Budget Blueprints: How To Turn A Tiny Balcony Into An Urban Oasis

If you are anything like me, you love spending time outside. I will take any chance I get to go out into the world and explore nature. I love going on hikes, reading in parks and going swimming. Unfortunately, I find it difficult with my busy schedule to find the time to do these things. Instead, I like to spend my mornings drinking a cup of tea and watching the world go by.

I live on the fourth floor of a small downtown apartment which is super cute but sadly, has no backyard. Instead, it has a little balcony which looks out at a huge, old stone church: not exactly my idea of a natural paradise but it will do. Because I love spending time out there I thought it might be fun to spruce it up a little and make it somewhere I enjoy hanging out.

If you live in a similar setting or even just have a small backyard or patio that you are looking to spruce up then KEEP READING! In this post, I am going to teach you some super simple ways you can spruce up your back deck and turn it into the urban oasis that you have always been dreaming of. If you are thinking, “I don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars at a patio store”, don’t worry. I got all of these items for under 20$.

When I started this little mini-renovation project my back balcony was a drab, empty space that I did not ever think to hang out on. Here is a picture of what it looked like before:

Then one morning I was sitting at the kitchen table drinking tea and I looked out my window at the sunlight dancing on my deck and inspiration struck. So, I began collecting items that I thought I might put on my deck to make it a little nicer. I started by looking for a little table and I found a simple glass-top patio table at a thrift store for 10$ but you can also find them pretty cheap at IKEA or even on Amazon. Next, I took a set of kitchen chairs that I wasn't using and set them up around the table.

Now that I had the staples of my patio set it was time to decorate. So, I did what any nature-loving girl would do: I bought plants. Plants are amazing because they are relatively cheap, they are easy to take care of, and they will make you feel a swell of pride every time that you look at them and see that they are still alive. For my balcony, I chose my favorite herbs: Lime Mint, Tarragon, and Basil. Each of these plants was only 2$ when I bought them as seedlings from a farmer's market and the soil was only 6$.

Then, I got a small outdoor area rug, some tealights and candles and some fairy lights to finish off the aesthetic and to provide some light for when I want to sit outside in the evening. Fairy lights are awesome for this because they create ambiance, they cast a pretty good amount of light and they last a long time. I got my set for 9.99$ at Home Hardware.

As a final personal touch, I found a garden gnome to watch over my little oasis. After my DIY renovation, this is what my balcony looks like now!

While this is the exact same balcony as before, this mini-renovation has turned it into a cozy place that I like to spend my mornings drinking tea, reading, or even blogging. There are also so many other things you can do with a space like this! You can add patio pillows, overhead canopies, and even hammocks! The trick is to follow your personal style and use stuff that you already have lying around the house to make your small outdoor space a cozy and fun hangout spot!

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