10 Uncommon Mixed-Breed Pups That Will Melt Your Heart

When it comes to pooches, mutts get a bit of a bad rap, especially when compared to posh purebreds. While these mixed pups might not come with pedigree papers, crazy-high price tags nor strong lineage stretching back for decades, they do come with something that purebred dogs miss out on. They have the uniqueness of a combination of two breeds worth of traits and personality! Special breeds have a whole lot to offer their owners. Check out these ten unusual mixed-bred canines that will melt your heart and send you running to the nearest pet adoption center!

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10 The Pitsky

Get out of here with those eyes! If you have a soft spot for the beautiful Husky and the often misunderstood Pitbull, well this breed is your jam! Pitskies are known for being loyal and downright obsessed with their owners. You won't have any issue scoring a BFF forever if you bring home one of these pups. Since this dog will inherent physical characteristics from both parents, pups can end up short haired, like a Pitt, or with slightly longer hair, thanks to the Husky genes. They are also not going to be tiny, dainty little things, so bear that fact in mind when considering whether or not this breed is right for your lifestyle.

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9 The Dalmachund

Guys, you need this dog in your life like yesterday. The sweet face of the Dalmachound is calling us, and we're not sure we can resist such adorableness. This cross between a Dalmatian and a Dachshund tends to be small in stature and have ridiculously beautiful colorings thanks to their  Dalmatian parent. This breed makes a great addition to a lively and busy family as they love to play. Playfulness is characteristic of both primary breeds that contribute to this pup's existence.

8 The Chug

The Chug is a cross breed between the lovable Pug and a lively Chihuahua, and this pup is all cute, and maybe have a bit of a split personality considering these two breeds are really ying and yang. The Pug breed tends to be sweet and friendly while the Chihuahua thinks he is way tougher than his size alludes to. Pugs are also susceptible to breathing problems, and Chihuahuas can be very yappy. Put your patience pants on if you are genuinely considering bringing this cutie home.

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7 The Pomski

We're not quite sure how a Husky and a Pomeranian make this work, but they have managed to get together and combine their genes to give us the fluffy Pomski. This is a pup who inherits the temperaments of both mom and dad, and their strong personalities can make them hard to train. The Pomsky has plenty of energy for those with active lifestyles and needs a good walking in the morning and at night with playtime sessions in between. Pomskis stay small in size, growing to be about 15 inches high and weighing 20-30 pounds at adulthood.

6 The Yorktese

Two of the cutest known breeds came together to create the Yorktese! This little companion is affectionate, smart, loyal and social, but it's also pretty stubborn. They tend to do well in families, especially when they are socialized early on and prefer to be around their owners as much as possible. You'll have no problem toting them around with you considering them won't weigh more than four to 12 pounds when fully grown.

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5 The Bernedoodle

A Berndoodle is a Poodle-Bernese mix, and it is one of the absolute cutest breeds guaranteed to make you smile. Also known as a Bernese Mountain Poo, these dogs are bred to be the ultimate family companion who will love you for their entire lives and cover you with slobbery kisses. This breed is perfect for active families who enjoy big dogs full of love and loyalty. This breed doesn't shed, which is a major bonus for those who aren't huge fans of vacuuming up dog fur all day long.

4 The Golden-Dach

This crossbreed gets the award for the sweetest little face on the planet. The Golden Dach is a lively and robust pup that tends to be spirited, loyal and full of personality. This breed is short in stature and will end up weighing anywhere from thirty to sixty pounds when fully grown. They are known for their majestic coat and affectionate disposition that makes then a welcomed addition into any home. We just want to hug one of these puppies.

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3 The Schnoodle

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A Schnoodle is part Schnauzer and part Poodle and all adorable. While charming and sweet, this dog is also attentive and alert, making them natural watchdogs. This loyal breed stays small in size and sports a signature curly coat. They learn quickly and make excellent companions that can adjust their activity level to that of their owners. Don't be deceived by their "grumpy old man" face, they are little lovers.

2 The Double Doodle

Double doodles are actually a cross between three popular breeds, the Labrador Retriever, The Goldendoodle and the Labradoodle. So much doodle! All that doodle pays off, resulting in a dog that is sweet natured, smart and loyal, fitting into families with children like a hand into a glove. This dog doesn't shed, so it makes a perfect pet for families who have allergies to pet dander.

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1 The Beabull

The Beagle and the English Bulldog came together to give the world the Beabull, and it's incredible. This breed can find space in the hearts of large families with kids or seniors in need of a companion. They are playful, loving, loyal and independent and are happy to eat everything in sight and follow their owners around all day long. A short walk every day is pretty much all that these guys need to stay physically content, so this might be a breed to consider if you are more of a Netflix and chill kind of person.

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