The Ultimate First Apartment Checklist

From apartment hunting to buying all new furniture and, packing it up as you prepare for something new, moving into a new apartment is so exciting! Well, all fun aside for a moment, moving can be a very hectic and stressful thing if you don't know what you need.

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So, whether you're relocating or finally leaving the nest, there are quite a few essential items everyone needs when moving into a new apartment. This ultimate apartment checklist is a complete list of all the necessary items anybody will need when moving into a new apartment.

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10 Mattress/Bed

The number 1 thing on anybody’s ultimate apartment checklist has got to be a mattress. That minimalist platform bed comes along with it, but everything is secondary to a good mattress. Above all else, you need to have somewhere to sleep right?

So when you’re finally ready to move out of your mom's house, we suggest you look for a good mattress first. After that, you can look for a cute bed frame to put it in, but sleeping on the floor is never fun. Also, please do your back a favor and get some memory foam in your life.

9 Blankets/Sheets

Now that you’ve found the perfect mattress/bed combination, you need some super soft sheets and blankets to go with it. This includes all kinds of sheets, large blankets, throws, duvets, and comforters. If you’re anything like us, you need them all, but remember to pick something breathable.

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You don’t want to wake up a sweaty mess. So, whether you like your sheets fitted, flat, or a combination of both, we can all agree that sleeping on a cold mattress without one is a no go. So go pick out your favorite color, and don’t feel bad about that expensive comforter. The point is to be comfy.

8 Couch

You’ll never know how valuable a couch is until you move into a new apartment without one. Lucky for you, the options for choosing the perfect couch are endless. Are you a sofa bed person? Or maybe you prefer the sectional? Either way, the couch is an essential piece to moving into a new place.

Having multiple chairs isn’t always the most cost-effective or comfortable option, while a couch does many jobs comfortably. It’s a seat, a bed, and sometimes even a table. The couch is probably the next most valuable piece of furniture you’ll have. Second only to the bed.

7 Table (and Chairs)

IIt’s super essential that you have at least one table in the house. Whether it’s a coffee table, dining table, or a couple of end tables, you’ll use that table for multiple reasons. Some time down the line, you’re going to need a place to sit down and eat, or do some homework, or just a place to drop your stuff after a long day.

Trust us, you’ll be happy with yourself for getting the table. Not to mention, with tables comes the option for chairs, and every apartment could use more seating. So make sure you grab a few chairs as well.

6 The Kitchen

After a long day of moving furniture and stuff, we’re sure you want nothing more than to eat a good meal in your new apartment. With that said, don’t forget to supply yourself with the proper utensils. You would think that dishes, pots, pans, cooking utensils, pot holders, measuring cups, cutting boards, a drying rack, kitchen appliances, and silverware would be a no brainer but we’ve found ourselves in a fork-less situation many times.

If this is your first apartment, save yourself the trouble and buy a complete kitchen set, and that way you’ll be sure not to miss anything. Leave the fancy silverware and bamboo utensils to the pros.

5 Things That Clean

If messy things cause you anxiety like it does for us, you better not forget the cleaning supplies. Grab all of it. Disinfectant, multi-purpose cleaners, dish soap, a broom, a mop, vacuum cleaner, glass cleaner, bleach, all that good stuff. And remember the toilet paper. It’s a cleaning product too.

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The thing about having a nice new apartment is keeping it looking nice and new. Plus, nobody wants to see that ring around your bathtub when they come to visit. Oh and don’t forget the trash can. Once everything is all clean, you have to have somewhere for the trash to go.

4 For The Laundry

You finally moving out on your own means mom won’t be washing your clothes anymore so prepare yourself. You might find yourself in the market to purchase a washing machine and a dryer so make sure you don’t forget anything.

Hopefully you're lucky enough to have a washing machine and a dryer in your apartment, but either way, you better stock up on laundry goods. We’re talking detergent, fabric softener, dryer sheets, storage bins, hangers, a hamper, and anything else you might need to wash your clothes. All the essentials for keeping your clothes looking fresh.

3 Towels

You can never have enough of these. Towels needed to be discussed separately because they are literally used for everything. Your apartment always going to be in need of a towel, so make sure you grab bath towels, face towels, cooking towels, dish towels, and cleaning towels.

Oh, and I can’t stress this enough, please make sure you get multiple towels. We’ve been in a one towel for everything situation too many times. It’s no fun. Bath towels are not meant for kitchen mess, that’s why they make kitchen towels. And once again, do yourself a favor and spend a little extra for the soft ones.

2 Bathroom/Shower

These items are probably the things we forget the most. You’re going to be spending a lot of time in the bathroom, so make sure you have everything you need. We’re thinking bath mats, toilet paper holders, toothbrush holders, toothbrushes, toothpaste, body wash, lotion, face wash, a shower curtain if needed, and of course a shower caddy.

So next time you’re at IKEA, please don’t forget to grab some bathroom essentials. This is seriously one of the most important items on this list. Oh and don’t forget that little liner for the inside of your shower. Nobody likes a dirty shower curtain.

1 Wifi

This one seems like it could go without being said but it’s going to be a sad day when you forget to set up the wifi and you can’t stream anything. Maybe you’ll find an apartment with wifi included and this won’t be a problem. However, in the case that you don’t, make sure you call and set that wifi up, or you might have to revisit your love for reading books. Another thing, please make sure you set this up ahead of your move in because wifi takes time, and in this age if you don’t have wifi, you don’t exist.

We’re kidding, but don’t forget the wifi!  This ultimate apartment checklist does a pretty good job of going through the essentials for moving into a new apart. But what did we miss? Add to this apartment checklist in the comments below!

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