Hundreds Of Corgis Will Be Hitting The Beach In Vancouver This Weekend

Corgi lovers, pack up some towels and swimsuits! On Saturday, hundreds of corgis will come together to celebrate Vancouver Corgi Beach Day at Spanish Banks. These little dogs will be able to hang out with their hoomans and have some fun in the sun with their doggy pals. The event is only three hours long and will run from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

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Not only will the corgis be able to chill on the beach and enjoy the sunshine, but they can also participate in a race. The winner will take home a prize pack courtesy of Earth Paws Pet Products valued at over $100. Plus, Paws Bento will be sponsoring the day's costume contest, with the winner receiving one of their subscription boxes. Not a bad haul for spending a day at the beach with a bunch of other adorable short-legged doggos.

Organizers of the 2nd Annual Corgi Beach Day have asked owners to leave their beloved pet's treats and toys at home. This is to prevent any disagreement or fighting between the dogs and ensure a fun-filled day. Owners are also required to bring some water to make sure their corgi does not become overheated or dehydrated with all of the running around that is bound to take place.

It is important to note the event is at an off-leash beach, meaning that the corgis are not required to be tied up. Therefore, if you want to participate in the day's festivities, please make sure your corgi likes other dogs and will obey your commands. Not all of our adorable furry pals get along with people or other pets. If you've got a trouble-making pooch on your hands, it might be best to pack a leash just in case! Although this is a fun, entertaining event, safety is always the number one priority when gathering a group of dogs together.

Organizers are also encouraging owners to dress their corgis in their favorite bandannas and other adorable costume items, as long as the dogs are happy in them!

Is there really any better way to spend a summer Saturday than watching hundreds of cute corgis play together on a beach? We don't think there is!


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