Now You Can Virtually Date The Instagram-Famous Egg

Itch.io has made a virtual dating game with the famous Instagram egg. The Instagram star seems so far away and unreachable due to its fame, but now its fans can pretend to go on dates with it. However, the player must be wary of falling in love with the egg, as it may have some sides they won’t enjoy.

Early this year, an anonymous Instagram user posted a photo of an egg with the goal of beating Kylie Jenner’s record of 18 million likes. The celebrity’s photo was a picture introducing her newborn daughter to fans around the world. The egg was able to upstage this adorable photo by 30 million likes even though the post was just an egg with a plain background. It goes to show just what our priorities in life are.

The game, World Record Egg, is a dating simulator where you attempt to win the affection of the famous egg. The player has 30 days to win its love by hopping between social media apps to find it and bombard it with attention. Whether it’s via Instagram likes, Twitter retweets, or Facebook shares, the egg will only love you back if you give it the love it requires. Each day is ended when the phone runs out of battery, and conversations with the egg can be cut off when the battery dies. Players better be sure to win the egg’s love before their phone dies!

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The egg has some unique qualities, to say the least. It takes a while for the player to get to know the egg, as is with any other date. After some quirky conversations and pun exchange, the egg starts to come out of its shell to reveal its true self. Without spoiling the game, players can expect quite a turn of events as they are able to break the egg’s cold exterior. After all, the game is tagged “horror” for a reason.

They mysterious life of the egg that took over the Internet has been revealed through this dating simulator. If you’re curious to find out how it captured our attention and its future plans, then give the game a download; it’s free and creators just ask for donations if players wish to give. With a date that smooth and famous, who wouldn’t say no to a date?

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