20 TV Actors Who Play Ugly Characters (But Are Attractive IRL)

The greatest actors out there are the ones that can play characters that are nothing like themselves. With the advent of modern makeup and television magic, it's possible for people to make blisteringly hot actors into very ugly characters. We wanted to take a look at the actors on TV that are beautiful in real life, but have been made to look ugly while on the little screen.

What we've done is pull together some of the most famous examples of television turning hot women into ugly characters. It's fascinating to see just how much somebody can change just down to the addition of some makeup and a costume.

So, it's about time that we got down to it and took a look at these women. There's even a chance that people will see a character that they didn't even realize was actually attractive once they stepped back into the real world!

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20 Melissa Rauch

via: imgur.com

There's no denying that even the people in charge of The Big Bang Theory struggle to make this beautiful actor look bad for the screen, but it doesn't change the fact that she looks even better in real life.

We can't speak for everyone, but we actually think that Rauch looks even better with the glasses still on...

19 Ariel Winter

via EOnline

As this actor got older, the people working at Modern Family had to put a lot of effort into hiding how beautiful she was becoming.

Playing the nerd to her beautiful older sister wouldn't have made much sense if the audience could see that Winter had actually already become much more attractive than her character's sister...

18 Naomi Grossman

via: huffpost.com

Quite possibly the most extreme example in this list, Grossman was turned into a real monster for AHS. It's crazy to think about what people can do now with the right makeup.

It must have taken hours to make this pretty woman look as unpleasant as the show needed, but they somehow managed it! There are some talented people out there after all.

17 Elisabeth Moss

via: heart.co.uk

While she has most recently been critically lauded for her work on The Handmaid's Tale, many of us first came to know her for her work on Mad Men.

It was a show filled with glamorous women, but Moss played a character that was naive and felt that she should care more about her work and future than how she looked. It must have been hard to make this woman look bad!

16 Thesy Surface

via: maxim.com

Anyone that has watched It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia will know how disgusting the McPoyle family is, and this is no different when it comes to Margaret McPoyle.

Imagine the surprise of so many fans out there when it turned out that Margaret was actually a beautiful woman in surprise! All we can say is, a monobrow can make anyone look ugly...

15 Sophie McShera

via: amazon.com

Downtown Abbey is all about a time when the divide between those who had money and those that didn't was huge.

It's no surprise then that the character without money have to be played by actors who are willing to have the makeup artists make them look just like the poor of the time, which means as pale as possible with a few optional blemishes as well...

14 Uzo Aduba

via: bustle.com

Choosing to take on a character with mental problems can be a difficult thing for an actor to decide, but we think that this woman absolutely nailed it.

However, part of why she was so believable came down to the way that they made the actor look before she appeared on camera. How is it possible to make a woman this beautiful look so washed out and tired?!

13 America Ferrera

via: pinterest.com

Obviously, part of appearing in a show with the word ugly in the title is going to mean that some actors are not going to look too great once they walk in front of a camera.

That being said, many people hadn't heard of this actor before she appeared in Ugly Betty, which is why many were so surprised to see how different she looked while on the red carpet!

12 Judy Greer

via: pinterest.com

The writers of Arrested Development did a really smart thing in making this character a bad person, otherwise, it just wouldn't feel right for every single other character to make a comment on how she looks!

However, when she's not playing the character of Kitty, this woman is genuinely beautiful.

11 Gwendoline Christie

via: metro.com

While Game Of Thrones definitely had its share of beautiful characters that were willing to take their clothes off, we liked the fact that the writers made sure that there were a lot of characters that were all about combat.

It's no surprise that the characters who have spent their lives dedicated to violence don't look as good as their real-life counterparts!

10 Tina Fey

via: pinterest.com

For a woman that has made a lot of money out of making jokes about how ugly she is, Fey is actually an incredibly beautiful woman once she steps off the television screen.

Sure, we can all throw a wig on and make ourselves look bad, but there's no hiding how good this woman looks in real life...

9 Kate McKinnon

via: pinterest.com

A fairly new face in the US comedy world when compared to many others, this woman puts on all sorts of costumes while appearing on SNL that end up hiding her real features.

When she's not wearing fake ears or a wig, this is a woman that knows exactly how to make the audience swoon.

8 Ellie Kemper

via: wordpress.com

Anybody that has watched Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt will know that a lot of work was put into making Kemper seem much more like a child than she actually was.

When she puts herself into adult clothing and stops making such childish faces, this is a beautiful actor that will never struggle to find work.

7 Emily Browning

via: stylist.co.uk

Anyone that has spent time watching her new TV show will know that the writers put this poor woman through a lot of stuff that makes her look less than beautiful...

They should see it as a mark of achievement that they were actually able to take a woman this beautiful and somehow make her ugly to the general public.

6 Shannon Purser

via: billboard.com

Of all the actors on this list, we think that this is the one that we were most surprised to see grow up into a beautiful woman.

That may sound harsh, but we would argue that it is a lot more to do with how well the costume department on Stranger Things did when they were deciding how to make this character come across to the audience!

5 Taryn Manning

via: imgur.com

When we're younger we don't think much about our teeth falling out. It's all just part of the process of growing up!

However, as we get older, we start to realize that so much of how we look comes down to how our teeth look, which is a lesson that audiences were forced to learn when first seeing Manning in Orange Is The New Black.

4 Amy Sedaris

via: wikimedia.org

Sedaris is clearly a woman that is willing to make herself look as bad as possible if it means that she will get a bigger laugh out of her audience.

She is fully willing to make it all about the comedy, which means that she has found herself looking truly unpleasant, most recently while appearing in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

3 Mayim Bialik

via: amazon.com

Big Bang Theory is a show all about the outcasts, people who don't fit into the society around them because of who they are and what they like. However, we can see here that a lot of the actors in the show have clearly been cleverly made to look a lot less cool than they are in real life.

Mayim Bialik is a beautiful woman and looks as far away from a nerd as it's possible to be!

2 Maisie Williams

via: pinterest.com

We've watched this woman grow over the years she has appeared in Game Of Thrones, but there's no doubt that this woman is absolutely beautiful these days.

That being said, he obsession with the tomboy look in Game Of Thrones really denies her the true beauty that we see whenever she steps off the set and goes out into the real world.

1 Patricia Heaton

via: cnn.com

Now well known for taking on the role of mother in various sitcoms, it will likely surprise a lot of fans out there that this mother is actually smoking!

Yes, the people in charge of costume design put a lot of effort into making this woman look past her prime, but once she gets offset she puts herself into clothes that show off the figure she still has to offer.

Sources - CNN, Daily Mail & Huff Post

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