This Viral Cutting Board Hack Is Not Going Over Well With The People Of The Internet

The internet offers a wealth of hacks to try at home with some providing pretty impressive results, while others leave us wondering why we even bothered. Now, a new cutting board hack has the internet divided, with some people commenting on its brilliance, while others believe it is beyond ridiculous.

The cutting board fracas was arguably started after the National Post in Toronto tweeted, “You’re using a cutting board incorrectly. Reader, the hole has a purpose.”

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The hole in question is the opening at the end of a cutting board that we just assumed was just a handle. According to homeware hackers, the hole is meant to scrape your chopped veggies though, so you don’t drop any food off the side.

The tweet referenced a video posted by 5-Minute Crafts GIRLY on YouTube titled “30 Smart Kitchen Tips,” which also includes other revelations such as using clothespins to grab toast out of a toaster. The video, which already has more than one million views, was posted earlier this month.

Though some tips left us wondering what planet this video was filmed on, others were just obvious food prep tricks that we already use, like pressing down on garlic with a knife to remove the skin.

Mind you, we all appreciate a good kitchen tip, but some ideas in the video, such as using your salad bag as a bowl because you’re too lazy to wash the dishes, are just plain ludicrous. We will admit though that some of the knife tips were very cool. But seriously, how hot is the toast you’re making that you need to use a clothespin to get it out?

The tweet instantly went viral with some calling the discovery genius, while others were less than impressed. The issue seems to be that the hole might suit that purpose if you’re dicing onion or garlic into tiny bits, but if you’re simply slicing some cucumbers or peppers, you will end up with a blocked hole and a look of disappointment on your face.

One social media user actually found the cutting board patent, which clearly stated that the hole is a handle. But feel free to share your own opinions as well as any other useful kitchen hacks you might have.

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