University Of Georgia Fans Hold A “Pink Out” In Honour Of Coach’s Dead Wife

It's a well-known fact that cancer can destroy families and rip loved ones away from each other. Despite the continuing advances in treatment, adults, teens, and kids continue to lose their respective battles of their horrible disease. That's why those on the sidelines continue to show support for people who've died of cancer however possible.

Over at the University of Georgia, football fans used a game as an opportunity to show their support of a coach's wife who had died of breast cancer. Fans traded red- their team's colour- for bright pink to hold a so-called "pink out" inside Sanford Stadium. This was held when the University of Georgia was playing against Arkansas State University in honour of the wife of the latter team's coach. Wendy Anderson, the wife of head coach Blake Anderson, died of breast cancer on Monday, August 19th, 2019.

University of Georgia alumni Dwight Standridge was the one who Tweeted out to Bulldog fans to wear pink at the next home game.

"DawgNation let's get behind this on Saturday. It's bigger than a football game," he wrote.

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His Tweet quickly spread like wildfire, which was a pleasant surprise for Standridge. He had been planning the "pink out" for some time alongside a non-profit organization call Bulldogs Battling Breast Cancer. But upon learning of Wendy's death, they decided to move the "pink out" to happen sooner in her honour. The ultimate goal, according to Standridge, was to show good sportsmanship to Coach Anderson.

But for Standridge, it's much more personal than that. He actually lost his 37-year-old mother to ovarian cancer, and the two were said to be quite close. Standridge joined Bulldogs Battling Breast Cancer to lead the charity's fundraising efforts. Their goal is to help provide free mammograms to women at St. Mary's Hospital in Athens, Georgia- the same hospital that had treated his sick mother.

In a later interview, Coach Anderson revealed that he had teared up when he learned about the "pink out". He felt overwhelmed by this touching gesture that was being done in his late wife's honour. We can imagine that seeing so many people wearing pink for breast cancer awareness left him feeling good, knowing that there were people out there who cared enough to participate in this event.

Standridge also felt good about the event, saying, "I'll be thinking about my mom knowing she'll be looking down and smiling."

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