Twitter Is Divided Over Whether Coleslaw Is Actually Healthy Or Not

A feud was started on Twitter over whether or not coleslaw is a healthy snack, and some even taking it as far as whether it should be eaten at all. The debate has revealed how strongly some people feel about coleslaw: love or hate, no in between. The fight is not over, and probably won’t be any time soon.

Depending on the kind of coleslaw, its calorie and nutrition content will differ. A 100-gram serving (about half a cup) of creamy coleslaw will contain 230 calories, 210 of which are from fat. However, coleslaw’s bad rep does come from the unhealthy way restaurants and fast food chains make them: drenched in some mayonnaise-based dressing. Healthy versions of the salad got people hooked on the magic of the fresh, slightly sour, and heavenly creamy dish. Alternatives usually add more fresh ingredients like mangoes and bell peppers, and the dressing is more spiced and made with healthier alternatives like Greek yogurt.

At the beginning of March, Ashleen Suhailia posted a video that went viral and divided Twitter. She tweeted that the “proper way to eat coleslaw” is to toss it in the garbage. After more than 52,000 retweets and 97,000 likes, most people seemed to agree with her. The chief legal correspondent of MSNBC, Ari Melber, also hopped in to express his opinion that coleslaw is so bad “it seems like it should be healthy.” This started a wave of coleslaw fans tweeting recipes of healthy, delicious versions at him.

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Polarizing debates on Twitter about food seems to be a common thing. Whether its coleslaw’s existence, pineapples on pizza, or which order milk and cereal go in a bowl, people feel really strongly about their food. It is interesting, however, to learn how many different people around the world share similar, niche opinions and tastes on food. After all, there are people who add orange juice instead of milk to their cereal.

Whichever side of the coleslaw debate you land on, it’s still good to realize that just because it’s considered a “salad” doesn’t mean it’s automatically healthy. It still depends on the ingredients and the way it was prepared, so chances are the coleslaw that came with your fast food meal isn’t the best option. No matter what your opinion is, you have the right to voice it out on Twitter—just be prepared for some backlash.

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