10 Unique Hangings For Indoor Plants

I have a bit of a dilemma. My Hufflepuff heart loves plants and yearns to live within a home filled with an utter plethora of plants on every single available surface. And as I write this, I will note that I am in a room with five plants. However, I must expose myself and reveal that each and every one of those plants is fake. Because, as the root of my dilemma, I have the anti-green thumb.


Every plant I touch will wilt within the week. If you don’t believe me, let me leave you with the knowledge that I accidentally killed an aloe vera plant. But for those of you who are not cursed as I am and would love to fill your home with quirky and unique plants, check out the below planters for a bit of inspiration for your burgeoning indoor garden.

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10 10 But How Do You Water It?


Not only is this an absolutely adorable planter in and of itself, but the colors that it has been painted are utter perfection. Now, we must solve the question of how to water it. The lack of soil falling from the holes leads me to believe that it has been fitted with a clear plastic shell and/or sealed in some way; which would make watering and caring for the plants a simple and worry free activity.


The best thing about this planter is that it is incredibly simple yet aesthetic in design, so it would not be difficult to create on one’s own with items that they may already have around the house.

9 9 Stuck In The Middle

via andymasondesign

At last, my two deepest and most true loves have been united: plants and books. There is nothing more relaxing than reading books while surrounded by an incredibly large amount of plants. In high school, there was this tree beside my childhood home that was perfect for climbing. On clear summer days, I would scale the tree, book in hand, until I found my favorite spot high up in its branches.

I would nestle in and read whatever book I brought with me for hours. That is, until my mother's car pulled up in the driveway and I realized that I had not done any of the chores I was supposed to do before she got home.

8 8 Fancy A Cuppa?

Via Pinterest

If there is anything that I love more than books it has to be antique tea sets. When I graduated from high school, my mother gifted me with the most beautiful hand painted set that I have been terrified to use as I am comically clumsy.


However, this planter idea gives me an idea on how to use these delicate and lovely ups without worrying about the damaging effects of continued use. I am inspired. I am excited. And I will, most likely, be convincing my husband to take me to the home and garden center on our next day off.

7 7 Living in a Fish Bowl

Via Pinterest

While this is an absolutely aesthetic quirky design choice, I would advise readers to not use a real fish when attempting to recreate this. The main reason being that fish bowls are actually not that good for fish at all. It turns out that goldfish (and other types of household pets) live much longer when given proper care and being placed in an environment suited to their needs.

Fish need larger bowls with stimulating pieces and water filtration systems in order to thrive. However, without the fish present, this kitschy idea is absolutely adorable and a wonderful addition to any home.

6 6 Not Just For Baking Anymore

Via Pinterest

I just want to be a soft Hufflepuff that can bake and garden with the best of them but I am cursed to fail catastrophically at both endeavors. So maybe, as a testament to my flaws, I could take inspiration from this planter and use an old baking tin to raise succulents (or, in my case fake succulents that I bought at Michaels) and hang it on my wall as a bit of a motivational piece of decor.


Maybe one day I will master these nurturing and soft arts and will become the ultimate Hufflepuff master.

5 5 Better Than Tuna Casserole

Via Pinterest

This is it. This is the best use of a casserole dish that I have ever seen. Now, I don’t mean to start anything with the Martha Stewart fandom, but anything that can be made into a casserole, in my humble opinion, would be much better if just left in its original form.

Fun fact: I have never made an actual casserole in my casserole dish and have only ever made Jell-O and cheesecake filling with it. Maybe, I could use it as a wonderful and whimsical planter in order to continue my indoor (fake) plant collection.

4 4 This Better Have Been An Old Book

Via Pinterest

Though this is absolutely adorable and a key first step in building the perfect whimsical, quirky, and kitschy fairytale home, I do not know if I could condone cutting up a book in order to fill it with plants. So, allow me to propose a better solution.


The craft store Michaels has these boxes which are shaped like old fashioned hardcover books. Purchase one of these, paint them to your liking, line them, and fill them with the succulents of your choosing. It is the perfect way to achieve the desired aesthetic without having to gore a book. Books are friends.

3 3 If The Shoe Fits

Via Pinterest

Instead of donating your old shoes, why not turn them into adorable little quirky planters? I wonder if these could be achieved with oxfords or old converse? I wonder how one would prevent molding of the sole. That sounds like a philosophical question (if one were to use the homonym of that last word).

In this modern world, how does one prevent the molding of their eternal soul? I wonder if a good plastic seal would work for both. Should I see a Buddhist or a gardener about this dilemma?

2 2 A Very Merry Plant

Via Pinterest

Using teapots for all things other than tea is my absolute favorite use but I never thought of filling them with plants. My dental care products are placed within an old teapot on the back of my toilet in my bathroom (as there is no counter space.) And all of my daily-use art supplies have been placed inside tea mugs on my trunk (which doubles as a coffee table).


Using things for something that was not their original purpose is one of my favorite things. I mean, why use things for their intended purpose? That is so limiting! Using them for literally any other purpose opens up a literal world of possibilities.

1 1 Et Tu, Brute

Via Pinterest

That is it, I am in love and utterly convinced to travel to the closest home and garden center to me the literal second I submit this article in order to spend my entire paycheque on plants and quirky planters. My rent has been paid, my bills are covered, and my fridge is full of food which means that there is nothing keeping me from blowing an entire paycheque on planters.

If you cracked open my skull at this current moment, it would look exactly like the planters in the above photo because I am a veritable chia pet right now due to the fact that each and every single one of my thoughts is dedicated to plants.


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