Twilight: 20 Things That Still Don't Make Sense About Bella & Jacob's Relationship

Many Twilight viewers have pointed out the problems in the relationship between Bella and Edward—namely that Edward is controlling and Bella is a total damsel in distress. But there are also certain things about the brief and complex relationship between Bella and Jacob that don’t make much sense either.

Jacob and Bella don’t end up together in the franchise, and it’s not difficult to see why. Even though they do have strong feelings for each other, those just aren’t enough to override everything else that makes them incompatible as a couple. The fact that Jacob imprints on Bella’s daughter isn’t even the half of it!

Keep reading to find out what makes no sense about the relationship between Bella and Jacob.

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20 Jacob Isn’t Actually The Safer Choice


Fans of Jacob and Bella as a couple may argue that Jacob is a safer choice than Edward. But even though Edward is a vampire (which comes with plenty of risks for Bella when she’s still human), Jacob isn’t totally risk-free. His emotional outbursts and ability to transform into a werewolf make him pretty unsafe in the scheme of things.

19 And He Can’t Give Her A Normal Life Any More Than Edward Can

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Because of Jacob’s supernatural abilities and secret werewolf identity, he wouldn’t be able to give her a normal life any more than Edward can. In the choice between Jacob and Edward, she’s really choosing between a vampire and a werewolf, and both would be different from marrying a normal guy.

18 He Can’t Handle It When Bella Makes Her Own Choices


Jacob seems to get really irritated when Bella makes her own choices, and that’s not a good quality in any partner. Even though choosing Edward comes with consequences, at the end of the day, Bella can make her own decisions. She doesn’t need Jacob guilt-tripping her about it and trying to manipulate her decision-making process.

17 They’re Not Actually Good Friends

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They say that friendship is at the basis of all good relationships. That might not be the case with Bella and Edward, who seem to be based on awkward angst. But it’s also not the case with Bella and Jacob. They start out as friends, but they lack basic respect for each other. Jacob, in particular, can’t handle Bella leading her own life.

16 Jacob Also Isn’t Respectful Of Any Other Of Bella’s Relationships

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It’s worth noting that Jacob isn’t just rude to Edward because of the history between the Cullens and the werewolves. He’s also kind of rude to her human friends, especially her male ones. If this is because he doesn’t like her having other friends besides him, it’s clearly a red flag.

15 Jacob Is Always The Last Resort

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From the beginning, Bella has always loved Edward more than Jacob. Though she cares a lot about Jacob as well, Edward will always come first. We know it’s not easy to turn off your feelings for someone, but Jacob should find some dignity and reject someone who only sees him as a last resort.

14 Renesmeé Makes Things Weird And Complicated


The whole Renesmeé plotline makes the entire relationship between Bella and Jacob weird and complicated. Jacob imprints on Bella’s daughter, essentially making her his soulmate, and therefore nothing between Bella and Jacob will ever be the same again. Many fans find the whole concept of imprinting a little odd, but the specific people involved in this scenario makes things even more awkward.

13 Jacob Is Also Briefly Prepared To Rid Bella Of Renesmeé


Before Jacob imprints on Renesmeé, he dislikes her with a passion. He’s still in love with Bella at this point, and can’t stand that her vampire fetus is making her so sick. He’s actually ready to get rid of Renesmeé altogether before he realizes how he truly feels about her. This again doesn’t bode well for his relationship with Bella.

12 His Feelings For Bella May Have Been About Renesmee All Along

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Some fans believe that Jacob never really does have true feelings for Bella. Instead, he’s actually attracted to her genetics—the same ones which are present in Renesmeé. Since Jacob later imprints on Renesmeé, it’s possible that his thing for Bella actually just comes down to his destiny with Renesmeé.

11 Bella Selfishly Tries To Stay In Jacob’s Life

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Jacob isn’t the perfect partner for Bella, but she treats him poorly too. Neither character has the other one’s best interests at heart. For example, in Eclipse, Bella insists on being Jacob’s friend even though that’s selfish because his feelings for her go further than that, and she knows it.

10 She Gets Mad At Him For Things He Can’t Control

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Bella also seems to be in the habit of getting mad at Jacob for things over which he has no control. She loses it when she finds out that he imprinted on Renesmeé. We can all agree that it’s not an ideal situation by any means, but it’s one of those things he has no control over.

9 Jacob Sacrifices So Much For Bella, Even Though She Doesn’t Love Him Back In The Same Way

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For most of the franchise, the relationship between Bella and Jacob is very one-sided. The majority of the time, Bella is deeply in love with Edward and sees Jacob as second best. Despite this, Jacob continues to make huge sacrifices for her, when he should move on to someone who actually loves him the way he loves them.

8 Bella Patronizes Jacob

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At times Bella can be patronizing to Jacob, which is another sign that they’re not meant to be a couple. She acts like Jacob is years younger than her, when really, he’s only two years younger and at pretty much the same level of maturity. This is doubly hypocritical when you consider the fact that Edward is over one hundred years old.

7 Jacob Makes A Scene At Bella’s Wedding


Bella doesn’t deserve Jacob’s love as far as we’re concerned, but he also makes some mistakes that there’s no coming back from. One of the most notable is when he makes a scene at her wedding to Edward. No matter what’s going down, you never make someone else’s wedding about you. Ever.

6 There’s Not A Lot Of Chemistry Between Them

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Chemistry is one of the elements that make a couple last. Unfortunately, Bella and Jacob don’t have a lot of chemistry. Even though they’re both attractive separately, together there just seems to be something missing. In all her awkwardness, Bella probably suits Edward better than the hot-headed Jacob. At least, that’s how it looks to outsiders.

5 Jacob Has No Control Over His Temper

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Jacob has a lot going for him, but let’s not sit here and pretend that he has any control over his temper. He has to go through a lot, and transitioning into a wolf obviously plays with your mood. We get that. But still, emotionally, he’s out of control and that makes things hard for Bella.

4 He Tries To Guilt Bella Into Being With Him

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When all else fails, resort to guilt! Jacob can see that Bella loves Edward more, but he won’t give up in his pursuit of winning her love. He even tries to guilt her into choosing him over Edward and tells her how she’s feeling rather than listening to what she says.

3 Jacob Kisses Bella Without Her Consent


The first kiss between Bella and Jacob, which takes place on the beach, isn’t consensual. It’s later treated as no big deal, even though Bella is upset about it. Later she kisses him willingly, but it’s still not okay. And perhaps it would appear as creepy as it really is if Jacob was a little less handsome and muscly.

2 Jacob Should Smell To Bella, And Not In A Good Way


The Cullens complain more than once about how Jacob smells. He’s described as giving off the scent of a wet dog to them. So once Bella turns into a vampire, it makes sense that Jacob would smell to her too. Like other things, this slashes any remaining hope that they could be happy together.

1 Jacob Treats Bella In The Same Way That Edward Does


A lot of the time, Jacob is viewed as the perfect partner for Bella in comparison to Edward, because Edward shows some problematic behavior. But in many ways, Jacob treats Bella in the same way that Edward does. Neither thinks she’s capable of making her own decisions, and they both manipulate her into doing things.

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