20 Video Games That Give People Seizures

Here's something that a number of readers here may not be aware of... and something that some readers here might be all too familiar with: sometimes video games cause kids seizures. It really all depends on biology and the type of games people play. Below are some unlikely (and some very likely) games that have given kids seizures.

Each of these games has, at one point or another, directly caused a seizure or failed official testing to determine whether or not it could be a big risk factor for kids who might seize. Super Mario Maker does make quite a bit of sense... but WWE 2K 15!? Let's frog-splash into this article and get ready to boogie.

20 WWE 2K 15

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While wrestling might not seem like the sort of game that would cause a seizure, it turns out that WWE finds its way onto the list of risky games to play. The majority of people who have VGS (video-game-induced seizures) are male and physicians advise to stay away from "facilitating factors" (epilepsy.com)... so it's a good thing that this isn't a great game anyway.

19 Until Dawn

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The thing about Until Dawn that might cause seizures could be less the visual stimulation with regards to flashy graphics and what not and a whole lot more to do with the fact that this game causes people to have all sorts of medical issues... like unexpected bowel movements. Either way, according to Jessica Solodar, it still fails the seizure safety test.

18 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

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It is always amazing to see just which games have happened to cause seizures in kids in the gaming community. We are reasonably sure that The Witcher 3 probably caused a stressed-induced seizure more than any other type, simply because of the rage this game can cause players. Not that it's a difficult game at all, though, it's just not a game suited for younger gamers.

17 The Evil Within

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All those wonderful horror games should not really surprise anyone with seizures, but the reality of it all is that being scared and stressed can definitely induce a seizure in kids. Typically, this happens with kids from the ages of 7-19. According to NCBI, most kids who experience seizures seem to have them even when not particularly engaging with video games.

16 The Crew

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The Crew is yet another game that sparks the VGS (video-game-induced seizure). Considering the constant change in perspective with the environment zooming by at regularly fluctuating speeds, it should not surprise anyone that a racing game like this might induce some VGS... not that it's going to be taken off the market any time soon.

15 Star Wars Battlefront

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Star Wars Battlefront definitely fails the SST (Seizure Safety Test). All anyone has to do is spend a single minute in outer space, flying on every which axis, trying to dog fight X-Wings or Tie Fighters, and it will become very easy to see just how this game managed to cause a seizure or two. Though, surely we all feel bad for any kid who can't play Star Wars!

14 Rise Of The Tomb Raider

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Here is one of the most beautiful games on this entire list and yet it too manages to fail the Seizure Safety Test when it comes to causing video-game-induced seizures. And that is just too bad because who does not want to play/watch Lara Croft while kicking some serious keister!

13 MLB14 The Show

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Alright. This is just ridiculous. Who even knew that there was a kid under the age of 40 that played this game in the first place? We know that sports games are made but... who plays MLB!? Either way, it was discovered by one Jessica Solodar that MLB14 The Show is an instigator when it comes to VGS.

12 Middle Earth: Shadow Of Mordor

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One of the coolest games out there on the market (a slightly older market since Shadow of War has surpassed the original for some time now), it is a too bad that Shadow of Mordor managed to cause seizures. It is surprising that no blame has been put on Shadow of War for causing VGS, considering it is many times flashier and grander than the first game.

11 Super Mario Maker

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As said in the introduction, no one can be at all surprised that Super Mario Maker makes its way onto the list of games that can cause seizures. And let's all be honest here, this game has probably caused both visually-stimulated as well as stressed-induced seizures. But no one is going to argue for taking this game off the market. Just ask the Mario Maker gamer, Epilepsy (real gamer profile).

10 Life Is Strange

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Life is indeed strange and anyone having a seizure from this game has got to feel jus as strange a feeling as playing through the game itself. That being said, it is likely the strangeness of this game that has caused its inability to pass the Seizure Safety Test... though it might be a worthwhile gaming experience all the same.

9 Killzone: Shadow Fall

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There can really be no surprise that Shadow Fall has caused some kids to seize. The quick movements, the flashing munitions, the nutty enemies charging in at every turn, the jump scares... it is pretty clear cut to see just how this game has managed to cause kids pain in more than just the quality of gameplay.

8 Just Cause 3

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It's amazing that the whole Just Cause collection was not up on the list of failed games in the Seizure Safety Test. These games are full of nothing but explosions, flying, driving, and general nuttiness so it makes perfect sense, surely to everyone, that this game might cause a couple of kids to stop, drop, and lose control.

7 Halo: The Master Chief Collection

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So, here's the thing. People may not have known this but, apparently, not just one Halo game but Halo 2, 3, and 4 are all prone to causing seizures in kids. We're guessing that the very first game just didn't have the graphic capacity to cause anyone to drop but the sequels definitely had the moxy.

6 Forza Horizon 2

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One of the best-looking and greatest racing games of all video game history, Forza Horizon 2 definitely has the capacity to drop a few kids into seizure mode. Let's be honest here... if The Crew can manage it, then a far superior, faster, and more intensely visually appealing game has definitely got this issue on lock.

5 Fortnite

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This might surprise some people but Fortnite is probably one of the biggest games on this list to have caused kids to seize. There are a couple of reasons for this, according to VideoGameSeizures.com. First of all, this has been one of the most popular games over the past couple of years... that and it has a "High Explosives Mode" that makes everything even flashier!

4 Final Fantasy XIV

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Final Fantasy XIV is by no means the most popular of the Final Fantasy games out there (especially with the latest updates on the FFVII Remake and the FFVIII remaster,) but it is probably the most frequently played since it is an online subscription game... and frequency of exploding magic will fast track a percentage of people to seizure.

3 Dragon Age: Inquisition

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Dragon Age: Inquisition sits somewhere near the realm of Final Fantasy XIV in its scope of exploding magic, endless baddies, and places to explore. The way in which one controls the characters as well does not help the motion on-screen for those who are prone to seizures. Those are likely significant reasons that this game did not pass the SST.

2 Call Of Duty Black Ops III

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The Black Ops series is the COD series most famous for the zombie levels. Anyone who has played the zombie modes in this third installment of Black Ops will know that there is a lot of visual stimulation, jumping from third to first person, along with all manner of explosions and tracers. VideoGameSeizures was pretty quick to jump on this one.

1 Bayonetta 2

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Bayonetta is very well known for two things (at least). First, it's very well known for its smokin' protagonist who is clad in nothing but a magical bodysuit made of her own hair... and it's also very well known for the incredible amount of flash and energetic motion in the combat sequences, as shown above. A prime trigger for a seizure or two.

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