'Usain Bolt Of Pugs' Defends Her Championship Title At 2018 Berlin Pug Race

It's a challenge for four-legged speedsters to win three major contests consecutively. Look at Justify, the thoroughbred who this year became only the 13th horse in racing history to capture the Triple Crown. But for dogs? Well, that one seems to be a lot more predictable.

But Emma, a pug, managed to complete her own trifecta of sorts in a race in Germany on August 19th, by beating the rest of her breed in a 50-yard dash of sorts. And in doing so, she not only won the 2018 version of the International Pug Meet in Berlin but added to her victories from 2017 and 2016.

The time it took for her to run that distance? She clocked in at 5.87 seconds, with the bulk of the pack taking up to 40 seconds to complete the run. Much of Emma's track prowess had little to do with quickness, given that most of her roughly 70 canine competitors were distracted either by each other or from fawning spectators. Pugs, after all, are built for cuteness, not speed.


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Still, Emma's fans are unrepentant in declaring her the Usain Bolt of pugs. The moniker incorporating the Jamaican Olympic sprinter is certainly catchy, but place record-setting man and dog side by side for a 5o-yard competition, and it might almost be a contest. Bolt's Olympic record for the 100-meter sprint at the 2012 London Summer Games was 9.63 seconds. Taking into account a 50-yard track as well as some metric conversion, Bolt would have covered that distance in 4.4 seconds.

As far as how Emma would fare against the world's fastest dog breeds, let's just say that she might have her work cut out for herself. Her performance in Berlin would translate to 17.42 mph. That's almost three times slower than the greyhound, which tops all canine speedsters at roughly 45 mph.

Still, that's not too shabby for a four-year-old cuddly wonder, who might otherwise be lazing in the shade, considering the heat in Berlin at the time. But animal care experts were on hand to provide water for the pups and ensure that the hot conditions weren't taking a toll on their prized sprinters.

Among other pugs, however, Emma's unbeatable.

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