Woman Goes For An Unexpected Swim Thanks To Her Huge Dog

We typically don't hear much about the goings-on in Fountain Hills, an idyllic community near Scottsdale, Arizona. But the quietness was briefly disturbed by an incident that went viral on social media on Wednesday in Fountain Park, the town's biggest attraction.

A young woman chose to walk her doberman on the sidewalk surrounding the pond in the park, which happens to be a major respite for waterfowl. But when the ducks paddling in the water caught the canine's curious eye, that was it. The doberman went ape, and ran into the pond, dragging the hapless owner along until she slipped in the water. Drenched waist-down, she managed to regain her composure, got up, and slogged back onto dry land, pulling the pup back with her, amid a series of guffaws from someone documenting the video.

Wisely, the woman chose to remain anonymous when the video was posted on Facebook, garnering nearly four million views, almost 9,000 likes, 10,000 comments and 47,000 shares. And who can blame her? Now she can sneakily find out exactly what viewers may be saying around the water cooler as they watched her dog sprinting for those ducks.


Still, those who commented on the video said she was fortunate that she wasn't walking a Great Dane, a larger pup that would have been harder for her to control. Others related similar misadventures with the dogs, while detractors limited their comments on recommending training to the young woman unable to keep her pet in line.


Dobermans are among the smartest breeds of canine around. They're also highly sociable, loyal and often crave a great deal of attention. With those qualities, they're easier to train than most other dogs, but like anything else worth doing, it requires a great deal of consistency. Because smarter dogs tend to pattern their behavior and are also creatures of habit, it doesn't take long for them to adapt to behaviors taught to them by conscientious owners.

Fortunately, that four-legged faux "paw" didn't result in any injuries other than the woman's bruised ego. But if that's the worst headline-grabbing incident that can happen in Fountain Hills, residents can consider themselves very fortunate.


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