Two-Time Cancer Survivor Has Won The Oregon Lottery

Cancer sucks. There are no two ways about it. You have to endure grueling treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation that ends up making you feel worse than before. Those treatments might not even get rid of all your cancer either. If you're lucky enough to be declared cancer-free, then there's always the fear of it coming back. If that happens, then all bets are off. You may beat it- you may not.

In the case of one Oregon man, he managed to beat cancer not once, but twice- and then win the lottery. The man in question- Stu MacDonald of Bend, Oregon- won $4.6 million from the Oregon State Lottery. To say that he's a happy and lucky man would be a massive understatement.

"I am a very lucky guy," MacDonald said in a statement that was released by the Oregon State Lottery. "I have survived cancer twice and here I am. This is amazing."

via Austin County News Online


The same Oregon State Lottery news release explained that MacDonald purchased an Oregon's Game Megabucks ticket on Saturday, September 7th. It was just a simple quick pick ticket that he bought at Ashley’s Café, which is located on Northeast 3rd Street in Bend, Oregon. It's unknown if this specific location has sold such a high-winning ticket beforehand, but it's safe to say that all of this media attention may drive more people to want to buy their own lottery ticket there, too. That way, they may have a better chance of winning big, too!

It's also been revealed that MacDonald opted to take the bulk sum payment of $2.3 million. That means that after taxes, MacDonald took home a grand total of $1.56 million. He never revealed what he plans to use the money for, so it's any guess as to what he'll do next. But on the bright side, at least there's no need to save it for future cancer treatments.

We here at TheThings sincerely congratulate Mr. MacDonald for beating cancer twice, as well as for winning the lottery!

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