Uber Driver Offers Passengers A ‘Conversation Menu’ And Becomes An Internet Sensation

An Uber driver in Seattle gives his passengers a menu so they can pick what kind of ride they'd like to have and it is taking the internet by storm.

There are a few situations in our lives that we endure on a semi-regular basis despite them usually being incredibly awkward; situations we endure because we have no other choice. Sitting in a barber's chair is one that springs to mind. A scenario where you are forced to make small talk with someone you normally don't even know. Plus, staring in a mirror and not being able to move your head just makes the whole ordeal even worse.

While a trip to the hairdressers is number one, taking a car ride with a stranger is a close second. We are, of course, talking about taxis and Ubers, nothing more sinister than that. It really is a lottery when it comes to who is going to pick you up when you summon a ride. You might get a chatty driver when you want nothing more than to sit in silence, or possibly even vice versa.


If you live in Seattle and George Ure rolls by in his Uber to pick you up, you can leave any worries of an awkward conversation behind you on the curb. That's because the part-time driver has been supplying his passengers with a conversation menu. That is. a list of choices as to what kind of ride his passengers would like. One happy customer tweeted a photo of the menu earlier this week and Ure has since become a viral sensation.

When a passenger climbs inside Ure's Uber they are faced with a choice of five different types of ride: Stand-Up, Silent, Creepy, Therapy, or Rude. For the most part, they appear to be exactly what they say on the tin. Opt for stand-up, and you'll be treated to entertaining stories from the driver's past. Go for creepy, and he will do nothing but glance at you in the rearview mirror from time to time.

At the time of posting, the snap of Ure's menu has received almost 550,000 likes on Twitter. The driver/medical technician told Forbes this week that he didn't even realize his novel business idea had gone viral until a friend alerted him to the fact. Ure is currently trying to make his passengers' experience an even better one by setting up a GoFundMe to raise money for a new car.


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