19 Urban Legends Sony Completely Denies

Something that’s hit a fever pitch and been universal in all forms of media is the public’s growing fascination with spoilers and information. People love to be informed and be the first ones to learn something, and that’s no different in the gaming industry. It’s certainly advantageous to hold some news and secrets close to their chest while they refine and work their way through the development process, but that doesn’t mean that news doesn’t still leak out. Rumors and gaming urban legends have evolved in many ways through the years. Before the Internet, gaming magazines were really the only place to get the inside scoop. Now, gaming journalism has never been more intensive and the latest rumors get posted seconds within their discovery.

The growth of Sony and the PlayStation has been incredible to watch over the years. The company has made a significant mark on the gaming industry, but there have also been plenty of urban legends and rumors around projects that never came to pass. Accordingly, Here are 19 urban legends Sony completely denies.

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19 There Was Going To Be A PSP2

PSP2 Prototype
Via Kotaku.com

Pictures of alleged development kits leaked out in the wild, where there were even two separate models, one that resembled the slim PSP, and another with dual analog joysticks. It allegedly had specs that put its power equivalent to the XBOX 360. This of course never materialized, but there was eventually the PS Vita, even though it didn’t look like this prototype at all. It’s unclear if Sony just pivoted from this in-progress project to the Vita, or if it was never in consideration to begin with.

18 Sony Was Going To Buy Take-Two Interactive

Red Dead Redemption 2 Vista Horizon
Via Pocket-Lint.com

This is a recent rumor that gained so much traction that Take-Two Interactive’s stock price even rose five percent over news that Sony was in talks to close a deal to buy the Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead developer and publisher. This deal would be advantageous to turn these franchises into possible PlayStation exclusives, but it would also apparently cost over $10.5 billion to buy out Take-Two, which is likely too much for just a few exclusive titles. Sony very well may have been talking to Take-Two, but this deal didn't come to pass and Sony even denied the rumors.

17 Squall Perishes Early On In Final Fantasy VIII

Final Fantasy VIII Squall Stab
Via Kotaku.com

Final Fantasy VIII is a divisive title for fans of the franchise and the game makes some controversial decisions. At the end of Final Fantasy VIII's first disc, Squall gets stabbed, yet disc two begins with him awakening, albeit completely fine. This made many people speculate that Squall actually passes away from this stabbing and the rest of the game are his memories as a ghost or that he’s in the afterlife. It’s an interesting theory, but it doesn't exactly pan out, nor would Sony confirm it in any capacity.

16 Lara Croft Nude Code

Lara Croft Teasing Pose
Via WhatCulture.com

The 90s were such an interesting, curious time for gamers and gaming magazines definitely took advantage of that fandom with April Fool’s rumors and printing other urban legends that would fuel the community for years to come. Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft had just become one of the PlayStation’s newest and sexiest characters and it wasn’t long until there were rumors around a “Nude Raider” code to unlock a naked version of Lara. This was not real, nor would Sony acknowledge it, but it eventually became real years later through a PC patch.

15 There Is A Sasquatch In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Bigfoot
Via Polygon.com

One of the reasons that people love the Grand Theft Auto games so much is that they give players such a large area to explore. They revolutionized and put “sandbox games” on the map and these titles are sometimes so sprawling that there are still elements that are hidden away and yet to be found. For instance, an urban legend that gained real life traction is that Bigfoot was hiding somewhere within Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. This is exactly the kind of rumor that could be true, but in spite of this, the developer has denied its existence, Sony discouraged it, yet people still believe he's hiding there.

14 Street Fighter's Akuma Is Unlockable In Resident Evil 2

Akuma In Resident Evil 2
Via groggybot.blogspot.com

The Resident Evil games have only becomes more popular over the years, but during their infancy, there was a certain unexpected playfulness from its unlockable and hidden content. Not every game allows players to control a giant piece of tofu, for instance. With extreme unlockables like that already on the table, there was a large rumor that beating PlayStation’s Resident Evil 2 with every character while only using the handgun would unlock Street Fighter’s Akuma. This was such a hard task to complete and Sony themselves never confirmed it.

13 Aeris Can Be Revived In Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII Aeris Death
Via ForeverGeek.com

Sad endings are always a bummer, but they’re an inevitability of life. However, an urban legend formed that Final Fantasy VII’s Aeris can be brought back to life, which is just ridiculous because Aeris passing is completely necessary for story purposes. Even still, it's such a devastating blow, that a rumor started that there's a way to bring her back and give her a happy ending with the help of an item called Underwater Materia. Of course it's not true and Sony never supported this rumor, but it still gained a lot of traction from fans.

12 The PSP Would Feature Final Fantasy VII-2

Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core Cloud Zack
Via Fanpop.com

Rumblings of a possible Final Fantasy VII-2 started after Final Fantasy X-2 discussions came about and Square employee Yoshinori Kitase did an interview with Dorimaga magazine. Kitase said that he’d love to make a sequel to Final Fantasy VII and that he felt bad that Final Fantasy VII-IX wouldn’t be ported over to the PS2 and that this would hopefully make up for it. Sony continued to deny it, even though Final Fantasy VII continuations did happen on the PSP, just not officially Final Fantasy VII-2.

11 There Would Be A Re-Released PlayStation Called The PlayStation 2

Early PS2 Prototype
Via playstation.fandom.com

In 1995, Electronic Gaming Monthly was reporting that before the original PlayStation was even released, that a stronger version would be on shelves two years later in 1997 called the PlayStation 2. This would have expanded memory and some better capabilities, like VCD functionality. Of course, Sony released the PsOne, which improved on the PlayStation’s original design. Plus, the actual PS2 would do far more than what was predicted here and came much later than 1997.

