3 DIY Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Long-Distance Lovers

For long-distance lovers, Valentine's day can be the hardest day of the year. I remember when I was living in France and my boyfriend lived in Canada, Valentine's day was pretty brutal. While my single friends partied and my friends in a couple went on romantic dates, I was left at home wishing I was thousands of miles away.

Luckily, over the few years that we were apart, my boyfriend and I came up with some cute Valentine's day ideas for long-distance lovers. If you are suffering from long distance love this Valentine's day, give these fun DIY ideas a try!

#1 A Little Box of Love

Making and sending your sweetheart a box of their favourite things can be a great way to show your affection this year. While you may not be around to tell them how much they mean to you, it is still nice to send them some fun items they can enjoy.


Some items to put in your box:

  • A homemade card,
  • A poem that you wrote or maybe one you really like to read.
  • Their favourite candy or treat
  • A picture or a few pictures of you together
  • Movie tickets for them to go see a movie they have been wanting to see

#2 Wine & Cheese Night Treasure Hunt

My boyfriend actually did this for me one year and it was really fun! He had been to visit me the week before Valentine's day and had left my favourite wine and cheese with my roommate. On Valentine's day, he sent me on a mini treasure hunt to find them. It was such a nice surprise and later that evening we had a little wine and cheese night over video chat, each with our own wine and cheese of course!


If you want to take this idea to the next level you can send your partner flowers directly to their door. Many local florists have a delivery service to ensure your flowers show up fresh and on time.

#3 Homemade from the Heart

Finally, this would not be a DIY post if we didn't throw some homemade baking into the mix! Baking is a great surprise for anyone, especially a long distance lover. As a bonus, baking is generally pretty lightweight so you won't have to deal with high shipping costs.

There are so many great recipes for valentine's day but here are some of my favorites!


These DIY gifts are sure to make your long distance sweetheart swoon knowing the effort you put into a homemade gift. Feel free to get creative with these ideas and make them your own!

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