Two-Headed Snake Discovered In Virginia Is The Stuff Of Myths & Nightmares

Many people aren't too fond of snakes, understandably, but how would you feel if we showed you one with two heads?

Most of us have a fear of something, or perhaps a few fears of many things. Some of those fears are rational and some, well, not so much. A fear of heights, or falling from them, maybe you're scared of the dark, or perhaps you've got a fear of spiders. But, the eight-legged creatures aren't the only animals who some people just can't stand.

A healthy fear of snakes is also pretty common, and it's one that is hard to argue with. Some snakes can bite and inject you with a deadly venom, while others can wrap themselves around you until you can't breathe. Scary stuff for some. Well, what if we told you that there are snakes out there with two heads, like something out of Greek mythology?


Well, if you are afraid of snakes, then you should probably look away now. That's because two-headed snakes do exist, and one was discovered in a Virginia garden just two weeks ago. According to the Washington Post, it was an Eastern copperhead and is now being cared for an examined by The Wildlife Center of Virginia. It's not the first of its kind to ever exist either.

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State herpetologist J.D. Kleopfer said on Facebook that while two-headed snakes are rare, there have been records of them in the past. However, they don't tend to live very long. In terms of this latest discovery, it's so far so good. At the time of typing this, the snake is still alive and scientists have discovered some interesting things while examining it, including what exactly the two heads share.

Each head has its own esophagus and trachea, however, they respectively lead to a shared stomach and set of lungs. The Eastern copperhead is a venomous breed of snake and it has also been discovered that both of the snake's heads have fully functioning fangs that are capable of injecting venom into its prey. Fascinating stuff for many people, or perhaps the stuff of nightmares if you're not too fond of snakes.


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