18 Video Game Comics That Are Extra Sweet

Video games have a lot more heart than they often get credit for. Beyond all the gruff, quiet male characters, and giggly, balloon-chested female characters lies some love stories that can honestly stand among some of the sweetest in all of fiction. Okay, so Mario and Princess Peach aren't exactly Romeo and Juliet... but do we really want them to be? Video game couples run the gamut from goofy and fun to genuinely romantic and even legitimately heartbreaking— though we're going to stick more to the more lighthearted side of gaming romance for this list.

In addition to the love stories that happen within video games, plenty have sprung up around them as well. Video games have brought a lot of couples together and serve as the centerpiece for many relationships... even if there is some bickering and not-always-friendly competition that often goes along with couples who game together. Real-life, gaming adjacent romance will also be both honored and poked fun at in this collection of hilarious comics.

18 Gotta Go Fast!

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Who hasn't played a video game and wished they had some special power that a character in a game had? Among the most legitimately useful techniques that game characters often have access to is the ability to fast travel— that is, to instantly zap from one place to another at the press of a button.

Imagine how useful fast traveling would've been when you got that message that all teenagers look forward to getting: the "my parents aren't home" text (or instant message for the older folks) that was code for "get over here, now." If only so much of that precious alone time didn't have to be wasted on walking or driving there like a chump.

17 Eye Contact Is Hard Sometimes

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Half-Life was revolutionary for many reasons, but among the biggest was the way it completely immersed gamers in its world in a way that few games had before. As part of this immersion, protagonist Gordon Freeman never speaks, as doing so would break the illusion that the player "is" Gordon.

The problem is that having Gordon be silent started to feel a lot more awkward in Half-Life 2, when the characters around him got a lot more fleshed out and one even developed a romantic relationship with him. So just what is Gordon thinking when he's not talking? Well, to imagine he's both intimidated by Alyx and also trying not to ogle her chest are both reasonable assumptions as to why a cat's got his tongue.

16 The Cat's In The Cradle And The Silver Spoon...

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There was little in the way of "sweetness" in the first few God of War games. In fact, the way that Kratos showed his, um, affection for the fairer sex was typically the exact opposite of sweet. You probably had no idea that the X button on the PlayStation controller sometimes translated to actions that were X-rated until you played a God of War game.

The most recent installment shifted gears dramatically, finally giving the series some actual heart and portraying Kratos as having real feelings. Unfortunately, he is still Kratos, after all, and there were times when we wanted that X button to let us just give his poor boy a hug.

15 Baby Be Mine(craft)

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A sign that you're in a happy, secure, contented relationship is that you and your partner can enjoy each other's company whether you're on some elaborate, multi-part romantic event or just curled up together on the couch watching TV or playing video games.

If you are the type of person who is fine with spending most nights sitting at home and playing video games, there is nothing better than finding someone else who feels the same way and is willing to do that with you. Minecraft and chill?

14 It's The Thought That Counts

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The Parappa the Rapper series has one of the most bizarre love stories in gaming history. Main protagonist Parappa— who is a dog— has his romantic sights set on Sunny Funny— who is a flower. Still with us? Well you probably won't be after you find out that a major plot point in the first game is that Sunny gets way turned on by how "manly" Parappa is suddenly being when he is trying to hold in his #2 that is in danger of erupting out of him at any minute. Yes, really.

As messed up as this comic is— that Parappa picks Sunny a flower, not realizing it was actually her mother— we honestly wouldn't be surprised if it was part of the plot for Parapppa 3, should that game ever happen.

13 Yes... Your Characters Are Dating, Too

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Pro tip: If you are in a relationship with someone in real life and the two of you decide to play some sort of multiplayer game together where your respective avatars co-exist, always assume the avatars are in a relationship, too. It doesn't matter whether that was ever explicitly stated or not. Trust us on this one.

We repeat: If you have a girlfriend and are playing a video game with said girlfriend, her character is your character's girlfriend. Period.

12 This Peach Bites Back

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Peach has been Mario's main squeeze since the 1980s, and he is willing to go on dangerous adventures no questions asked to rescue her every time she is taken by Bowser. It's safe to say she doesn't really have any reason to think Mario has eyes for anyone else.

At least she didn't, until Mario reunited with his old flame Pauline in Super Mario Odyseey, who is now beautiful, voluptuous, and has legs for days. But Peach isn't going to let some Becky With The Brown Hair move in on her man, and she's going to make sure Pauline knows it.

11 Be Careful What You Wish For

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This comic comes from an "expectation vs. reality" series about dating someone older. We obviously singled out the one that is about video games, supposedly showing what a woman might expect from choosing a gaming partner with a few more years on him vs one that is wetter behind the ears.

Obviously, older people can play Call of Duty and younger people can play more casual-type games like Farmville, but this comic is still a funny imagining of how a woman might initially be smug about the more distinguished tastes of an older man, only to find he is just as engrossed with and distracted by time-consuming video games... just a different type.

10 From Stomach Bug To Love Bug

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Metal Gear Solid 4 was a phenomenal game, and the way it wrapped up the story of Solid Snake was immensely satisfying to those of us who had been following the series up to that point. However, in its effort to tirelessly tie up absolutely every plot thread, it sometimes went in really weird directions.

