The Two Ways He’ll Try To Get Back Together With Her, Based On His Sign

It can be challenging to let go once a relationship has ended. Each of us deals with separation in different ways. There are times when a man just isn’t ready to let their ex go. Maybe they’ve seen the error of their ways and want to make amends. Perhaps an ex-boyfriend just can’t get his mind off the one that got away. So, what tactics do these men use to lure a woman back into their arms?

The answer can often be found in the stars. Many people look to their ex-partner's astro sign to figure out what makes they tick. We can search for answers and prepare ourselves for what could lie ahead if they decided to try to win us back. A person’s sun sign can determine their motivations and how they operate.

Some guys are hopeless romantics and will make huge gestures to woo a lady back into their good graces. Other men like to play it cool and prefer to remain friends, building back her trust. Perhaps he’s needy and will beg and plead. Maybe he’s closed off and will be more subtle in his attempts. Here's how he'll try to win her back based on his astrological sign.

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24 Aries Man: He Has Serious Determination

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When it comes to breaking up, the Aries man doesn’t take it lying down. He knows what he wants and has the determination to go all-in to win her back. This guy likes to feel dominant and is very strategic in everything he does. His dedication and loyalty motivate him to give it everything he has inside him.

Once he’s decided to try and regain her trust, he’ll be totally committed to the cause. Not one to give up easily, he’ll exhaust every resource. His persistence is either admirable or totally creepy, depending on how it is received by his ex.

23 So He Will 'Accidentally' Bump Into Her

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More than likely, if he’s trying to win back his lover, the Aries man will play it cool and not come at her with super high intensity. He’s more than likely to visit the places that he knows his ex might be in hopes of bumping into her.

Once she’s in his sights, he’ll make himself visible without making a scene. This guy makes the most of every opportunity and will turn on the charm. From buying her a cup of coffee to inviting her to sit down and chat, he’ll do everything in his power to make her his audience.

22 Taurus Man: He Is Very Patient

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The Taurus man is very practical and has a ton of patience. This combo means that he will take his time to win back an ex. He’s really in no rush and has the diligence to bide his time and come up with a plan. He is so goal-oriented that he will put his strategy through a logical lens and tackle it in a very business like way.

This guy isn’t one to do a huge romantic gesture or make a big deal out of anything. He’ll simply make small and subtle moves through each step of his calculated intentions.

21 So He'll 'Slow-Play' His Plan

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Chances are that if a Taurus man is trying to win an ex back, she might not even be aware when he’s making his moves. He’ll probably try to be friends and will genuinely enjoy spending time with her, just waiting for the right moment to plant the seed.

This man has the patience and self-control to let that seed take root and bloom into a relationship. By the time he’s executed his plan, she’ll be so intertwined with him that it will only seem natural to take him back. Although, he will take no for an answer if she doesn’t feel the same way.

20 Gemini Man: He Can Be Indecisive

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The Gemini man has a tendency to feel confused when it comes to relationships. One moment he’ll be relishing in his freedom and the next, he’ll be pining for his ex. His past lover may feel like she’s still on an emotional roller coaster, long after they’ve broken up.

His moodiness doesn’t stop just because he’s no longer her boyfriend. He’s at the whim of his emotions and that can be a challenge when he’s decided to win back his partner. His indecisiveness means that every day will bring a new set of challenges. This guy isn’t above using manipulation tactics.

19 So He Might Play Games

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If the Gemini man has decided that he wants to win a lady back then she better be prepared for him to play a few mind games. He is so wishy-washy that he will be desperate to get back together but then suddenly want nothing to do with his ex. It can be so confusing to try and keep up with him.

A guy like him will flaunt other girls to make her jealous but then act like it’s the end of the world if she’s with another guy. He’ll use the silent treatment one moment and then demand that his ex sit down for a heart-to-heart chat the next.

18 Cancer Man: He Is So Sentimental

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The Cancer man has a sensitive soul and can be very sentimental. He saves every love letter and treasures photographs of special moments during the relationship. This can make it hard for him to move on if he’s still into his ex. He holds on to the past with a firm grip and can refuse to let go.

