These Two Men Were The First To Cross The Atlantic In Floating Cars

Crossing an ocean can be tricky business no matter how you attempt to do so, let alone trying to complete the feat in a couple of floating cars.

Modern-day travel is pretty miraculous. It wasn't too long ago in the grand scheme of human history that efficient methods in which people could travel were so undeveloped that we didn't know other people around the world even existed. Fast forward to today and anyone can travel anywhere and it takes less than a day to get there.

Just because we can travel somewhere fast doesn't mean we necessarily want to, though. Half the fun is the journey, right? Well, it is for most people, including Marco Amoretti and his friend Marcolino De Candia, the first two men to cross the Atlantic Ocean by car. That's right, two cars that they kitted out themselves and floated over from Europe to North America reports Bored Panda.

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Marco's father Girogio originally came up with the idea, and even started work on one of the amphibious vehicles. However, the year before the trip would finally take place, Giorgio was diagnosed with terminal cancer. That's when his three sons and their friend took over the project for him. The four of them set out onto the high seas, but two of them would later return due to severe seasickness.

Marco and Marcolino made it the whole way, though. 3100 miles, and it took them a full 119 days to complete the journey. Midway through their travels, Marco realized that people back home were reluctant to give him news about his father. Upon completing the journey, the one that his dad had devised and dreamed of one day completing himself, Marco discovered that his father had passed away.

Marco remembered what his dad had wanted though saying "I’m proud because I showed the world that my father’s dream was not an impossible dream." The trip took place all the way back in the year 2000, yet is still impressive almost 20 years later by anyone's standards. The fact that only two of the four men made it the whole way just goes to show how hard-going the trip would have been. The most fitting of tributes to Marco's father, Giorgio.

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