why we can't look up from our phones and experience the real world or something like that. This is one habit that we're not going to give up, but why should we have to? It's not like this is bad or anything. If we want to spend hours scrolling through pretty photos of food (probably brunch because, again, that's a Millennial thing), then who cares? We don't complain about our relatives spending hours knitting or baking or anything like that, so we don't think that people should complain about the time that we spend on our phones. To each their own. Let the Millennials have their Smartphones and everyone will be super happy.

5 But No Phone Calls, Please

At the same time, of course, we're just not into making phone calls, so this tweet is too good. Give us all the Smartphones ever. Let us text and tweet and post on Instagram. Just, please, never make us phone anyone. That is too harsh.

Maybe when we were younger, we enjoyed talking on the phone. Maybe we still like it... well, at least if we can call our mom or sister or best friend. Then it's fun because we're talking to someone that we love and can chat about Grey's Anatomy or our love life or anything like that. But if we have to call a stranger, that's when things get tricky, and that's when we would rather hide under our comforter and stay in bed for a few hours.

Calling people is just plain scary. Maybe there's no reason to have this fear. Maybe we should just grow up already and do it. But ask any Millennial and they will most likely say that they dislike making phone calls, whether they have to phone their doctor or dentist's office or a friend of a friend. It's just awkward. That's why texting and email are a thing, right? Can't we just do that?

4 Yup, That's Us

Has something ever been more relatable? I don't think so. This girl is so right. This really does sum up our lives.

Instead of saying that we're renting apartments because we can't afford to buy houses, maybe the conversation should be that it's because it's awesome that we're not living in our parents' homes anymore and are paying our own rent. It's awesome that we even have an apartment, even if it's a super tiny studio one. Plus, we buy groceries and are on top of our bills. Sure, we might not have tons of savings in the bank, or higher paying jobs like previous generations before us, but we're doing okay.

We're taking care of ourselves and doing our best to be adults. Shouldn't that count for something?

Let's give ourselves a round of applause and go buy a pizza or something (maybe with kale on it or a side of avocado to complete the true Millennial experience). We might worry a lot about whether we're doing okay or if there's something more that we should be doing, like this girl suggests in her tweet, but that's okay, too. It's normal. We're doing the best that we can and should be proud.

3 But We're So Fascinating

This is such a Millennial thing... and it's so funny because we might not even think that our friends need to share so much online. Do you really think that you benefited from seeing that bacon and eggs that your best friend ordered at brunch last Sunday? Or the coffee cup that another friend posted when that is literally all that she posts? Or the 20 vacation photos that a co-worker posted that make you want to text her and say, "We get it, you went to a beach for a week"? No, you probably didn't really need to see those posts.

That being said, we all need to share a lot on social media because, well, that's just the way that it goes. It's part of the Millennial contract we all sign. We have to like Instagram filters, avocado toast, and posting online even when we're not sharing anything super interesting.

Even though this is normal for us and we're part of this generation, we probably can all relate to wondering if we should even post something. Sometimes we do post something boring just because we haven't updated our feed in a week and we wonder if people think that's weird.

2 Stressed Out

Can you call yourself a Millennial if you're not stressed out 24/7 about a whole variety of things? If you don't worry about literally every little thing? If you don't call your mom all the time and ask her to tell you that everything is going to be okay... and she has no idea why you're freaking out so much?

No, you can't. It's not part of the contract that you sign when you become a Millennial. (Just kidding. Of course there's no contract, although that would be hilarious and amazing.)

Sometimes you feel like if you're not worried about something, you're doing something wrong because if you grab dinner with friends and they ask how things are going, you're all like, "Good. Work is good. Life is good." And then they proceed to complain about something (or a whole bunch of things) for the next two hours. That's definitely a Millennial experience.

It also seems like because we have a reputation for complaining a lot, we kind of think that it's okay to complain and that makes us complain more. Or maybe not. Maybe we're just overthinking things and should stop. (Wait. Should we worry about overthinking?! Maybe we should be stressed about that?)

1 That's So Millennial

Yes, this is a thing, and this tweet is glorious for that reason. It's very easy to relate to and also pretty funny. We all know some people who aren't super nice and who don't work hard and who seem to think that everything is just going to be handed to them. It's not because they're Millennials that they act this way, it's just kind of a coincidence.

Unfortunately, that's kind of the reputation that we have, and we don't love that.

It's like the chicken or egg question — "what came first, Millennials who are entitled or expect too much, or other people saying that about them?" You might even have friends who complain about your generation, and you want to be like, "But you're part of that generation too..."

Most of us do want to work hard and earn what we get. We want to move up in our industry and follow our dreams and goals. We don't want things handed to us and we don't expect a free ride.

Let's just support each other on this road to Millennial success (and eats lots of kale and avocado because we hear that those are pretty good for you).

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