Adorable Victoria Crowned Pigeon Baby Featured In Virginia Zoo Looks Like A Real-Life Pokemon

The Virginia Zoo in Norfolk has a new Pokémon on display! Well, not really, it's actually a Victoria crowned pigeon — but it looks like something we'd see on the Nintendo Switch.

The baby bird is a little over two weeks old — with a hatch date of March 28, 2019 — and will be featured in the Asia Avery section of the zoo. Those in the area should swing by when they can because this adorable little thing grows up fast, and will eventually reach the size of a turkey! For now, though, this baby is so tiny and colorful, it doesn't even look real!


Despite its cartoonish appearance, however, you can find the Victoria crowned pigeon in Northern New Guinney and some parts of Indonesia. They're pretty distinctive with their blue and grey feathers, along with the little crown on their heads. They don't like to fly too much, but will if needed. According to the Toronto Zoo, these birds like to live in habitats where there is not a lot of competition from other birds, mostly in dense forests.

Rival birds eating their food is mostly a concern for the adults, however. In fact, pigeons are one of the few who produce milk, and both sexes do it. This is what sustains the babies for the first few weeks of their lives. If that wasn't fascinating enough, these birds are generally monogamous, and they mate for life, with males taking charge to gather materials and find a construction site for their nests.

Unfortunately, however, humans are their biggest threat. In fact, it's pretty common to see the Victoria crowned pigeons hunted for their flesh and crests despite being put on protected watch lists. That doesn't stop a lot of illegal poaching though, and because of this, they're listed as near threatened.

So if you want to inspire your children to protect a species, or just see a really unusual looking bird, the Virginia Zoo is open between 10:00 a.m and 5:00 p.m., so stop by and take a gander! They aren't the only baby animals the Zoo has welcomed either. In fact, WTKR recently reported they've welcomed a bongo calf and a porcupette to their family.


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