How weird? A character whose role in MGS and MGS2 was literally to be laughed at for being gassy and having to constantly run to the bathroom was not only shown to be a handsome Adonis, but he gets to run off with Meryl, the only woman Snake ever had feelings for. Who says farting on a date is a dealbreaker?

9 The Worst She Can Say Is No...Right?

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Bethesda's RPGs have become famous— some might say infamous— for allowing players to romance various characters and even take them to bed in love scenes that once made headlines in mainstream news outlets.

Mass Effect already had plenty of love options, but when Bethesda ventured back into more classic fantasy territory with the Dragon Age games, they really let loose with the romantic possibilities. But this comic isn't about a knight successful wooing a young lass of virtue true, but instead being put in his place by thinking some rinkydink flower is going to impress a powerful female warrior.

8 Blue Crush

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The first Sonic animated series—  The Adventure of Sonic the Hedgehog, sometimes referred to by fans as "Sonic A.M."— first introduced the idea of Sonic having a love life by way of Sally. This proved to be a popular new aspect of his character, and he was given female co-stars in almost all of his games and TV shows since... including a cringeworthy romance with a humanly-sized and proportioned female that we never want to think or talk about again.

Poor Amy's main character arc is that she has a crush on Sonic that he doesn't seem interested in reciprocating, and fans of her will no doubt get a kick out of this comic that finally sees her— as well as fellow Sonic chaser Blaze— being pushed too far by Sonic taking her for granted.

7 Everything Is Awesome

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You have to be envious of Link: He seems super excited about absolutely everything. He celebrates just as much when he picks up a single rupee as he does when he finally gets his hands on the Master Sword.

Honestly, though, it probably gets a little old for Zelda. Sure, she appreciates that he gets so giddy over the little things. But at the same time, can't he ever just give a low-key thanks like a normal person? Oh, that's right... he doesn't talk. Now it all makes sense.

6 Always Give Your Partner Space

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Something that gets thrown around a lot among discussions about gamer couples is, "The  couple that games together, stays together." Yes, it's great to be able to spend time together and share hobbies, interests, and passions— and it's doubly great when that means playing video games together.

But, as any relationship expert will tell you, a little space is good, too. It's best to not constantly be three inches away from your partner, all up in everything they are doing. Sometimes, it's best to just leave them be while they are wrapped up in an engrossing single-player game. If you love them, let them go... play a single-player game. If they come back to you, they were yours all along.

5 That Advice Seems Fishy

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"How do I get the boy I like to notice me?" It's a common query for young girls to have as they are first learning to navigate the world of relationships and the often-clueless boys (and/or girls) they have to navigate it with. With age, they usually come to realize that the best way to tell someone you like them is to... tell someone you like them. But that's easier said than done when you're young and awkward.

The advice that clueless young people get from their equally-clueless friends is often completely unhelpful, which we think is what this comic is poking fun at. Unless you are trying to woo Troy McClure, acting like a fish is definitely not the way to go.

4 How Did These Two Make A Baby?

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At some point, Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man conceived Baby Pac-Man. How that happened, or what that entailed, we don't know... and don't want to know, honestly. Although, we're betting that there's probably some fan fiction out there that explains it in graphic detail, perhaps even with accompanying pictures (shudder).

One thing we do know is that they had to start somewhere, and that somewhere in real life is usually kissing. Can Pac-people pucker their lips to kiss? We hope so— otherwise, their kisses are probably extremely awkward.

3 I'm Not Crying...

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You'd be hard-pressed to think of a video game couple that has had a more believable relationship arc than Nathan and Elena from the Uncharted series. Across four main games, the two met and fell in love in a way that was both a joy to watch and also completely believable, the latter of which we rarely get in games that usually have only a single game to tell an entire love story.

Part of what has made their relationship so fulfilling to follow is the way the writers of the games have kept things consistent, and are always calling back to earlier moments that the two have shared.

2 Talk About A Role-Playing Game

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Super Mario Odyssey introduced a mechanic where Mario could basically possess and become other people and creatures by throwing his cap onto their heads. It served many functions during his mission to rescue Princess Peach from Bowser for the 87th time, but what about once Mario and Peach got back to the castle?

Peach apparently had a fun idea for what Mario could do with his possession ability. Sure, there's nothing wrong with a little role play in the bedroom, but this is probably taking things a little too far. But hey, what two consulting adults do within the privacy of their castle is their own business.

1 Get Off Of My Cloud

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At the heart of the ridiculously convoluted plot that drives RPG classic Final Fantasy VII is the love story between Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith. And although you can't do anything to change the way that love triangle plays out in the end— and the manner in which one part of the triangle is ripped out of the equation— you can choose which girl you, as Cloud, take on a date to Gold Saucer.

Interestingly enough, you don't necessarily have to take Tifa or Aerith on that date, though. Depending on how things play out, Cloud can be accompanied by Yuffie or even Barrett on that romantic tram ride, the last of which results in a hilariously awkward scene that we can't wait to see play out in the upcoming Final Fantasy VII remake.

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