15 Unexplained Mysteries Captured In Photos From 2019 (So Far)

Mysteries have baffled humans throughout history. From how Stonehenge came to be, to D.B. Cooper jumping out of a plane, to sightings of the Loch Ness Monster, many remain unanswered.

Some people come up with conspiracy theories or justifications to explain these strange phenomena. Yet no matter how much people debate them, no definitive conclusion has yet to surface.

Unexplained mysteries still occur today and, with the ubiquity of smartphones, people are able to capture them easier than they used to.

The following covers unexplained events, objects and other sightings that have already happened this year up to now.

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15 Beluga Whale Found With Harness

via CNN

A Beluga Whale made headlines across the world back in April. According to Unexplained-Mysteries.com, they found one on Norway with an unusual harness wrapped around it.

Although many suspect it was part of a military program in Russia since its harness had “Equipment St. Petersburg" written on it, there's no concrete answer on the matter.

14 Mars Rover Spots Mysterious Object

via metro.co.uk

Launched by NASA in 2011, the Curiosity Rover continues to roam the surface of Mars taking photos. Something came back on one of them that doesn’t quite look right, however.

Metro reports that a snap from June 16 revealed a faint glowing light on the horizon that has NASA shrugging their shoulders.

13 Huge Cross Drifted Ashore In Florida

via Sun Sentinel

A cross is a special symbol to many but this one comes across foreboding due to the circumstances.

A big one washed ashore in Florida that’s twenty feet long, according to Unexplained-Mysteries.com. There are even signs that it’s been in the water for some time with barnacles covering its surface.

12 Mystery Shipwreck

via Newsweek

There are mysteries hidden across the world either buried underground or deep in the sea.Unexplained-Mysteries.com reports that divers found a boat sitting 1,460 feet below in the Gulf of Mexico.

How it got there is a mystery, though someone found the number “2109" etched in the boat’s rudder, which may lead to answers.

11 Soapy Foam Spews Out Of Street Drains In China

via WeirdlyStrange.com

More strange than it is harmful, an unexpected event happened in Xi’an, a city in China. Out of nowhere, white snow-like foam emerged out of street drains to disrupt cars in transit.

Unexplained-Mysteries.com reports that they had to hose off the foam in order to clear streets. While there are theories about what may have caused it, there’s no explanation yet.

10 Highland Loch In Scotland Is Vanishing

via Press and Journal

The Scottish Highlands have scenic lochs, but one of them has less water than it used to. According to Unexplained-Mysteries.com, Loch Vaa has considerably less water and it’s got locals worried over what's going to happen next.

No one knows why the water is vanishing, but it’s already affected many who live in the area.

9 Space Station Spots UFO

via metro.co.uk

Something unexplainable floated its way into the frame of NASA’s camera. According to Independent.ie, the live feed, which broadcasted from a space station, went out shortly before the object appeared.

One viewer named John Craddick described it to the same source: “At first it was really small and then it grew bigger, lasting for about 25 seconds.”

8 Remains Of Unknown Creature Turns Up In Florida

via ClickOrlando.com

Florida often gets attention for its peculiarity, but this is on a whole new level. The strange and eerie remains of a mysterious creature turned up and puzzled residents. According to Unexplained-Mysteries.com, someone living in Titusville found it on their property.

The woman who discovered it wrote, “I just want to know what it was, I’m new around her [sic] and I was like I don’t know what kind of animals Titusville has.”

7 Unknown Text Written on Rock In France

via Travel + Leisure

As funny as it sounds, a rock in France is stirring up all kinds of questions. Unexplained-Mysteries.com reports that someone etched text into the rock but no one has been able to discern what it says.

They even offered about $2,248 to whoever can read and interpret the text to solve the mystery.

6 Pillar Of Light In Canada

via The Daily Express

It’s common to see a pillar of light appear in the third act of a Hollywood Blockbuster. So it’s understandable if the residents of Edmonton, Canada, were a little freaked out by a red one showing up in their backyards.

Although there are theories about what it could be, such as aliens to HAARP, it still remains a mystery (Daily Express).

5 Bowls Of Mashed Potatoes Left On Properties

via Jezebel

It may not be the most alarming mystery to occur so far this year, but it’s nonetheless creepy. As absurd as it sounds, someone keeps putting out bowls of uneaten mashed potatoes on properties in Jackson, Mississippi.

According to Unexplained-Mysteries.com, bowls filled with the food cropped up in residents’ gardens and mailboxes.

4 Snow Circle In England

via YouTube user Metro Newspaper UK

While some viewers might consider this design adorable, this snow circle is concerning. “I don’t know how they have done it,” said Chris Barrow, who spotted the snow circle shaped like an owl in Wiltshire, England (Unexplained-Mysteries.com).

Who may have done it and why remains unknown and will likely continue that way unless someone comes forward.

3 Island Emerges In Lake Out Of The Blue

via Sputnik International

No one knows how it got there all of a sudden, but Lake Inari now has an island—or are witnesses seeing things? According to Unexplained-Mysteries.com, the border patrol issued a statement back in February on their Twitter account showing a photo of the island.

Even stranger, the same source notes that the patrolmen believe now that what they really saw was actually a mirage.

2 Unknown Radio Bursts From Space

via BBC

An observatory in British Columbia has recorded something experts don’t have an answer for. According to BBC, they picked up 13 FRBs, which stands for fast radio bursts, and are unsure what they mean.

The same source notes that the bursts are from a long distance away, estimated at about 1.5 billion light-years.

1 Crop Circle In England

via BendedReality

Yes, crop circles are still a thing in 2019. This time it happened in Norridge Wood in the United Kingdom, reports Unexplained-Mysteries.com.

They may look beautiful from above, but not knowing the origins of it casts a dark shadow over the scenery. Even people are looking into what the symbol could mean for answers.

Sources: BBC, Metro.co.uk, Independent.ie, Express.co.uk, Unexplained-Mysteries.com

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