Twitter's Explosive Reaction After Tristan & Khloe Kardashian Transgression

As the world was peacefully waiting for the birth of Khloé Kardashian’s first child, there was a storm brewing.

Late Tuesday night, videos broke out surrounding the 33-year-old reality star’s baby daddy and boyfriend, Tristan Thompson. According to the very public video display, Mr. Thompson has NOT been very monogamous with Khloé. You know, Khloe, the woman who is nine months pregnant, awaiting the the birth of her first child INSIDE Tristan’s home? Yea, KHLOÉ

Two videos surfaced from two different occasions; one being from October 2017 (when Khloé just announced she was preggo), and the other from this week when TT was in New York for a basketball game. (Side note: why was Tristan out clubbing if he had a game to focus on??)

So, what’s the census? The world is absolutely SHOOK by this surprise revelation and people from all walks of life are voicing their thoughts.

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15 The Nerve

News sites are reporting that @Ms.Stephaniee (Instagram handle, obviously) is the mystery woman that was seen with Tristan Thompson in the New York bar AND entering his hotel late at night. Once the story leaked, the stunner started posting pictures on her Instagram account; claiming she has EVEN more evidence that she is the one pictured. She even shared a screenshot of a text from the supposed Cavaliers standout, and it was NOT rated G.

The most troubling thing about this woman is that she TAGGED both Khloé AND Tristan in her images... meaning she was trying to get their attention in some way or another. To make matters EVEN worse, people are saying that she is obsessed with the Kardashian sisters themselves.

I don’t know what this girl was thinking when she tagged them, but her account was been suspended by Instagram and is now set to private.


Just like Kris Humphries, not a lot of people have heard about Tristan Thompson before Khloé claimed him as her man. Sure, the Cleveland Cavaliers are a well known team—mainly because of LeBron James—but Tristan kind of flew under the radar for a while.

Until he met Khloe.

Now, his numbers in basketball might not have changed much, but his popularity grew tremendously because of who he was dating. You can’t date a Kardashian and expect to fly under the radar, you know? If he was messing around with anyone other than Khloé (like he never dated Khloé to begin with), it would be a slow news day. But considering a lot of us have come to grow with Khloé.... yeah, we’re all waiting for Kris Jenner to cast her spell.

13 I Literally Cannot Imagine

I CANNOT fathom being eight to nine months pregnant, and having something this dramatic dropped on my lap. Can you image the emotions? THE HORMONES? Khloé literally posted a picture of the pair before this whole firestorm released, which makes it all the more sickening. It was a boudoir style shoot, showing the pair kissing and hanging out. WHERE DID IT ALL GO WRONG?

It’s appears Khloé had her mind on her man, and her man had his mind on... well, that random girl pictured. It’s disheartening. And considering Khloé has been in Cleveland, waiting to go into labor... I can only imagine what her family members are gonna do when they see Tristan roll up for the first time to see his baby girl be born.

That has Jerry Springer written all over it.

12 Vile

This is going to sound ridiculous, but I truly felt sick to my stomach after hearing these rumors and seeing the video footage. This is a woman we’ve watched on TV for years; we’ve seen her hardships with her ex-husband and we’ve seen how badly she wanted to be a mom. When she met Tristan, it seemed like everything came together perfectly. She found the love of her life AND got to start a family.

And then tragedy struck. Hard.

I think the world is so invested in this story because NO ONE saw this coming. The two of them couldn’t say enough good things about each other, so to see him turn around and embarrass her during such a vulnerable time is humiliating. I hate him for her!

11 MmmKay

Wendy Williams is now most known for her talk show, The Wendy Williams Show. She’s been in this profession a long time and has made plenty of friends, but even more enemies.

The thing about Wendy is, she just straight up DNGAF. Her views on a lot of topics are controversial, and she often makes remarks that no one else would dare say. So, of course, everyone is wondering what Wendy is gonna say regarding this entire situation. She loves to get her nose into things where it doesn’t belong, but that’s why fans (and haters) love her. I wouldn’t even be surprised if she had her entire show revolve around this scandal. There’s just too much to pick apart and break down; too much to talk about!

10 Trash

Whether you like the NBA or not, Tristan Thompson is now dubbed as trash. I’ve seen countless comments online, protecting Khloé from this monster of a man. It’s one thing to hurt your significant other by leaving them for another person, but to do it when your girlfriend is literally nesting in the home you made together, when she’s eight or nine months pregnant? Are you okay, bro? WHO DOES THIS!? It’s one thing to not be in a serious relationship, either. But these two were talking marriage… SO yeah, call me crazy, but that’s serious.

Professional athletes don’t always have a long career. So without basketball, what does Tristan REALLY have!? I mean, I don’t know the answer, but wouldn’t his life be more fulfilled with Khloé in it? That’s what I think at least.

Poor Khloé.

9 The Timing Is Wild

Does anyone believe in fate? Or the age old saying of “timing is everything”? I know there are a lot of naysayers but I really do believe in fate; things happening for a reason.

But in this case... Things are more complicated than I could have ever imagined. Just before the allegations spread like wildfire, Khloé’s last post on Instagram is a sweet photo of herself and Tristan.

It’s heartbreaking to think she’s at home nesting for their new arrival, and he’s out there being a dog. No one deserves this kind of heartbreak.

That little girl is due to make an appearance at any second. Maybe she just wanted to hold on a little longer so that Khloé could figure this whole mess with Tristan BEFORE she came into the world.

