Tyler Perry Pays Rent And Tuition For Family Of Four Orphan Children After They Lost Their Mother

Tynesha Evans, a mother of four from Milwaukee, slain in an apparent domestic violence crime in the parking lot of a Wells Fargo Bank in Alpharetta, Georgia, has left behind four children. Her family in an effort to raise money to care for the children started a GoFundMe campaign, which has raised over $63,000 from sympathetic donors.

Yet there was another angel in the wings. News outlets report that actor and director Tyler Perry has offered to pay the family’s rent to avoid eviction. Perry also made arrangements to have Evans’ body flown to Wisconsin for burial as well as to cover her 18-year-old daughter’s tuition at Spelman College.

Evans, 45, was murdered last Saturday morning outside a bank near Atlanta. Her boyfriend, 58-year-old Othniel Inniss, was immediately arrested at the scene. He has been charged with murder and aggravated assault with a firearm, according to the statement. The single mother was an author and a full-time health care worker at Ciox Health.

According to a statement from local law enforcement officials, Evans and Inniss were in an on-again, off-again relationship that ended in violence after an argument.

Evans was very proud of her four children and their accomplishments, cousin Monique Evans said. "She was proud, like any mother would be. It was a struggle at first, but ... she sacrificed a lot for her kids to get that education and go to college," she added.

The granddaughter of a pastor, Evans was a practicing Christian. In 2015, she published a book titled "A Proverb A Day" and in Milwaukee, her family oversaw the Midwest Church of Christ on Center Street.

After hearing about the case, Perry, 49, responded immediately. Shakemia Turner, Evans' 14-year old daughter, has called Perry “an angel on Earth.” Her other daughter, Sharadiant Turner, thanked Perry for covering her courses at Spelman College in Atlanta, where she studies mathematics. They have two other siblings, Audrey Turner and Shawn Turner.

Perry has frequently helped families in need across the US. Last Christmas, he generously paid off all the layaway items at two different Walmart locations in Atlanta — a total cost of $434,000.

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"My mom was the breadwinner of our home, please see it in your heart to keep us in our home and put my mother to rest decently," Sharadiant wrote on the GoFundMe page. She says the funds raised will go towards putting their mother to rest peacefully, to pay any bills we need to, and for school.

Monique Evans wants people to remember Tynesha as a good person and devoted mother. "She loved her family, she loved her kids. She just loved life. It's just a shock to everybody."

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