20 Unflattering Pics Of The Cast Of Alaskan Bush People

Some viewers admire the Alaskan Bush People and others tune in just to mock them. There are critics who think that these "off the grid" folk are faking it. Others think that the family's rugged lifestyle is totally authentic. However people feel about the Brown family, it's safe to say that this reality TV clan is a reality TV success, despite some unflattering pics.

This list is full of photos of this family at their worst. They're covered in snow, or drenched with rain, or getting their teeth repaired, or whatever. There's no shortage of amusing pictures of the Brown family and their nearest and dearest. From serious fashion misfires to bad hair days and beyond, this family is comedy gold. Of course, living in the bush does not equal glamour. This isn't Keeping Up with the Kardashians!

20 Bear Brown Braves The Elements

Via YouTube

Bear Brown recently let the world know that he's giving his romance with his ex-fiancee another try, according to Countryliving.com.

After that happened, he asked people to stop giving his girlfriend, Raiven, who is expecting a baby, such a difficult time online. There's always drama in the life of this bush dude.

19 Gabe’s Sideburns Were Freezing

Via TV Insider

Gabe's sideburns are certainly a focal point, but maybe not in a good way. He surely thinks they are awesome because he's been sporting the sideburns throughout the season after season of Alaskan Bush People, even though they get frozen in cold weather.

He recently added an eyebrow piercing, according to Popculture.com.

18 Matt Had Another Fashion Misfire

Via TV Insider

No one expects this family to wear clothes that are straight off the runways of Paris and Milan, but that doesn't mean that Matt has to wear a tank top and fedora, either.

Bush-style is clearly unique. Some will love it and others will find it a little outdated and outlandish. Matt celebrated 14 months of sobriety in Sept. 2019, according to Popculture.com.

17 Does Bill Need a Makeover?

Via Country Living

Bill is also known as Billy and he's the patriarch of the Brown clan. He gets a lot of leverage out of the whole bush lifestyle thing.

He writes books, according to Goodreads.com, and he looks the part, right down to a mangy beard and animal tooth pendants. Does Bill need a makeover from Queer Eye? Maybe so.

16 Snowbird Was Forbidden To Go To The Dentist

Via InTouch Weekly

Snowbird is as cute as a button but wasn't allowed to visit the dentist, according to Hitberry.com. This is too bad, as she probably would have appreciated regular dental care.

Anyway, she's not in a typical family and she manages to smile nonetheless. Billy Brown apparently believes that dental care doesn't fit the whole traditional way of life that he wants for his family.

15 Bam Is Caught In A Pensive Moment

Via Blasting News

Deep in thought or a deer in the headlights? With Bam Bam Brown, it's sometimes hard to decide.

Bam had had his ups and downs. He's been upset lately because he doesn't feel that his family is respectful enough of his new lady, according to Intouchweekly.com. Bam Bam's real first name is Joshua.

14 Ami’s Had To Deal With Fear And Pain

Via News Locker

This photo isn't bad because it's funny. It's bad because it shows a woman battling cancer. Ami had so much to deal with.

Most of us have been impacted by cancer, whether it happens to us or loved ones. It is no joke. Some people thought her cancer was faked as a plot device, but her doctors said it's real, according to People.com.

13 Noah Decided To Pop His Collar


Bush People style is ever-evolving and this popped collar look certainly stood out. Noah was dressing up to do his old school courting, according to Adn.com.

He has a very old-fashioned view of romance which may drive his unusual fashion choices. On date one, he will not make physical contact.

12 Matt Tries To Fix His Decayed Teeth

Via Soap Dirt

It sucks that the family didn't get regular dental care. Snowbird has crooked teeth and Matt has tried to get help with his own dental problems, which may have been made worse by some bad habits of his.

Matt is clean now, according to Popculture.com, so he may not need to spend as much time in the dentist chair in the future.

11 Noah Needs A Little Sunscreen

Via Eceleb Gossip

Noah has that florid type of complexion that gets incredibly ruddy sometimes. Sunscreen might help. Out in the bush, the elements can be rough on a person's complexion. Overall, he has a boyish look, but he needs a high SPF.

Noah recently went on a diet for a full month and lost 2 pounds, according to Popculture.com.

10 Rain Looks Melancholy Sometimes

Via Radar Online

Rain is currently 16 years of age and her full name is Merry Christmas Kathryn Raindrop Brown.

Rain is a sweet girl who is strong in her faith. She recently posted online about depression, according to Theblast.com. Her post was a poignant prayer for those struggling in darkness.

9 Hair Conditioner Must Be Scarce “Off The Grid”

Via YouTube

Matt has fine, curly hair and it really blows around in the bush. He's gone shorter and his shorter locks definitely give him a whole new look that's more well-groomed.

This look has kind of a retro Star Wars vibe. Matt's trying to change his life for the better, according to Popculture.com, and his appearance has also changed.

8 Rhain Doesn’t Do High Glam Very Often

Via Star Magazine

Rhain can't always be glam out in the bush...who could? The weather so often makes it difficult to maintain any sort of look at all. Still, Rhain tries.

She recently went on a diet, and Noah did, too. She lost 6 pounds to his 2, after a month of effort, according to Popculture.com.

7 Was Bear Turning Into Bill?

Via TV Shows Ace

Bear typically has a very boyish look. When he grew some facial hair, he suddenly began to morph into his father, Billy.

In October of 2019, Bear sparked some controversy by sharing a video of himself shouting off a firearm in the dark of night, according to Popculture.com. Some people who saw the video considered his actions reckless.

6 Bam Bam Poses With A Paint Can

Via Pinterest

Pics of typical online glamour models feature cocktails, bathing suits and vacation locales. With Bam Bam, it's about posing with an open can of paint, but this is what makes Alaska Bush People so interesting. It's anti-glamour at its finest.

Bam Bam has been exploring outside of the bush as of late, according to Theblast.com.

5 Maybe Not So Picturesque

Via YouTube.com

When Matt poses with balls, he looks silly, but that's what some Alaskan Bush People viewers want. Matt's been in some strange situations.

In 2017, a fridge explosion left him injured, according to Secretstoschoolsuccess.com. He had to get a bunch of staples in his head. There was plenty of chatter about what might have blown up in the refrigerator.

4 Gabe Is Serving Up Wolverine Vibes

Via Alaskan Bush People Fan Club Tumblr

Gabe channels Wolverine with the tousled brown hair and those huge sideburns, but he doesn't really pull it off the way that Hugh Jackman does.

Still, Gabe's got some fans who think that his image is alluring, including his number one fan, wife Raquell Rose, according to People.com. She thinks he's the coolest.

3 More Crimes Against Fashion

Via InTouch Weekly

Silky purple shirts buttoned up partway, to reveal some funky pendants, and snug, V-neck t-shirts with funky pendants on top...this is Alaskan Bush People style. This is what Bear and Bam Bam wear when they really want to dazzle us.

People have picked up on Bear's odd fashion choices in the past. according to Popculture.com.

2 Are These Kinds Of Dramatic Outfits Really Necessary?

Via Celeb Live Update

If you were out in the bush, would you put on a big black overcoat that almost touches the ground, plus a huge cross pendant? Maybe you would. Out there in the woods, there are few fashion rules. Noah's more focused on parenthood than fashion these days, according to Popculture.com.

1 Cute or Mildly Unsettling?

Via Rowlandayso215

Selfies can be cute and sometimes, they can be a little creepy. It's people pointing cameras at themselves and posing. It is contrived.

This photo makes me think of movies where bad things happen to people who are waiting on the side of the highway. These two have a baby son named Eli, according to IG.

Sources: People.com, IG, Popculture.com

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