20 Video Game Easter Eggs That Went Nowhere

Video games can often be endless sources of entertainment, but a lot of the time they're also the final product after hundreds of hours of work from entire teams of individuals. Accordingly, it's very easy to lose sight of a tiny detail in a video game or simply not have the patience to search for something that may or may not even be there.

Extra features or hidden goodies in video games can sometimes be teased and advertised right from the jump, but they're also touches that can be buried away in the code of a title, require the fulfillment of extreme conditions, or take decades to fully uncover.

It's amazing when these secrets or Easter Eggs are worth the extra effort and provide a whole new feature to gameplay, but sometimes hidden secrets amount to nothing at all or simply a confirmation that they do exist, but don't lead to anything particularly satisfying. Accordingly, Here Are 20 Video Game Easter Eggs That Went Nowhere.

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Banjo-Tooie Stop N Swop
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20 Banjo-Tooie’s Stop ‘N’ Swop

Banjo-Tooie Stop N Swop
via rare.fandom.com

This was a feature put in Banjo-Tooie where Rare intended to have content transfer between their games while involving some rather brilliant foreshadowing. Pieces of this were in place, like an ice key in the Banjo games that otherwise doesn’t get any use, but the feature was scrapped when it was deemed that it may be dangerous to the games (it involved taking out one cartridge and putting in another). Evidence of this feature can still be found.

19 Wave Race’s Sarcastic Announcer

Wave Rave Blue Storm
Via YouTube.com

In Wave Race: Blue Storm on the GameCube had a well known secret password entry screen, but one code that alluded people for nearly a decade was an alternate audio track that gives you an extremely disinterested, sarcastic announcer, which is actually pretty hilarious. It's kind of awesome that it's done by a Konami Code variation.

18 Perfect Dark's Cheese

Perfect Dark Cheese
Via NeoGAF.com

Every level of Rare's shooter, Perfect Dark, inexplicably has a piece of cheese hidden in some very secretive area. Players obviously thought that acquiring all of these would lead to something, but it doesn't do anything at all. There are rumors that the cheese slices at one point were supposed to be rewards that were removed at the last minute, but it doesn't change the fact that these items put many players on a wild cheese chase that doesn't go anywhere at all.

17 Collecting One Million Roses In We Love Katamari

We Love Katamari Million Roses
Via YouTube.com

After completing the core game in the PS2 title, We Love Katamari, you’re tasked with a hefty task where there’s a secret level where you’re supposed to collect one million roses for a special reward. Such a task takes honestly over several days’ work of non-stop rolling and rose collecting due to the grueling regeneration system that’s in place. If you’re actually able to complete this insane goal, the Easter Egg here is that some roses are added to the menu and loading screen. That’s it. It’s not the big reward that it advertises itself as and the game even mocks you afterwards for completing the “pointless exercise.”

16 “Film D” In Wesker's Desk

Resident Evil 2 Rebecca Chambers Film D
via wegotthiscovered.com

Resident Evil 2 has a few odd Easter Eggs that reward the obsessive compulsive players out there that check everything to an insane degree, or maybe they're just stuck and don't know what to do. Regardless of the reasoning of how this was originally discovered— and it took some time— if you check a desk 50 times, on the 50th attempt, the desk opens to reveal, "Film D." The contents of which contain a photo of Rebecca Chambers in a basketball outfit. This just raises a lot of questions and it's very weird and ultimately useless. It could have been a special weapon.

15 Pong In Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat 2 Pong
Via CriticalHit.com

The original Mortal Kombat games were filled with secrets that became word of mouth in arcades and the whole Krypt Kode sequence added even more fuel to the rumor fires. In Mortal Kombat II, winning 50 fights in a row will let you fight Noob Saibot and players were determined that an even higher total would yield greater results. Finally, after playing 250 matches in a row, Mortal Kombat allows you to play a single match of Pong. It doesn’t remain unlocked afterwards or correspond to any Mortal Kombat-related achievements. It’s one game of the retro title and then it’s gone.

14 GoldenEye 007’s Citadel

via goldeneyeforever.com

The Nintendo 64’s GoldenEye 007 launched a lot of rumors due to this island that can be seen off in the distance that players started to speculate could be reached and yielded rewards. The truth is that this citadel section was supposed to be a part of level, but when crunch time set in, Rare removed it. That being said, through the help of a Gameshark it’s possible to cross the water and access the area. It’s a fun little perk, but there’ absolutely nothing to do there, let alone anything extra.

13 Earthbound's Talking, Lonely Sesame Seeds

Earthbound Sesame Seed Regret
Via YouTube.com

It's incredibly difficult to even get started with this Easter Egg in the first place because it requires a massive pixel hunt. In Earthbound's Dusty Dunes Desert, there is a lone white & black pixel and if you talk to them, it's learned that they're sesame seeds who have gained the ability to talk and want to be with other seeds. This would naturally lead players to believe that there are other seeds out in the game to talk to, but there isn't. Besides the random dialogue, you can't pick up these sesame seeds or do anything. They just weigh on your mind.

12 Ocarina Of Time's Shark

Ocarina Of Time Shark
via screamer.fandom.com

Intrepid explorers that get creative in the Lakeside Laboratory section of Ocarina of Time can find something rather surprising if they dive all the way to the bottom of the pool. There's a shark that's stuck motionless behind some bars, but there's nothing that can be done with it, nor does it lead to anything else. A heart piece or something to go along with him would be nice, but nope.

