Show Your Love Of Christmas And Consumerism With These Nintendo-Themed Ugly Sweaters

If you love Christmas as much as you love Pokémon and Mario, then these are the sweaters for you.

Geek Store Ugly Christmas Sweaters

If you love Nintendo and want to get into the holiday spirit, then these are the ugly sweaters for you.

It’s true that we haven’t even hit Halloween yet, but some online retailers are already getting into the Christmas spirit. That’s mostly because the store is located in the UK and shipping will take 2-3 weeks, depending on where you’re located. By the time these sweaters arrive, Halloween will be over and it’s time to bust out those ugly Christmas sweaters.

The only place to get Official Nintendo Ugly Sweaters is from Geek Store.com, a UK-based online retailer specializing in all things geeky and related. This means if you’re in the UK, then you get free shipping. Everywhere else has to pay, but they do ship worldwide with a few exceptions (notably Russia--sorry Russian Nintendo fans).

On offer are three Nintendo-themed sweaters with characteristic ugly patterns. First, we have the Pokémon sweater featuring everyone’s favorite mascot, Pikachu. It looks like Pikachu has already gotten into the Halloween candies and is a bit chunky as a result. There’s also the three starters from the first-gen Pokémon games too, in case you liked any of them.

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Next, we have Mario and friends courtesy of what appears to be the same art as Super Mario Bros. 3. Luigi is there to offer moral support, and Bowser is also present, although we have no idea why its Bowser instead of Toad. Isn’t Bowser supposed to be the villain? When did Bowser get to be so popular he can be considered for an ugly Christmas sweater?

Geek Store Ugly Christmas Sweaters
via Geek Store.com

And finally, we have Princess Peach. She gets her very own ugly sweater since gamer girls are far more likely to purchase an Ugly Christmas sweater when it’s only got a princess on the front.

Each of these sweaters is made of 100% cotton knit and is guaranteed to be just as comfortable and itchy as any other yarn-made sweater. Sizes range from 2XS to 4XL, with each one going for £39.99 (or roughly $50 USD). Shipping starts at £3.50 to Europe and gets more expensive from there.

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