Even if it didn’t end on good terms, he’ll pine for the way things once were. His nostalgic nature will drive him to lure his ex back into his arms, even if she’s made it clear that he doesn’t stand a chance.

17 So He'll Remind Her Of The Happy Times

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If a Cancer man decides to woo his lady back then he’ll bombard her with text messages reminding her of the good times that they had together. Phone conversations will lead back to the way they were once upon a time. He’ll promise that there are fun times to still be had.

He’ll harp on about all the nice things she once said to him and try to coax affection out of his ex. A guy like him can come across as desperate but that’s just because he feels so deeply. He really is harmless and his devotion can be gallant and sweet.

16 Leo Man: He Knows What He Wants

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Leo men are extremely confident and can have an inflated ego. This means that once they've decided to win their ex back they won’t hesitate to lay their claim on her.

The Leo guy thrives on being the center of attention and will command the spotlight. He knows how to turn on the charm and can have a laser-like focus on his conquest. So, if he’s chosen to have another go at the relationship, then his ex better be prepared to be showered with admiration. This guy is slick and knows exactly how to use affection to get what he wants.

15 So He'll Be A Big Flirt

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The Leo man is a major flirt and knows how to make a lady feel special. If he attempts to win back the trust of his ex then he’ll make her feel like the most treasured person in the room. He will tap into what attracted her to him in the first place and remind her of exactly what she lost.

He can be quite irresistible and will more than likely succeed at luring his ex back into a relationship with him. She more than likely won’t put up much of a fight because he’s just so charismatic and convincing.

14 Virgo Man: He Is Very Thoughtful

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The Virgo man is one of the most mindful of all the signs. He takes a lot of care when he tries to win back a lover. This guy is a total people-pleaser so he’ll bend over backwards to let a woman know that she’s number one in his life.

His neurotic nature can get the best of him and he can get a bit too intense in his efforts. There’s no need to be wary, though. He’s really a harmless guy who just craves a deep connection. He’s not the most romantic guy but he has been known to show big gestures when he’s desperate.

13 So He'll Send Tokens Of His Affection

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If he wants to capture the attention of his ex, the Virgo guy will shower her gifts. He’s so thoughtful that he might send a special trinket that reminds her of an inside joke from when they were together. A woman in his sights might receive a flower delivery at work with a sweet note.

He’s very observant and probably took mental notes about what made his partner tick. He’ll tap into that knowledge as he tries to lure her back. He can come across as totally sweet or a bit hopeless and sad, depending on how the relationship ended.

12 Libra Man: He Dislikes Being Alone

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There is nothing that a Libra man dislikes more than feeling lonely. This guy will go out of his way to never spend a second alone. At his core, he prefers to be in a relationship and will more than likely want to give the relationship another try, even if he really doesn’t want to get back together.

He’s a loyal friend and a dedicated boyfriend, which means that he’s willing to put in the work to win back a scorned partner. Especially if he was the one that called things off. It won’t take long for him to show up at her front door with an apology.

11 So He Will Try To Hang Out Often

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If a Libra guy has decided that he wants to win back his ex then he will make an effort to be around her as much as possible. He’ll be the steadfast best friend who is always ready to hang out and pretty much be at her beck and call.

If she needs a ride somewhere, he’s there with his car. If she’s bored and wants to go to the movies, he’s buying the popcorn. He will do everything in his power to be by her side, even if it makes him look like a lovesick puppy. The ends justify the means.

10 Scorpio Man: He Has A Hard Time Letting Go

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If the Scorpio man chooses to try and win back his lover then he won’t give up without a fight. He’s so broody that it makes it hard for him to let go of someone he loves. This guy feels deeply and a breakup won’t change his feelings, even if he’s the one that broke it off.

Even if an ex has made it clear that she’s not interested, he will love her from afar. He’s super intense and isn’t afraid to express his devotion. His possessive nature makes it hard for him to know when it’s time to give up and move on.

9 So He Will Troll Her Social Media

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If his ex has put her foot down and refuses to get back together, the Scorpio man will get the picture. That doesn’t mean that he’ll go quietly into the night. Even if he acts like he’s given up, he’ll totally troll her social media accounts.

