"Uplift The Underdog" Contest Helps Overlooked Shelter Dogs Get Adopted

Dog lovers rejoice: Petcurean's "Uplift the Underdog" contest is back for a second year.

The pet food company first came up with the contest to highlight the importance of adopting dogs, instead of buying from breeders. According to Pet Business, almost 700,000 healthy dogs are put to sleep each year, purely because they aren't offered homes. By hosting the annual competition that focuses on man's best friend and their amazing personalities, Petcurean hopes they can raise awareness enough to lower that statistic.

Shelters and rescue centers are asked to enter the dogs that they've had on the books for quite some time. This might be because of medical disability or something as simple as the color of their coat. Any organization from across the U.S and Canada can enter their pup into the contest that runs in April of each year.


via: barkpost.com

Once the pup is entered into the competition, judges will pick six lucky doggos to move forward to the net round for each of the three categories: those with medical or physical issues, those with behavior problems, or the golden oldies. Then, the public can vote for which one they would like to see win starting on April 30. This coincides with an important day in the puppy calendar: National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day.


Not only does the competition highlight the importance of adopting, but the winners also get a great prize. Each dog will get a five-year supply of Petcurean dog food, a full makeover session at the puppy parlor, and the company will pay all of the adoption fees, as long as they're adopted by the end of this year. Shelters will also receive a 500Ib pack of food to help other pups in need.

Now that small dog breeds more popular than ever, people often go to a breeder to get the kind of dog that they want. With more than 3 million dogs finding themselves in shelters in the U.S every year, rescue centers and shelters are saturated with four-legged friends looking for their forever home.

You can keep up to date with the contest via Petcurean's Underdog website. Good luck to all the contestants!

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