11 Yoshi In Super Mario 64

Super Mario 64 Rooftop Yoshi
via n64today.com

Super Mario 64 still existed during a time where games weren’t endlessly spoiled or broken down on the Internet and so there were a lot of rumors surrounding what was hidden inside it. Players were determined that Luigi was in the game somewhere, but after collecting 120 stars, the only reward present is Yoshi on the roof of Peach’s castle. It’s a nice 3D cameo from Mario’s companion, but besides some extra lives, it’s without purpose and totally ornamental. Plus, he leaves, so you can’t even enjoy his presence afterwards.

10 Arkham Aslyum’s Hidden Room

via youtube.com

There’s a hidden room in Arkham Asylum that features absolutely no markings or evidence that it’s special in any way. Players were supposed to figure out to blow up the wall in order to find a secret room that slyly advertises the next game in the series, Arkham City. The thing is, this Easter Egg was hidden so well that Eidos had to reveal it to audiences themselves and by then, news of Arkham City was no longer the surprise it would have been if it was discovered when the game first came out.

9 The Secret Of Mana's Topographical Faces

Secret Of Mana Ocean Faces
via warosu.org

There are some weird Easter Eggs that are worked in the literal map of the Super Nintendo's Secret of Mana RPG. After you have a dragon and are able to fly around and fully explore the open world, some careful searching over the ocean will reveal two faces. They don't provide any hints or result in anything special and because they're so hard to locate, you'll probably think you're crazy and was imagining them in the first place.

8 “Justin Bailey” Armor-less Samus Aran

Metroid Justin Bailey Suitless Samus
Via mentalfloss.com

It’s a major shock at the end of the first Metroid title when Samus takes off her helmet and it’s revealed that she’s actually a female bounty hunter. A code was placed in the game, JUSTIN BAILEY, that allows you to play as this suit-less version of Samus, but it doesn’t add anything extra to the experience. It’s a fun addition, but it’s hardly necessary.

7 Majora’s Mask Paper Airplane

Majoras Mask Paper Airplane
Via YouTube.com

With the release of Breath of the Wild, Zelda fans have been able to show how creative and obsessive they are when it comes to every detail of the games. So when something weird is discovered, theories always start to form. At the top of pillar in the southeast corner of the Castle of Ikana's courtyard, there's a stray paper airplane. Link can't acquire it to for some trading mission or even interact with it in any way. Clearly someone went out of their way to add this hidden detail, but it amounts to nothing.

6 Earthworm Jim 2’s Bubble Gun

Earthworm Jim Bubble Gun
via earthwormjim.fandom.com

The Earthworm Jim games arm their hero with a number of atypical weapons, many of which have unexpected uses in situations that wouldn’t seem practical. That being said, the Bubble Gun is not useful and its entire existence is just a joke at the gamer’s expense. This gun never serves a purpose or will help Jim out of his journey. The game deserves some respect for a troll of this level, but players kept trying to find the perfect use for the weapon, to no avail.

5 Grand Theft Auto 4's Hidden Strollers

Grand Theft Auto 4 Baby Stroller
via gta-myths.fandom.com

The Grand Theft Auto games are huge open world experiences and there are still certain elements that are hidden away and haven't been found yet in some circumstances. One Easter Egg that drove fans particularly crazy were the baby strollers hidden throughout Grand Theft Auto 4. They're hard to find and don't result in any other secrets or even an achievement after they've all been located.

4 Silent Hill 2's Perfect 10-Star Ranking

Silent Hill 2 Hyper Green Spray
Via YouTube.com

Look, the Silent Hill games deserve some credit just for how obsessive they get with both their ranking and ending requirements. When a game can have over five different endings, clearly a lot is hidden in it and with Silent Hill 2, players knew that there had to be something juicy to acquire the coveted 10-star ranking.

This seemed impossible, but it has a whole laundry list of conditions that range from details like beating the game in under three hours with under three saves, various damage and enemy quotas, and then a whole bunch of other random things. All of this is for the Green Hyper Spray, which defeats any enemy instantly, but it also inflicts damage to yourself, making it incredibly flawed and problematic.

3 Programmer's Initials Hidden In Atari's Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong Hidden Programmer Initials
Via Kotaku.com

Believe it or not, this Easter Egg took 26 years to discover, which is a testament to how well Landon M Dyer hid it into the game's code. Dyer was hired to covert Donkey Kong over to the Atari 400 and decided to stash his initials away in the game's DNA. Landon basically had to tell people how to achieve this and it involves a ridiculous combination of setting a high score with either 37, 73, or 77 as the fourth and fifth digits, losing all lives and the final death must be by falling, and then resetting the difficulty to level 4. For such a thorough code, you'd think it'd let you play as Donkey Kong, but this is pretty uneventful.

2 Halo 3's Cavemen

Halo 3 Cavemen Family
via www.halopedia.org

Marcus Lehto, the creative art director, for the Halo titles was a huge fan of inserting Easter Eggs wherever he could and Halo 3's Sierra 117 stage is one of the more frustrating examples of his work. Lehto has three cavemen dispersed throughout the level, all of which have his face, but beyond shooting them, their presence doesn't lead to anything greater. Players thought that perhaps a more cavemen ere out there and finding them would yield results, but no such luck.

1 Mirror's Edge's Giant Rat Freak Out

Mirrors Edge Giant Rat
Via YouTube.com

Mirror's Edge is full of offshoots and alternative paths that make the game such a unique experience and one that's rife for Easter Eggs. The "Kate" chapter in the game has a sequence that features a large truck. Shooting the truck's engine and then the white spot in the orange sign behind it will cause a huge rat to weave through the mayhem. The rat is a rather alarming sight, but it doesn't trigger anything else or amount to anything.

These are all of the most useless and pointless video game Easter Eggs that drove us crazy, but there are even more out there? Sound off over your favorites in the comments below!

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