This Vending Machine In Indiana Provides Clean Clothing And Blankets For The Homeless

There’s a new vending machine that’s located in Muncie, Indiana, that doesn’t have any sodas or any junk food in it. Instead, it’s fully stocked with basics for the winter, such as warm clothes, blankets, socks. Furthermore, instead of charging any money, this vending machine is giving all of these items away for free for any member of the community that really needs them.

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There are over 200 people without a permanent home in Delaware County, Indiana, and this vending machine was set up in order to help them, right outside the local fire department service. However, in order to be able to use it, the people who need these items first need to register with the charity organization Bridges Community Services. Once they do that, they receive free tokens which they can use to access the items that are stocked in this vending machine.

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But Muncie isn’t the first place that has opened a free vending machine for the residents that are homeless. An organization named Action Hunger actually installed the very first machine, which was stocked with food, toiletries, and socks, earlier this year in Nottingham, England. And just like the machine in Indiana, this one allows the underprivileged citizens to discreetly collect anything they need, no matter what time of day they need it. Additionally, each of the items in the vending machine in Indiana is also donated by members of the community who had items to donate, and the Bridges Community Services is also accepting donations at this time.

According to a representative from the Bridges Community Services Fund, named Karee Buffin, the members of the organization already know that there are plenty of underprivileged people who are living in the community. They may be living in shelters, or they could be completely homeless or have different living conditions, but none of that is important when it comes to this cause. Because all the organization is trying to do is to show to those people that there are others who care, and who are willing to provide anything that’s necessary so that these people can have an easier time getting through the cold winter months.

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