10 Unique Harry Potter Products You Probably Haven’t Seen Before

There are all kinds of Harry Potter themed products that you can see on a daily basis and they are bound to capture the attention of any Potterhead. These unique products may have slipped under the radar because they're a little different from the usual Harry Potter merchandise. So forget about the scarves, the chocolate frogs, the butterbeer, and the time-turners because we've managed to find a bunch of items that are much better than that. Make sure that you pick your favorites and get ready to spend a little cash.

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10 Music Box

Harry Potter themed music boxes can be found all over the internet. When you turn the small crank on the side of the box, familiar melodies from the movies start to play. Depending on where you purchase your music box, you can get one with a custom engraving or you can get one with pre-made engraving. Whether it be a favorite quote from Professor Snape, your favorite spell or something cool like "Everyday I'm muggling," the choice is yours.

9 Heat Activated Marauders Map Mug

This is the perfect kind of thing that you can put on a heat activated mug. It’s completely blank when it’s empty, or there’s a cold beverage in it. But when you pour in a hot beverage, the Marauder’s map slowly starts to appear. It also has the two popular quotes that are associated with the map, “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good,” and “Mischief managed,” which you can say before and after your morning coffee fix. It’s truly a magical experience.

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8 Pensieve Journal

This thing is definitely a must-have item for every Potterhead. It’s basically a cabinet-shaped box that has a pen shaped like Dumbledore’s wand, a journal with the plastic Pensieve stuck on the front, and two memory vials. It’s the perfect way for any Harry Potter fan to store, review, and relieve any of the memories that are stored in it. You can either use this set as an actual journal set, or you can just display it among the rest of your Harry Potter merch.

7 Winged Keys

Although these keys are all winged, unfortunately, they don’t come with a broomstick for you to hop on and catch them. They’re all painted silver and have very delicate wings on them. You also get a string that you can use to attach them to a surface for decoration. But you don’t only have to use them as part of your fancy Harry Potter décor, you can also put them on a fancy keychain along with the rest of your keys, but be careful of the wings. You can also wear them as a necklace.

6 Bubble Bath Set

Over the years, people have come up with so many different Harry Potter themed beauty products. You could probably fill up an entirely new edition of Hogwarts: A History (of Beauty Products)!  Even though bath bombs have been all the rage when it comes to taking baths, we’re about to change your mind. If you’ve ever wanted to take a bath in Polijuice Potion, the Elixir of Life, Amorentia, or even Butterbeer, now you can. There’s a set of five different drinks and potions from this popular series, just waiting for you to try them out.

5 Magic Potions Tea

If you’re looking for even more drinks or potions that hail from the world of Harry Potter, than look no further than these teas! You can get some magic potions, but please be careful using them, as they can be very dangerous. Or perhaps, you’d like to sample some of Bertie Bean’s Every Flavor Tea or, if you’re feeling unsure, you can just get a pack of your Hogwarts House tea! Whatever it is that you’re craving, you can get a taste in a magical way.

4 Recipe Cards

These are a bunch of recipe cards that have recipes printed on them which were inspired from the Harry Potter world. After you get them, you can just print all of them out and try out any of the recipes. You can even make a nice recipe holder or a recipe box, inspired from the movies, where you can store these recipe cards. If you ever come across a recipe online, that you don’t have in your collection, you can get a few blank recipe cards that you can fill out yourself.

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3 Weasley Product Boxes

We know that the Weasley twins had some amazing things in their shop that anyone, any squib, muggle or wizard would want to have. Just imagine, owning your very own Pygmy Puff! Or having a Weather in a bottle! All of that would be great, if only they were real. But that’s why we found the next best thing! An advent calendar, or a stocking stuffer, where the packaging looks like it came right out of Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes! Print them out, cut them up, put them together and fill them with candy!

2 Remote Control Magic Wand

Instead of spending a small fortune so that you can get an exact replica of one of the wands that were used on the actual set of the films, this is even better. Because you can do actual “magical” things with this wand, instead of just putting it up for display or playing pretend. You can program it with up to 13 different commands, and you can control just about anything with it.  Then, invite everyone to a party in your home and surprise them by doing magic outside of Hogwarts with it!

1 A Pair Of Socks

According to one of the most famous wizards ever, “One can never have enough socks.” If you’re someone who thinks that socks are just something that is made to keep your feet warm, then we have to tell you that you’re wrong. That’s because you’re going to absolutely fall in love with these Dobby-themed socks, which are going to make your entire day cozier. When your kids grow up and turn 18, you can give a pair to them as a birthday present.

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