20 Urban Legends That Toyota Completely Denies

Every week there seems to be a new rumor or urban legend surrounding Toyota so here are 20 that they have categorically denied.

Few car manufacturers can generate as much hype as Toyota can. Their lineup has always featured some iconic cars such as the Supra, the 86 and the MR2. When you built your reputation on some pretty hardcore street and track cars, it’s almost guaranteed that rumors, myths, urban legends, and gossip will shadow you.

Most of the urban legends revolve around which models are being developed, and which ones are getting axed, or which other carmakers Toyota are collaborating with and which ones they secretly hope will go bankrupt.

Toyota themselves seem to enjoy stirring the pot as well. After selling off millions of their Tesla shares, they declared the car industry ‘overstimulated on electric vehicles’, and went to work developing hydrogen technology, a move that Elon Musk called ‘incredibly dumb’.

Every week there seems to be a new rumor or urban legend surrounding Toyota so here are 20 that they have categorically denied.

20 The Toyota Prius Is More Harmful To The Environment Than Gas Vehicles

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Whenever any large scale company claims that a product it has sold over 4 million units of, is environmentally friendly, of course, people are going to start asking questions. The hybrid may be more produce fewer emissions than fossil fuel-powered vehicles, but what about production and transport? The more you scratch the surface of this, the murkier it seems, but Toyota has always maintained its eco-friendly claims.

19 Toyota And Tesla Rivalry

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It’s true that Telsa did steal some of the thunder and market share from the Toyota Yaris, and it’s also true that Toyota sold all of its Tesla shares back in 2017, but the relationship between the two automotive giants has never been as cutthroat as the media suggests. While Toyota continues to develop hydrogen-powered cars, they are still working to collaborate on an electric RAV4.

18 No Manual Transmission On The Toyota Supra

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We watched this rumor develop with interest during the leadup to the launch of the A90 Supra. What was interesting is that Toyota never said they were ruling out a manual transmission for the Supra in the future, but several outlets berated them and claimed otherwise. Toyota even confirmed they have developed the hardware to make this a reality but will release it domestically first.

17 Toyota Makes Cars For Street Racers

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Toyota got roasted on Twitter after they took a cheap shot at the Need For Speed series of video games. With some legendary cars in their lineup like the Supra, Celica, and MR2, you would be forgiven for thinking that Toyota secretly supports people who get huge amounts of horsepower out of their cars, but Toyota social media team proved otherwise.

16 Toyota Tried To Cover Up Their Acceleration Problems In The Corolla

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A Toyota recall affected millions of vehicles in 2009 – 2010. It related to a sticking accelerator pedal and obvious questions were immediately asked, such as how did this problem sneak past quality control? Toyota was accused of trying to buy back affected vehicles with nondisclosure clauses in place but Toyota was completely transparent about the whole matter, issuing vehicle recalls as soon as the problem arose.

15 Toyota Prius Batteries Have A Short Lifespan

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Toyota has been developing its hybrid powertrain found in the Prius for over 20 years, so they’ve had a fair amount of time to perfect it. Regardless, rumors still persist that the batteries wear out rapidly and are expensive to replace. Toyota is so confident of their batteries longevity, that the hybrid battery pack comes with an 11 year, unlimited mileage warranty.

14 If The Battery In Your Keyfob Goes Flat, You Can’t Start Your Tacoma

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One criticism that plagued late-model Tacoma’s was that it couldn’t be started if the battery in the key fob was flat. This one was probably started by somebody who didn’t’ bother to find out that the Tacoma can indeed be started in this instance. All you need to do is close all the doors and hold the keyfob up to the start button, and your Tacoma will roar into life.

13 The Toyota Previa Is A Supercar Disguised As A Van

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Even Hoovies Garage has been spreading this around on YouTube. People claim the Toyota Previa is virtually the same as a supercar, because of its supercharged, mid-engine layout and all-wheel drive. That’s about where the similarity ends, however, because the Previa only puts out around 161 horsepower, far shy of the 986 horsepower Ferrari’s Stradale produces.

