"Unpopular Opinion" Meme Is Making A Comeback

There have been an awful lot of tweet-based memes going viral recently, and the latest in a long line is the “Unpopular Opinion” meme.

Not only do we live in an age where it feels like everybody has an opinion on everything, but thanks to the progression of the internet and the widespread use of social media, those opinions can be voiced to a global audience with the touch of a button. Don't like the latest episode of Game Of Thrones? Complain about it on Twitter. Big fan of the Royal Wedding? Be sure to post all about it on Facebook.


What differs from person to person online is what kind of opinions we post. Many of us like to tweet and blog about topics that are popular. Opinions that everyone will agree with. That way more people will like and share whatever it is that we've posted. Other people like to divide the online community by posting something unpopular, a topic that will cause controversy.

As with pretty much everything nowadays, there's a meme for that. The "Unpopular Opinion" meme actually started last year, however, it has really taken off this past weekend. A round of "Unpopular Opinion" will start with someone tweeting a topic for people to voice their opinions on and that's when the fun really begins.

The subjects have covered everything from serious topics such as relationships and political issues to more amusing things like growing old and alcohol. One tweet in particular, courtesy of @ajeyarena, caught our eye. Their unpopular opinion on alcohol was that nine times out of ten it doesn't actually taste that great and people simply want to get drunk. We don't think that's unpopular at all, just something that people don't like to admit.

In all fairness what has become abundantly clear via this latest meme is that most social media users' unpopular opinions aren't actually that unpopular at all. Instead, they are just things they feel aren't said enough, and then once one person has said it everyone else comes out of the woodwork and jumps on the bandwagon. As always though, when it comes to Twitter-based memes, it makes for entertaining reading.


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