Vikings: 20 Flattering Pics Of The Female Cast Out Of Character

On the air since the year 2013, over that time Vikings has never been the most talked-about show on television. Despite largely flying under the mainstream radar, the show has been entertaining enough to build a loyal fan following that is quite passionate. While there is no doubt that the fascinating world of the show has a lot to do with Vikings’ success, its incredible cast deserves a lot of credit too.

As any Vikings fan should be able to tell you, the show certainly has featured the acting talents of many beautiful women right from the start. Remarkably enough, many of those ladies look even more incredible when they are all cleaned up. With that in mind, it is time to get to this list of 20 flattering photos of the female Vikings cast out of character.

20 Ida Nielsen

Via castvikings.tumblr.com

As a former slave that was freed in order to marry Ubbe, Margrethe entered a highly competitive world that she wasn’t ready for and paid the ultimate price. Seen here on a city street alongside one of her former co-stars, Ida Nielsen both manages to look very appealing and like she would be a really cool person to hang out with.

19 Lucy Martin

Via IMDb.com

Even though Lucy Martin has appeared in nineteen episodes of Vikings, her character Ingrid hasn’t been all that impactful on the show. On the other end of the spectrum, Martin is such a dazzling beauty that even a photo of her from the neck up is bound to quicken the heart rate of many viewers.

18 Josefin Asplund

Via dreamthegame.com

When it comes to Josefin Asplund’s Vikings character Astrid, it is safe to say that she had a very hard time catching a break considering she was taken, killed, and worse. Played to perfection by the alluring actor Asplund, this photo of her sporting come hither eyes is spellbinding.

17 Dianne Doan

Via behindthevoiceactors.com

Arguably among the most interesting characters from this show, Yidu’s opinions of Ragnar and the Viking way of life run the gamut from the time she debuted until her final appearance. Perfect in that role, there is something about Dianne Doan that instantly grabs the eye as the photo of her wearing the most pedestrian of clothes proves.

16 Gaia Weiss

Via Pinterest.ca

Cast as Bjorn’s love interest during the second and third season of Vikings, Gaia Weiss managed to make the most out of playing Thorunn she possibly could. Known to sometimes wear revealing dresses on the red carpet, here Weiss was wearing a dress that was a little bit more subtle but we always enjoy a gown with see-through parts.

15 Sarah Greene

Via thetimes.co.uk

Even though we love Jennie Jacques in the role of Judith, we still miss having Sarah Greene be a part of the show. On the bright side, at least we still get to enjoy photos of her like this one where she looks downright radiant. We also have to say, this shade of red hair looks absolutely magnificent on her.

14 Georgia Hirst

Via keywordbasket.com

Absolutely excellent in the role of Torvi, Georgia Hirst’s character has proven herself to be a true survivor who can make the best out of any situation. Shown here in a simple but skin-tight outfit with eye-catching footwear, any clothes that shows off Hirst’s figure is bound to be a hit.

13 Maude Hirst

Via hipandhealthy.com

In the world of Vikings, Torvi and Helga are nothing more than friends but in real life, the fact that they look so much alike is no coincidence as the actors who play them are sisters. Seen here in jeans and a loose-fitting sweater, many actors would look less than stellar in clothes like that but somehow Maude Hirst blows us away in them.

12 Morgane Polanski

Via listal.com

In the role of Princess Gisla, Morgane Polanski has been tasked with playing a regal character in a sometimes brutal world and she certainly has lived up to that challenge. Seen here lounging around among gorgeous flowers and a picturesque cityscape, Polanski still manages to hold our gaze against fierce competition.

11 Karen Hassan

Via rte.ie

Ultimately fated to fall at the hands of this show’s constant power struggles, Therese is a character that we think had a lot of potential if she’d managed to stick around longer. Seen here on the red carpet for the National Television Awards, judging by her pose and the look on her face Hassan knew that she looked absolutely dazzling at the time.

10 Elinor Crawley

Via davepackerphotography.com

Unfortunately for Thyri, the Vikings character that Elinor Crawley brought to life, she not only lost her life, but she fell to the disease known as the plague. Perfectly healthy in real life, of course, Crawley looks so full of life in this image that it is hard to look away from.

9 Leah McNamara

Via reddit.com

One of many characters who were chosen to go on an expedition to set up a colony, unfortunately for fans of Leah McNamara she isn’t set to return as her character lost her life in Iceland. Looking like the picture of youthful beauty in this photograph, McNamara should have a long career in front of her and we look forward to watching it from afar.

8 Katheryn Winnick

Via hollywoodpicture.net

Definitely a formidable woman on the show, in order for Lagertha to be a character that viewers could buy into, someone substantial needed to be cast in the role. Fortunately, for Vikings fans, Katheryn Winnick fits the role to a T. A gorgeous woman, Winnick makes a simple white dress look absolutely amazing.

7 Jennie Jacques

Via YouTube.com

When it comes to Jennie Jacques, it is clear that when she got the chance to take over playing Vikings’ Princess Judith after the original actor vacated the role she jumped at it. Not only is that a great thing for Jacques, but it worked out best for fans of this show as well. Seen here in an everyday outfit, Jacques makes it sing and proves she doesn’t dress like a princess in real life.

6 Alyssa Sutherland

Via listal.com

Among the most important characters in Vikings history, Aslaug claimed to be the daughter of warriors and based on her behaviour that seemed totally believable to us. Born with the perfect genes to be a world-famous model, Vikings fans should be overjoyed that Sutherland chose to be an actor but this image proves how striking she can look in photos.

5 Kelly Campbell

Via IMDb.com

As of the time of this writing, Vikings hasn’t done all that much with Kelly Campbell’s character Ingvild, much to our disappointment. That said, given how ravishing Campbell looks in this photo and how easily she seems to hold the camera’s attention, we fully expect that to change before too long.

4 Jessalyn Gilsig

Via t10ranker.com

As one of the most intelligent and strategic Vikings characters, Siggy was truly entertaining during her all too brief time on the show. On top of the fact that this image of Gilsig was clearly taken at one of the most beautiful times of the day, we also love her hair and clothes in this photo.

3 Alicia Agneson

Via kingoftheflatscreen.com

Back when Queen Freydis was first introduced to Vikings viewers, she was Ivar’s slave and love interest. Of course, she was so captivating to Ivar that he eventually married her which meant she went from being powerless to sitting on top of a kingdom. Wearing a black and white dress in this picture, it is equally cut and dry that Agneson looks drop-dead gorgeous here.

2 Amy Bailey

Via darrenblackphotographer.blogspot.com

Definitely, not a character that was afraid to tell a lie or two during her time on Vikings, Kwenthrith was a force to be reckoned with. No slouch herself, even in black and white Amy Bailey exudes so much confidence in this image that it looks like she could walk into any room in the world and quickly own it.

1 Karima McAdams

Via therichest.com

When Vikings producers cast Karima McAdams as Kassia, they tasked her with playing the kind of nun that most people have never seen on TV before. Clearly, a captivating woman when in character and out, here we see McAdams in full on Lara Croft garb and to say she fills it out nicely is an understatement.

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