9 Videos That Will Capture Your Cat's Attention

Crazy cat ladies are everywhere, funding the market of cat memorabilia and unnecessary cat items, but you don't have to be crazy to make your cat watch these videos. Cats need stimulation, whether it's through bird watching or playing with their toys, but these videos are a new source of entertainment, an outlet for their boundless energy.

These cat videos provide an untapped market of free cat entertainment, taking them on adventures to their favorite places. They will be mesmerized as they are transported to a galaxy of the most interesting things on the planet, curated specifically for them. Your cat will purr as images flash across your computer screen, their attention solely focused on the moving pictures encased behind it. Keep reading to learn of nine videos that will capture your cat's attention!

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9 8 Hours of Birds For Your Cat to Enjoy

Birds are considered kitty prey, more than one cat bringing a specimen home to its owner as a gift. This video is eight hours of bird stimulation for your cat to enjoy, their jumps and quick wing flaps capturing your cat's attention.

Their eyes will widen as they enter a primal state, stalking the birds on the screen with an energy you have never witnessed in them before. The cacophony of sounds will have their ears buzzing in excitement, as they paw at your bird-filled screen wishing they could touch them.

8 The Cat Version of Go Fish

This video was designed specifically for cats, providing them with an erratically moving fish for them to play with. Their attention will be captured as they enjoy this game, going crazy as more and more fish appear on the screen before them.

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This provides a full hour of entertainment for your feline friend, giving you time to do chores around the house. Your cat will love you for providing them with this level of excitement, purring loudly the entire time.

7 Cute Squirrels for Your Cat to Admire

The squirrel is another backyard favorite of your cat and now it can be the star of their favorite video. Multiple squirrels scuttle across the screen, scavenging for food and avoiding the falling acorns.

Your cat will flex his claws as he wonders what it would feel like to graze the soft fur of the squirrel, basking in the sounds of nature in the video. This will allow them an up close and personal look at a squirrel, piquing their curiosity about this fuzzy creature.

6 Calming Sounds of Nature to Help Your Cat Sleep

This video will help even the most restless of cats find peace. The calming voices of nature will soothe their troubled souls, whisking them away to the land of sleep. They can watch ducks, fish, and meerkats participating in daily life activities, giving your cat the rest it deserves.

This video will make them feel good about themselves, and their life mission, as they understand it is acceptable for them to take a break, allowing a great weight to lift off of their tiny shoulders.

5 Train Your Cat to Catch Pesky Mice

This another cat game, but it serves the alternate purpose of training your cat to catch mice. Everyone's home has a rodent problem at one time or another, with humans setting traps to kill them off, but the cat is a more financially efficient option.

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When your cat understands the value of becoming the lead pest control officer of your household they will feel like they serve a purpose. The empty hole in your cat's heart will be filled as they train to help you rid your pantry of these pests.

4 Living Rodents For Your Cat to Screen Stalk

When your cat grasps the concept of the mouse game you can move on to live rodents. This video will help you complete phase two, where your cat grows accustomed to the movements and features of these pesky rats.

Their image will be imprinted upon your feline's brain, as they scour the kitchen for any unwelcome visitors. They understand how much food the mice are taking, shoving more than a few morsels into their expandable mouths, as the mice rob you of your well-earned food. Your cat will take the crime personally as they seek out each and every perpetrator.

3 The Dreaded String Returns

Cats are mesmerized by strings, labeling them as public enemy number one. This video drags strings across the screen to infuriate your cat. You can watch as your cat drops low to the ground with saucers for eyes, wiggling their adorable butts before pouncing at the screen.

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They might be confused about why it is trapped within your computer, but they won't give up. They will wear themselves out as they struggle to grasp the elusive string between their paws.

2 The Evasive Laser Pointer

Cats will love this video as they paw at the tiny red dot of light as it moves across the screen. The background noises entice them to pay attention, speaking to their inner lion. The red dots will mess with their minds as they struggle to catch them, hoping to offer them as a gift to their humans.

It will also save you from having to aim a laser pointer around the room, allowing you time for other activities. You could do the dishes or clean their litter box as the dots put your cat under their spell.

1 Cat Reality Television

Cat's love watching their brethren in arms as much as any human, the reality of the lives of other cats interesting to their senses. They are curious about the situations of other cats, learning from their mistakes by watching this video.

It will teach them how to play nice with others or the best way to arrange their kitty bed, as they watch a diverse group of cats venture through a playful life. The drama and beautiful gestures offered by these playful creatures will fill your cat's mind with ideas and a renewed sense of kindness.

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