20 Very Flattering Photos Of Hip-Hop Queen, Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj first broke out on the scene after the massive success with her song 'Super Bass' back in 2011. The rapper and singer has not only gone on to have a hugely triumphant career in music with hit after hit, but she has definitely made her mark with her notable fashion choices.

Nicki has gone through countless looks and styles, many of which we are sure the star herself wishes never happened, particularly at the start of her career, but as Nicki matured throughout her career as a rapper, so did her style, and it goes without saying that she has rocked some of the most iconic looks in the music industry.

Working closely with friends and designers such as Balmain, Givenchy, Gucci and Versace, Nicki managed to curate herself into whatever she wants whenever she wants. With that being said, here are 20 of the most flattering pics of the rap Queen herself.

20 Balmain Beauty

Nicki Minaj took to her IG to share this killer pic of herself. Not only is the iconic 'Anaconda' rapper stunting in none other than Balmain, but the star paired the stunning black and white dress with knee-high black boots and gorgeous full body length pink hair!

19 Channeling Chanel

It goes without saying that Nicki Minaj loves herself a good luxury brand. The artist decided to go bold in a black jumpsuit that hugs her body in all the right ways. Paired with a sickening pair of white pumps and of course the accessory that pulls the whole outfit together, her Chanel clutch.

18 Golden Goddess

If serving her fans with countless iconic looks on Instagram were not enough, Nicki is also widely known for her looks on the red carpet. One of the most beautiful has got to be the gold dress she was to the 2015 Video Music Awards. The glittery gold dress served nothing but chic realness and we were living for every second of it.

17 Fendi Fierceness

We could not make a list of the most flattering photos of Nicki Minaj and not include this Fendi moment. The rapper attended a Fendi even during fashion week this year and showed in in an all Fendi metallic grey look that no one was ready for. Not only is Minaj killing it with the outfit and bag, but her hair speaks volumes and is a guaranteed way to prove that Nicki did not come to play.

16 Hostess With The Mostest

Nicki Minaj was given the honor of hosting the 2014 European Music Awards. Not only did this mean we'd be getting performances by the rapper, but many wardrobe changes throughout the night, and this is by far our favorite. This cute red dress with folding details all around really hugged Minaj in the most beautiful way, and definitely had her looking fresh.

15 Givenchy Gorgeous

Hitting fans with another casual look, Nicki is posing with kissy lips in an all-red Givenchy jumpsuit that shows off her beautiful curves in all the right ways. Pairing the look off with sick white sneakers and of course, a matching Chanel handbag is a sure way to tie this colorful look together.

14 Sultry Selfie

Sometimes playing it cool and simple is the way to go, and it certainly worked in Nicki's favor this time around. The rapper posted this gorgeous selfie of herself on social media in what appears to be her car. Nicki is wearing a beautiful blue with black accents faux-fur jacket and serving looks that could definitely kill.

13 Barbie Girl

Nicki is a self-proclaimed Barbie, and rightfully so! The artist has a few songs with a play on the word Barbie, and she sure had found her way of adopting the term into her everyday lifestyle and fashion choices. This little black dress and green shoe combo are pulled together with her blinged-out Barbie necklace that only Minaj could really pull off.

12 Vision in White

Nicki Minaj never fails to serve us with some of the best looks, but this is definitely one of her most pure and vibrant looks to date. The rapper is not only wearing a custom white gown with stunning detailing, but the look is so nicely put together with her open-toed heels that circle all the way up to her thighs.

11 Chillin' in Gucci

Although Nicki loves to glam it up most of the time, she also likes to lay low and keep things casual every now and then. Although casual for Nicki isn't the same casual for everyone else, she definitely looks comfy decked out in head to toe Gucci. If that weren't enough, her diamond headband and gold chains do the trick.

10 Blonde Moment

Nicki Minaj does not only serve us with insanely gorgeous fashion moments, but she loves to switch things up when it comes to her hair. The 'Starships' singer sent fans into a frenzy when she posted this beautiful selfie in a blonde wig that shaped the stars face perfectly and truly suited her in the best way possible.

9 Red On Red On Red

Keeping in theme with the red looks, Nicki posted on Instagram in an all-red look that fans were absolutely obsessed with. The rapper definitely 'pounded the alarm' with this fashion statement as she posed beautifully with a bold red lip, hairstyle and mesh dress that only she could really pull off.

8 Little Black Dress

Although we love seeing Nicki Minaj wear a bold and dramatic outfit, there are times when we love to see the 'Pills & Potions' singer in something tamer. In this case, Minaj wore a simple little black dress to the 2015 Fashion Rocks event and crushed the red carpet. Not only is the dress simple and chic, but her makeup follows suit creating a very classic look for the rapper.

7 Let's Get To Business Look

When it comes to Nicki Minaj, it goes without saying that the rapper surely means business. Not only does this photo looks as if she is serving boss realness, but the bright pink Fendi jacket and monogrammed pair of Fendi sunglasses tie together to truly show that Nicki isn't here to play any games.

6 Million Dollar Smile

Nicki Minaj not only shows up as the best dressed, but she also has one of the best accessories in the industry, a perfect smile. This shot was taken at the Hot 97 Summer Jam back in 2015 where Nicki performed in New Jersey. The photo shows off the red leather jacket, but most importantly those pearly whites! Nicki certainly has a smile that could easily stop you in your tracks.

5 High Pony Realness

Nicki is serving one of her best and most iconic looks on this Instagram post from earlier this year just before boarding on her private jet through Europe. The rapper was touring in Italy and England at the time of this photo, and we're so glad she took it. This Fendi look and high pony mean business, and we are soaking up every second of it!

4 Swerves n' Curves

It appears Nicki Minaj definitely has a thing for Fendi. Not only is she serving curves realness, but this Fendi dress with just the right pop of colors and up-do bangs look is one for the books! Nicki posted this to IG this past summer, captioning it with #BaddieBaddie, and baddie indeed in this remarkable dress.

3 Rainbow Realness

Although Nicki has served some colorful looks throughout her career, this way definitely takes the cake. The rapper is not only wearing a purple wig that only she could pull off but a vibrant rainbow corset full of highlighter colors that can be seen miles away. Leave it to the queen of rap to pull off a look this extraordinary.

2 Business Chic

When it comes to business, you know who to call! Not only will Nicki show up ready to talk business, but she will come dressed for the part. The singer looks absolutely gorgeous in this jacket and skirt combo, paired with beautiful six-inch heels that we can only imagine are not easy to walk in. Tie the look together with the insane chair pose, and you've got yourself one heck of a fashion moment.

1 Pink Workout

The last shot that we loved seeing Nicki in is none other than this simple bright pink body-conscious suit that looks as if she is ready for a workout. If this is really what Nicki works out in, then we are here for it. The simple mirror selfie moment really accentuates the rappers' curves, and the blonde hairdo doesn't hurt either.

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