He’ll click “like” on every post and will more than likely leave a comment, just to let her know that he’s still in her life. It wouldn’t be surprising for him to start following her friends too. In the back of his mind, he hopes that he’ll be able to lure her back in the virtual world.

8 Sagittarius Man: He Is A Hopeless Romantic

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No one will fight to win back an ex like a Sagittarius man. He knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to use any means to get it. Nothing is off the table for this guy and his conquest should be prepared for a serious attempt on his part.

He is a sucker for romance and will do his best to make his lady swoon at the possibility of getting back together. Be prepared for long heart-to-heart conversations and a hundred apologies if he’s the one that was in the wrong. His devotion can be a bit much at times.

7 So He'll Talk About Fate

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The Sagittarius man loves using words like “destiny” and “fate.” A guy like him knows how to push a lady’s buttons and romance her into trying the relationship again. It can be irresistible to hear an ex express such deep feelings and he’s counting on talking his way back into her heart.

For the most part, he’s more than likely being sincere. He’s not one to give false promises. Although, he’s not above some light emotional manipulation so his ex should be aware of any signs that he’s attempting to control her. It’s all too easy to fall into his potential trap.

6 The Capricorn Man: He Is Very Practical

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The Cancer man is pragmatic and might have a hard time even wanting to win back an ex. He’s more than likely to deny any lingering feelings and throw himself into his work. Although he’s very goal-oriented, once he does decide to give the relationship another shot then he’ll go about it in a very practical way.

Don’t expect any romantic gestures from this guy. He’ll come at his conquest with a pro and con list to defend his stance. He may not be the most whimsical sign out there but he knows how to get his point across.

5 So He'll Try To Use Logic

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When it comes to love, the Capricorn man can be a bit too logical. He will more than likely come at his ex with a rational and well thought out campaign. He is led by his brain more than his heart so she should be prepared to be dazzled with all the reasons why it would make sense to get back together,

Even though this may not be the most exciting way to be courted, he actually loves deeply. He just has a hard time expressing his emotions. In the end, he can be very convincing with his arguments and totally lure her back.

4 Aquarius Man: He Doesn't Open Up Easily

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It’s rare for an Aquarius man to try to get back together with an ex. He’s more than likely to pull a vanishing act because he prefers to avoid his feelings. That being said, if he’s totally into someone and just can’t let her go, he probably will have a difficult time expressing himself.

This guy isn’t about to show up professing his devotion to anyone. His approach will be subtle and almost hard to read. Let’s just say that if he invites her back into his life at all, she should count herself as being one of the lucky ones.

3 So He'll Keep It Casual

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Now that the Aquarius man has decided to resume his relationship, it will be a totally casual affair. He will slowly let her back in and will probably act like it’s no big deal. It’s a challenge for him to open up in general, much less if he feels vulnerable in any way.

He’ll try to be friends at first and will be a bit guarded. Yet, as time moves on, he’ll start sending stronger signals that he’s still into her. Once he finally admits that he wants her back, he can easily switch back into a loyal boyfriend.

2 Pisces Man: He Is So Needy

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The Pisces man is super intense when it comes to trying to win back an ex. When he loves someone he loves them with all of his heart. This makes it quite hard for him to move on so chances are, he’ll come back around not too long after a breakup.

He has no problem letting her know that he wants her back. He’s just not good at hiding his feelings or playing it cool. His neediness takes over and he simply can’t help himself. He’ll show up at any given moment and pour his heart out to her.

1 So He'll Beg And Plead

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He won’t waste time playing games if he wants an ex back. The Pisces guy will totally beg and plead for another shot at the relationship. He doesn’t keep his cards close to his chest and will totally show his hand. He’s just not a smooth man.

Although, he can be known to be a bit passive-aggressive if all of his other attempted tactics don’t work. He’s been known to pout or put off giving an ex back her stuff just to get her attention. In the end, he’s a sensitive soul that just wants to be loved and accepted.

Reference: Astro Reveal

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