8 What Was He Thinking!?

I, of course, don’t think any human being should be thrown away, but there are A LOT of tweeters out there who think Tristan Thompson is garbage. Sneaking around your significant other isn’t rocket science — it’s horrible, but it happens all the time. It’s unoriginal. Like, please peak my interest. But to sneak around on your girlfriend who is heavily pregnant... A girlfriend who moved across the country to start a life with you.... It’s just cold-blooded. It makes me think if he was even thinking at all. I mean, a grown man can’t be using their head when they do something that sinister to someone so emotional. He’s clearly working with some nasty people if that’s what he’s gonna do to someone who loves him so much.

I can only imagine what his mother thinks.

7 I Hope There’s No Legal Battle

I don’t care if a couple is famous or mediocre, it pains me to see two people (or a family, no less) go through a legal battle. Typically it’s for spousal support, child support, visiting rights, etc... Luckily for Khloé, though, her and Tristan weren’t married. They weren’t even engaged. She made a few remarks while on The Ellen Degeneres Show about the two of them getting married and expanding their family, but they were in no rush.

“I’m not in a rush for any of that,” the blonde mama says. “As you know, I’ve rushed quite a few things before, so right now I’m so loving the place I am in my life and I’m just very happy with how things are going.”

While not being married might have be an issue back in the day, things clearly worked out for a reason. And whatever happens to Khloé and Tristan as a couple, I would suspect that all Khloé could ask for is for a supporting father to her daughter.

6 Real Or Nah?

There have been A LOT of tweets claiming that all of this was just to promote their new season of Keeping up with the Kardashians. There are some tweets saying that Khloé and Tristan had a falling out months ago, but they kept up this act of unity JUST for the sole purpose of the show...

Believe what you’d like, but I don’t think anyone is THAT petty or fame hungry to do something so extravagant. To pretend to be in a relationship, get pregnant, and then have this kind of scandal? They’re both famous enough, they both have everything they could have ever wanted, so WHY would they “fake” their relationship just for views? I don’t know, you guys. I hope that’s not true — maybe I’m just an Uber fan who’s super naive.

5 Let’s Have A Little Laugh In The Midst Of All This

In the midst of all this heartache, we have people like this, who are breaking things up a bit by posting a lighthearted tweet. For anyone who watches Keeping up with the Kardashians or even knows the girls’ personal demeanors, knows that Kourtney is SUPER dry. She’s wise beyond her years but she is super... monotoned. Her voice has absolutely no fluctuation — it’s incredible.

This little tweet is simply mocking the fact that this is something that could appear on their show eventually. Especially coming out of Kourtney’s mouth. Not to mention she loves talking about her personal *vibe* and energy.

Since they are on a reality show, the family has spoken about EVERYTHING that has appeared in the media. The gender change of their stepfather, Bruce Jenner. The surrogate situation with Kim. The many breakups of Kourtney and Scott. Every single birth… These girls are open and honest. But who knows how much Khloé can take.

4 Oh My...

Oh. My. God.

You don’t need to be a Keeping up with the Kardashians fan to know that there are MANY rumors surrounding the paternity of Khloé’s biological father. Her mother was married to Robert Kardashian when she had her (first) four children, however, it’s very obvious that Khloé does not look like the rest of her siblings. She’s WAY taller than them and has different facial features (while her body is relatively similar to her sisters). This being the case, many people think that Khloé’s real father wasn’t Robert Kardashian, but O.J. Simpson.

We all know O.J. was accused of the demise of his wife, and Robert was one of his defense attorneys. It was in this timeframe that Kris and Robert were friends with O.J. and his (then) wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, which made people think Kris and O.J. had a little love connection.

Although a paternity test was never done (to the public’s knowledge), Khloé believes in her heart that Robert is her father.

3 And The Hits Keep On Coming

Surprise! This baby-mama drama has been following Tristan around for the past two years.

Tristan used to date lifestyle blogger, Jordan Craig. It’s not really known when these two began dating, but they ended their romance in September of 2016. The issue was, of course, that Jordan was already pregnant with Tristan’s child when they broke up.

Now, no one knows WHY Tristan and Jordan broke up, besides them. However, there are a lot of reports that Tristan left a pregnant Jordan BECAUSE he was hitting on Khloé.

Now, almost two years later, we’re looking at a VERY familiar situation. Tristan Thompson seems to be sneaking around on yet another pregnant lady. You would think he learned his lesson the first time around, but thanks to the video footage online, it appears he hasn’t learned a thing.

2 *Throws Hands Up In The Sky*

Yes, yes, yes. This tweet summarizes my thoughts exactly. Who could EVER hurt someone who gave up so much just to be with you, support you, and carry YOUR child?! In this horrible situation, Khloé is quite literally a walking angel. On social media, she is nothing but supportive and loving to her man, and it seems like he completely took advantage of her. WHY DID YOU DO THIS TRISTAN!?

One would think that a person could never do that to Khloé, especially after all she had been through with her ex-husband Lamar, but here we are. Years later and this girl is STILL in a relationship rut. Will she ever find peace?

This girl cannot catch a break and my heart hurts for her.

1 ‘The Most Precious Kardashian’

Khloé really is the most precious Kardashian. Kourtney, Kim, and Rob have their silly moments, but it’s Khloé that is the most open and forthcoming, if you ask me. She truly is precious. She’s been very honest for years about wanting a family... wanting a romance that was equal. And this is what happens to someone like her? This is how she’s repaid through karma? I just don’t understand! What is love, anyways!?

Side note: I appreciate TF out of this person using all capital letters to explain her disbelief. I, too, wish I could write this entire article in capital letters.

Khloé, we love you. We’re here for you. We know you’ll be a phenomenal mother regardless of your relationship status.

Say this is all a nightmare!

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