Two Kids Dress As A Tall Man In A Trench Coat Unable To Buy Tickets For Black Panther

You gotta admire their moxy, although their originality leaves a bit to be desired. Two kids trying to catch the coolest movie of the week using the oldest slapstick trick in the book to get past the wickets... and like a Wile E. Coyote scheme, it bombed.

Hoping to see the latest Marvel outing Black Panther, but opting against both paying the admission fare, the youngsters came across the ingenious idea of having one of of them stand on the other person's shoulders and covering up their human ladder with a trenchcoat. If the plan worked, they'd enjoy the benefits of catching the superhero drama by paying for only one ticket.

No deal. The manager saw right through the scheme, as did the rest of the folks in the lineup. Many of them giggled over the hijinx, as the combined height of the shysters exceeded at least eight feet, looking like Inspector Gadget just survived a stint on a stretch rack.

"We tried getting the two for one special at Black Panther," remarked one of the kids, posting a video of the incident on Twitter using the handle Pillsbury. "The manager was not having it."


But they did score a slew of views when the video went viral, nabbing nearly 10 million at this writing. Too bad the kids did't make a dime on their antics, considering Black Panther scored boffo box office numbers during opening weekend, raking in some $235 million.

Still, one can't help wonder where they got the idea for their gatecrashing ploy. Mind you, the schtick of having two people disguised as one tall person underneath a large coat is the stuff of comedic legends. It even has a name: the totem pole trench and has been used in great effect in sitcoms, It has been used in classic comedies like the Mel Brooks outing Silent Movie, and even a Saturday Night Live episode that featured guest host Kevin Hart, but they were some years back.

However, if slapstick's their thing, there's no telling what shenanigans these two will wind up in with -  a banana peel, a spray bottle of seltzer, or one of those mechanical retractable boxing glove thingies. Not that anyone's giving them any ideas...


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