10 The PlayStation 2 Would Feature A Sequel To Ico, Called Nico

Nico Screenshot
Via xoomer.virgilio.it

The PlayStation 2’s Ico was the definition of a cult classic, so fans weren’t exactly holding their breath for a sequel. However, there was word that the PS2 would feature a follow-up to the title, titled Nico. This rumor didn't seem likely, but footage that popped up online from an alleged Sony videotape showed off what looked to be an Ico sequel, yet said Nico on it. Plus Sony put up job listings for their Ico development team, but Sony always responded with no comment, even though it may have been on the table at one point. This likely eventually transformed into Shadow of the Colossus.

9 Sony And Capcom Would Sever Ties

Mega Man Legends Mega Man Roll
Via Technobuffalo.com

In the summer of 1996, EGM was heavily speculating that there was bad blood between Capcom and Sony and that because they weren't given more freedom with their 3D Mega Man games, they'd entirely sever ties with the company. There were brief rumors that this would extend to Resident Evil 2 coming out on the Nintendo 64 or Sega Saturn instead of the PlayStation and that Capcom's relationship with Nintendo to make Mega Man 64 was an extension of this, too. Sony would never admit to this and while several feuds have gone down between them, clearly they didn’t end their relationship.

8 Sony Will Buy Nintendo So They Can Add Mario To The Toshinden Series

Battle Arena Toshinden 2 Fight
Via emuparadise.me

There are plenty of outlandish Sony rumors that have come about, but the more insane ones are always the most fun. For instance, the idea that Mario may be put into a Sony fighting franchise is bonkers, but people were going for it. In the mid-90s there was some traction around the time that Sony’s Toshinden 2 was in production that Sony was actually considering acquiring Nintendo. The reason? So they could add Mario (and perhaps other characters) into their Toshinden series.

7 PlayStation 2 Will Play Movie Video CDs

PlayStation VCD Add-On
Via Rewindcollectables.co.uk

Back in 1995, EGM boasted rumors that the PS2 will debut with movie VCD capabilities, which ultimately proved to be untrue. Granted, this seems like it may actually be referring to a boosted version of the original PlayStation more than it's talking about the actual PS2, but either way, neither of them played VCDs out of the box in North America, even though it’s a technology that was possible.

6 PlayStation 3’s Were Equipped With A “Kill Switch”

PS3 Yellow Light Of Death
Via subnet1.com

The pirating and modding community has exploded in recent years and along with that has come more extreme versions of copyright protection and deterring users from modifying their consoles. As a result, significant rumors began that Sony had the ability to disable your PS3 whenever they wanted via a “kill switch” if you ever violated their terms of use agreement. It made many people paranoid after jailbreaking consoles became popular, but it was something that was never confirmed.

5 Street Fighter III Will Be In 3D

Street Fighter III Third Strike Fight
Via PlayStation.com

Sony wanted Capcom to transition to textured polygon fighters and move away from sprites to show off the hardware of the PlayStation. Not only was Sony not pushing this, but it didn't come to pass and it would be a long time before mainline Street Fighter would make that transition. Granted, Street Fighter EX, a spin-off title that came out around this time did take this approach, but it’s not officially Street Fighter III.

4 Ports Of Star Wars Galaxies And Other LucasArts Games

Star Wars Galaxies MMORPG Battle
Via news.avclub.com

It’s always a big deal when consoles can secure exclusive titles or be the ones to inherit a port of a PC game if they ever decide to make the transition over to consoles. Sony was hungry for any advantage during the beginning of the PlayStation 2’s life and rumors circulated that Star Wars Galaxies, a Star Wars MMORPG would come over to the PS2, and that LucasArts would work closely to do other ports and new games for them instead of just the PC. This partnership never really came to pass in the end, although plenty of Star Wars games have ended up on PlayStation consoles.

3 A 3D Guilty Gear Was Set For PS2

Guilty Gear X Fight
Via IMDB.com

The PlayStation 2 became a home for many different fighting franchises, but some of the ones that has remained on the sidelines through all of the years are the Guilty Gear titles. Sony was eager to show off the 3D capabilities of the PS2 and rumors hit that there was pressure for a 3D iteration of Guilty Gear to help rejuvenate the series and cash in on Tekken’s popularity. Sony was mum on this and Guilty Gear 3D didn’t come to pass, although the series would later transition to a 3D look.

2 The PlayStation 5 Will Be Backwards Compatible With All Old PlayStation Consoles

Possible PS5 Logo
Via ComicBook.com

With the PlayStation 4 towards the end of its lifespan and the industry hesitantly moving into the next gaming generation, there have already been tons of rumors to surround Sony’s inevitable PlayStation 5. Sony has addressed certain details, mostly regarding when to expect it, but has remained mum on many other specifics. One urban legend that has leaked out of the woodwork is that the PS5 will be backwards compatible with every generation of PlayStation. This would be tremendous if true and it will surely be the case for PS4 and PS3 games, but we’ll see on the earlier titles.

1 Turning Your PlayStation Upside Down Makes It Work Better

Upside Down PlayStation
Via Buzzfeed.com

Gaming consoles have definitely evolved a lot through the generations, but when games were a little more primitive there were a slew or urban legends that simply revolved around getting games to work. There’s of course the custom of blowing into a problematic game cartridge, but the PlayStation also had its own alleged fix. Apparently turning the PlayStation upside down will make it play games more consistently due to how it limits the space between the console’s laser and the game disc. This may work, but Sony never would admit that it could help with wonky discs.

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