10 Unique Dog Names That Will Be All The Rage In 2019

Adopting a new best friend is an incredibly exciting event. Welcoming a fuzzy addition to your home means a lot of preparation. There are toys to buy, puppy-proofing your home and most importantly, choosing a name. This is your first major choice as a pup parent, after deciding to get a dog. You want to make sure you choose a name that tells the world something about your pal.

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Whether you choose a giant, fluffy dog, or a tiny hairless breed, you’ll need the right name. We've rounded up 10 of the most unique dog names that will let your best friend stand out at the dog park.

10 Malbec

Wine has been beloved and celebrated since man took his first sip. Humanity loves the drink of the gods. Why not celebrate your best friend by naming them after something as beloved and precious as they are? These purple grapes are dark and inky. You might choose this name for a black dog. Malbec grapes are one of only 6 varieties allowed to be made into Bordeaux. If you happen to be the lucky owner of a Dogue de Bordeau this would make the perfect name for your wrinkly friend.

9 Busy

Everyone loves a cute name that perfectly matches a pet’s personality. Many dog breeds love to run, play and get into mischief. For these active pups, the name Busy is a gender-neutral choice that adorably sums up the best parts of their personality. Little puppies are infamous for getting up to shenanigans. They’re fountains of boundless energy that never seems to run dry. Even senior dogs find themselves getting into trouble with their adorable hijinx. Dog owners know there’s never a dull moment around a playful pup. Busy is a sweet name for any dog.

8 Piccolo

This name is the perfect choice for a small breed. It’s the beautiful Italian word for a small flute. For dog owners with a sense of humor, this name could also be ironically applied to much larger animals. The high pitched and sonorous voice of this instrument is fairly unmistakable. If you happen to have a musical dog who loves to sing you the songs of his people, this might be the perfect name. The Shiba Inu with its distinct voice might be a good fit for this name. Tiny dogs like chihuahuas make a natural Piccolo.

7 Gambino

Gambino is an Italian name that means “little legs”. If you’re looking for a powerful name with a strong sound for your short legged best friend, look no further. There are plenty of stumpy little critters who would do the name proud. The spunky Dachshund springs to mind. They have both the tiny limbs and the big personality to really fit the Gambino title. Fluffy corgis are another perfect choice. The name is a popular nickname in Portugal and Spain. If your dog’s breed hails from either country this could be a sweet nod to that history.

6 Briar

Dog names that evoke images of nature are always popular. If you’re looking for a more country name that suits an outdoorsy dog, try Briar on for size. Independent dogs who might be on the grumpy side fit the prickly name perfectly too.

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This name instantly makes anyone think of fresh air, backcountry adventures, and fun. Briar is a playful, strong and sweet name. It’s perfect for both male and female dogs. Gender-neutral names are gaining more and more popularity. Hop on that trend with this adorable choice.

5 Magnolia

The magnolia family of flowers is huge. There are over 200 individual varieties. The magnolia is an ancient flower which predates the existence of bees. These beautiful blossoms are tough as nails and can survive where many blooms can not. If you’re a lover of flowers and want to honor your pup with a strong name, this is a great pick. Magnolia is a perfect balance between strength and beauty.

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Consider this name for white working breeds like the American Eskimo Dog. It will touch on their indomitable personality as well as their delicate coat.

4 George

George is an adorable name for any dog. Classic or old fashioned names never go out of style for our dignified furry friends. If you aren’t convinced that this precious name is perfect for your pup, consider it’s princely history. Kings and princes have been named George for hundreds of years. The littlest George in the royal family is a media darling. He always steals the show with his precocious antics. If that doesn’t sound exactly like a dog, what does? A handsome labradoodle or a stately mutt would suit this name. Georgie would be precious for a little lady.

3 Bacon

Bacon has never really fallen out of fashion. This hearty salted meat has been a staple in many cultures and is pretty widely loved by all who taste it. The king of breakfast meats is definitely enjoying a renewed place in our cultural spotlight. You can find bacon related products in practically every category. If you’re a lover of the sizzling strips this name might be right up your alley for your little buddy.

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Bonus points if your dog happens to have a piggy like snout. The best part of naming your beloved dog Bacon? It fits both boys and girls to a tee.

2 Jolene

Dolly Parton awareness seems to have made a resurgence. This iconic country queen is the mastermind behind countless empowering ballads including the classic “Jolene”. You’d have to have spent the last 6 months in a cave to have missed the memes about this emotional song. The powerful lyrics about a sultry seductress describe an auburn haired beauty. If you happen to find yourself adopting an Irish Setter, a reddish retriever or another dog that fits the description, all the better. Imagine the fun of belting out the bridge to call your dog home.

1 Arthur

Arthur my sound like it’s a little stuffy at first but this dusty old classic is making a come back. Many suspect that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may even choose this name for one of their own children. Rest assured any name they choose will definitely be popular for human and fur babies alike. As the first generation of people to grow up on the beloved TV series “Arthur” start expanding their own families this name will take off. Everyone loves a brainy aardvark and memes featuring Arthur are everywhere. Classic names for our precious pets are here to stay and this one is sure to top the charts.

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