Royal Mail Replies To U.K. Boy's Letter To Dad In Heaven

A seven-year-old boy who sent a birthday card to his dad “in heaven” received a tear-jerking response from the U.K. postal service, Royal Mail to assure him it had indeed been delivered safely.

Mother-of-two Teri Copland, from Blackburn, told how her son Jase, had written a note to his postman to make sure his late father received his card. The note read: "Mr. Postman, can you take this to heaven for my dad's birthday." Weeks after Jase mailed the letter, he received a response from the U.K.'s Royal Mail confirming his letter had indeed been delivered, according to Copland.

Sean Milligan, an Assistant Delivery Office Manager is the kind soul behind the heartwarming letter. In response to Jase’s envelope requesting to be sent to “heaven”, he wrote: “I just wanted to take this opportunity to contact you about how we succeeded in the delivery of your letter, to your dad in heaven."

Jase, whose dad James Hyndman died in 2014, was thrilled to learn from the Royal Mail letter that his message to his father James had made it through the “difficult” journey and it explained how the postman had navigated through "stars and other galactic objects" to get his letter safely to his dad.

Milligan also added: "Royal Mail's priority is to get our customers' mail delivered safely. I know how important your mail is to you. I will continue to do all I can to ensure delivery to Heaven safely."

A few weeks ago my 7 year old son posted this card to his dad in heaven and today he got a lovely reply from the postman...

Posted by Teri Copland on Wednesday, November 28, 2018

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Posting the heartwarming letter to Facebook, mother Teri Copland said: “I actually cannot state how emotional he is knowing his dad got his card… Royal Mail you’ve just restored my faith in humanity.”

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Photo courtesy of Teri Copland

Jase and his 10-year-old sister Neive mark the occasion of their father’s birthday every year since he died in May 2014. Copland described her son's excitement-- he kept saying "my dad really got my letter mum". Copland added that she had always told Neive and Jase that even if they can’t get anyone a present it’s always nice to make sure they send a card at Christmas and birthdays.

“I want people to realize that a small gesture of kindness can have such a fantastic impact on someone’s life… Royal Mail actually took part and that gives me so much comfort,” Copland said.

Copland is very grateful for this touching reply given that the note could have easily have gone unnoticed or been ignored by postal staff. Many people are seconding Copland's sentiment-- her post went viral overnight, and it currently has over 400,000 shares on Facebook and almost 50,000 comments.

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