12 Toyota Realises That The Prius Is Ugly

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The Prius has always drawn criticism for its quirky looks. Sure, the Prius isn’t the most attractive car on the market, but if you look at other Toyota models, you can see they share some design features. The rumor was the Toyota realized the Prius was so ugly they were planning a major facelift in 2019. It didn’t happen and the Prius continues to be a best-selling car.

11 Fernando Alonso Will Make His WRC Debut For Toyota At Spain 2019

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Fans of motorsport have been salivating at the thought of ex-Formula 1 driver Fernando Alonso taking part in the WRC, and rumors have been flying that he will make his debut at WRC Spain in 2019. Toyota hasn’t exactly denied this but they have downplayed it, stating it’s just a strong rumor.

10 The Corolla Will Get A BMW Engine Eventually

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People knew about a potential Toyota BMW collaboration even before the Supra/Z4 was announced. But what most people got wrong is that everyone assumed the Corolla was due to receive a BMW engine. Even though the A90 Supra has been out for a while, the rumor still persists. Toyota has been considering an electric variant of the Corolla, without BMWs help.

9 The MKV Supra Is Just A Z4 With Hand-Me-Down Equipment

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Toyota has endured a lot of angry keyboard warriors who probably can’t afford the new Supra, bashing it for being a second-rate BMW. As time has passed, we have learned Toyota plans to release new variants of the A90 Supra with different performance configurations and power levels to suit individual needs. Toyota is clearly heavily invested in the Supra, and we can’t wait to see the future results.

8 Upcoming Landcruisers Won't Have The V8 Powerplant

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This myth has been around for as long as we can remember – that Toyota is planning to kill the V8 powered Landcruiser. There’s a sliver of truth to this however, as the Landcruiser is due to exit the market entirely in 2022. There has been no announcement of a replacement for the dated off-roader but other models may be developed to fill the market’s need.

7 The Next 86 Will Have A Convertible Option

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A probability of wishful thinking, the rumors of a convertible 86, and Supra, have been flying around for years. Actually it was very nearly put into production but the chief engineer on the project admitted it wasn’t possible without either sacrificing handling or completely redesigning the car. Toyota is interested, but it just wasn’t possible in time for the release of the 86.

6 The A90 Supra Will Be Toyota's Last

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After the iconic car of the ’90s, Mark IV Supra was released, Toyota didn’t give any plans to update the model – to be fair, they probably didn’t have any at that time. But critics have written off the Mark V Supra already and claimed Toyota has no future plans. What they don’t know is Toyota is already designed the A100, and floating the idea of an electric torque monster.

5 The Corolla Is A Boring Runabout

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Admittedly the Corolla has taken a while to find any kind of personality, with Toyota previously prioritizing fuel-sipping economy above all else. But not the Corolla is all grown up, Toyota has confirmed they are working on a hot hatch version of the car, with either a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine or a hybrid.

4 A Turbocharged 86 Is In The Works

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It’s no secret that the 86 could do with an extra 150-200 horsepower, and there has always been confident that Toyota would provide it in a future release. The chief engineer for the 86 has poured cold water on that plan, saying that any significant power upgrades would require a complete redesign of the car.

3 A New Celica Is Going To Be A Rebadged 86

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With the release of a new Supra, it’s natural that people are going to press for more. If you follow Toyota on social media, you’d notice they are being very nostalgic lately, regularly posting photos of classics like the MR2 and Celica. Some industry experts are banking on the next 86 being rebadged as the new Celica, but Toyota has already set the record straight and is looking at a new MR2 next.

2 The 86 Is On The Chopping Block

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Pretty regularly we see an article pop up about how the 86 is going to be discontinued for some reason or another, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Toyota designers have dismissed this idea and put forth the desire to see the new Supra, 86 and MR2 or Celica being part of a future lineup.

1 Toyota Is Looking To Return To F1

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Although Toyota has been out of Formula 1 for over a decade, the rumor of their return just won’t go away. Toyota invested massive amounts of money into their F1 team, with virtually no results to show for it. To be fair, they were utterly embarrassed by other teams regularly and thought they could buy their way onto the podium. If they ever do return, it won’t be for a very long time.

Sources: Motor1, Autocar, and Motor Authority.

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