Creepy Costumes (Last Minute Edition): Turn Your Pet Into A Fortnite Supply Llama

Halloween is HERE, and whether we like it or not, some of us are still scrambling for the perfect last-minute costume to impress our friends, neighbors, and trick-or-treaters. Of course, us humans can throw on a witch hat or a pair of cat ears and call it a day, but what about our furry pals? Don't they deserve to get in on the spooky fun too?

This DIY is perfect for last-minute pet owners who love their four-legged friends, dressing up, and one of the world's most popular video games in the world: Fortnite.

Keep on reading to find out exactly how to turn your cat or dog into the iconic Fortnite supply llama quickly, and on the cheap.

Supplies (You don't even need to bust open a chest for these)

Felt in assorted colors (2 sheets each of dark blue, dark purple, light blue, and 4 sheets of light purple. You may want to get some extra felt just in case. Also, please adjust the quantities for the size of your pet. These quantities worked for a 15-pound cat (yes I know, she is a C H O N K Y girl).

A hot glue gun (please be careful and ask an adult before using a hot glue gun).

Scissors (please be careful and ask an adult before using sharp scissors).

Cardstock in assorted colors (2 sheets of light purple, 1 sheet of brown, 1 sheet of black, 1 sheet of white).


Instructions (Grab your kitty or doggo for these, you'll need to do some measuring)

Step 1: Glue two sheets of dark purple felt together so that they can be draped over your pet's body. Both sides of the felt should hang slightly below your pet's stomach.

Step 2: Cut the rest of the felt into strips, approximately 1/2 an inch wide, and 1.5 inches long.

Step 3: Fold the body felt piece in half. Use the hot glue gun to attach the strips of felt onto the larger purple piece. The pattern should be: one row of light purple, one row of dark purple, one row of dark blue, and one row of light blue (repeat until you reach the middle of the purple body felt, and then repeat the same step on the other half).

Step 4: Glue a large piece of light blue felt across the middle of the body piece to conceal any loose ends.

Step 5: Glue two pieces of string to the sides so that the costume can be tied around your pet's stomach. Be sure not to make it too tight!

And the body is done! 

Step 5: Cut out two llama head shapes (see image below) that are slightly larger than the height and length of your pet's head from the light purple cardstock.

Step 6: Measure the width of your pet's head, and cut out a long piece of purple cardstock that is slightly larger than that measurement (Remember, loose is always better! We don't want Fido or Mittens to be uncomfortable).

Step 7: Fold the long piece of cardstock in the places where the llama head shape bends.

Step 8: Use the hot glue gun to attach the long piece of connector cardstock to the two llama head shapes to connect them. Leave a space open after the llama's nose area, so your pet will have space to see and sniff and chow down on Halloween treats.

Step 9: Cut out egg shaped eyes from the white cardstock. Cut out pupils from the black cardstock and attach them to the eyes. Glue the finished eyes onto each side of the llama head.

Step 10: Cut out five strips of brown cardstock for the llama's "harness". Glue one to connect the mouth and nose, and the other to connect to chin to the back of the head. Repeat on the other side, and glue the final strip along the back of the head.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="409"] Be sure to give your pet lots of treats during the costume making process![/caption]

Step 11: Cut out two small circles from the black cardstock. Glue them to the connecting area of the harness, beside the mouth.

Step 12: Cut out two black rectangles from the black cardstock. Glue them to make the llama's nostrils.

Step 13: This step is optional, but you can use the remaining white cardstock to make the llama some terrifying teeth.

VOILA! Your adorable llama costume is finished. The only thing left to do is dress up your cat or dog and take some adorable photos. For a complete look, put on some black pants, a green tank top, and some combat boots, and you and your pet will make an unstoppable default skin/supply llama duo!

See you at Tilted Towers!

(Huge shout out to Puff the cat for tolerating the costume experience and being the best model we've ever had). 


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