10 Vegetables And Herbs That You Can Grow In Your Apartment

Apartment living sure isn't what it used to be. Many moons ago, being an apartment dweller meant that you were destined to live your life in a small, boring home with forever flat white walls and if you were lucky, perhaps a countertop goldfish. These days, those who live in apartments brighten their walls with removable wallpaper, purchase savvy space-saving furniture and even grow gardens!

Yes, even apartment folk can live a green and sustainable lifestyle with a little bit of knowledge and creativity. Here are ten veggies and herbs that you can easily grow in your apartment.

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10 Avacado

Good news avocado lovers: you can indeed grow avocado trees indoors! If you want to cultivate your own avocado plant so that you can be your apartment building's Guacamole master, you will want to make sure you purchase the dwarf-sized variety. To enjoy an avocado tree from the corner of your little living room, take the sprouted pit and plant it in an unglazed terra cotta that is at least 10 inches across and twice as deep for the roots. Make sure to use a soil mixture of potting mix and sand for optimal drainage.

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9 Carrots

You can grow carrots in pretty much any container you find. These guys aren't very finicky. You will want to pick a deep bucket, however, since carrots grow underneath the soil. If you have an apartment balcony, you could throw a couple of pots of carrots out there in the sunlight and ensure that you always had a few to peel and toss into salads. Besides, they do love the full sunlight and, unlike kale and basil, a pot of carrots isn't the prettiest thing to look at.

8 Bell Peppers

Bell peppers are fans of consistency, making them excellent candidates for a budding apartment farmer! If you plan on growing bell peppers in your rental space, make sure it's a large apartment, because these plants do need about two gallons of dirt to grow in. Peppers come in pretty colors, so they can serve a dual purpose of both feeding you and spicing up your apartment living room with a splash of color. If you indeed have a green thumb, you might be able to keep your peppers fruiting all winter long. Keep them warm and make sure they have ample light.

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7 Basil

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Ah, beautiful basil. If you are lucky enough to have a bright and cozy apartment, then this is the indoor herb for you. Plant some seeds in a brightly colored pot and throw it up on a window sill that is preferably facing south. You'll be able to pick this delicious herb all year round, and it looks fabulous with its big, bright bunches of leaves. Consider maintaining a few pots of basil and turning its leaves into a homemade pesto sauce. Host an Italian dinner for all of your pals!

6 Peas

Peas are great little plants to grow on a balcony. They can be planted in cute, wooden planters that will not only house nutritious foods but will also be aesthetically pleasing. If you are going to aim for peas, then get moving in the spring months. Plant the little guys one inch deep and seven inches apart. Remember, these veggies are climbers, so make sure to fashion small structures for them to wind around. You could probably even let them wrap around your balcony rails!

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5 Rosemary

If you dwell in a tiny apartment space, consider growing a rosemary tree in it. These fragrant, woody herbs don't get super huge and bushy, and they can be shaped into the cutest evergreen-like shapes. You don't even need a Christmas tree with one of these potted herbs. Throw a simple strand of tinsel on a rosemary tree, and you're done. With a potted rosemary plant, you will have the entire 600 square feet of your home smelling earthy and cozy in no time flat.

4 Salad Greens

Salad greens are easily grown indoors and require almost no maintenance. You can purchase a planter or a pretty bowl, throw some soil in it, let there be light and boom! You will have an edible centerpiece for your dining room table in no time. You can get really fancy while growing greens indoors and mix up the types of lettuce that you are growing. Go wild and throw some herbs in the mix. The possibilities are endless, and you will always have a ready-made meal in your home.

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3 Mint

Mint is one herb that all people should be growing in their apartments or their homes. This is one of those plants that you really have to work at to kill, so basically, anyone can keep mint alive. Remember to rotate your mint plant every few days because it will grow towards the light source. You don't want a lopsided mint plant. Next time your gal pals come over, you can make them a freshly prepared mojito with sprigs of mint from your own home. How fancy are you?

2 Tomatoes

Tomatoes are great veggies to plant in your apartment because of how well they grow in pots, on the ground or hanging around on a hook. Your tomatoes will need a six-inch pot to get growing in and will also require twelve hours of sunlight per day. This probably isn't one veggie that you want to try out if you reside in a dark, basement apartment. There are several varieties of tomatoes, so choose the ones that you will use most often. Spring for cherry tomatoes if you are a salad person and romas if you plan on slicing and making sauces.

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1 Lemons

Lovely lemons make you happy just looking at them. Growing them in a small apartment is basically a cheaper version of therapy. Small lemon trees, specifically Meijer lemons, are colorful and fragrant and can be a great addition to a cheery apartment space. Citrus plants can be a bit temperamental so you will want to play by the rules and read up on becoming the best lemon tree landlady that you can be. If you can pull off an apartment lemon tree, however, the rewards are so worth it.

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