10 Voice Actresses As Hot As Their Game Characters (And 10 That Are Even Hotter)

Voice acting has become more vital to video games than ever. Thanks to the evolution of technology, actors can be made to look exactly like their gaming characters to pull audiences into the experience more. Even when that doesn’t happen, having the right voice is critical to making a character work. Choose the wrong actress and it mars the entire game no matter how well the game is made. The right actress can make the character a favorite or even an icon. While some actresses are already famous, some of the best voice ladies don’t have famous faces.

It’s easy to think of how steamy some of these gals can be via their characters. Yet some of the actresses are even hotter than the characters they play. That really goes for more famous actresses even as some voice actresses can be knockouts outside the recording booth. Here are 10 voice actresses just as hot as their characters and 10 who are even hotter to remind you of who’s voicing these ladies.

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20 HOT: Rachael Leigh Cook

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The actress is best known for the beloved teen comedy She’s All That. She’s slowed her output in recent years but still pops up on the occasional Hallmark Channel movie. Her biggest contribution to video games has been voicing one of Final Fantasy’s biggest names. While Tifa Lockheart was voiced by Ayumi Ito in the Japanese versions of FF VII, Cook handled the U.S. translation and did a great job making the character so loved. She reprised the role for Kingdom Hearts as well. Cook has ceded the part for the upcoming PS4 remake yet many love her turn as Tifa.

19 HOTTER: Hayden Panettiere

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The young actress broke out big as cheerleader Claire on Heroes before moving onto the popular country music drama Nashville. Panettiere has also been busy with some pretty good voice work in video games. Her most notable has been Kairi in the long-running Kingdom Hearts series. Panettiere has brought the character to wonderful life to make her a fan favorite. With her gorgeous blonde hair and knockout curves, Panettiere puts her game character to shame in terms of heat.

18 HOT: Camilla Luddington

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Grey’s Anatomy fans know Camilla Luddington as the all-American doctor Jo. The actress used her natural British accent to voice the most famous Brit in gaming, Lara Croft. Her performance in 2013’s Tomb Raider reboot helped the game become a huge hit as she captured Lara’s strength and the passion of her journey. Ludington provided not just the voice, but the motion capture so Lara looks a bit like her.

17 HOTTER: Yvonne Strahovski

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The Australian actress broke out as CIA agent Sarah in the fun comedy series Chuck. She’s also won raves for her starring turn on The Handmaid’s Tale. Mass Effect fans have come to love her as Miranda Lawson, the cool aide in the second game who became a favorite. The technology makes Miranda a dead ringer for Strahovski to stand out well. However, the real gal has a great vibe in person that can’t be matched in video game form.

16 HOT: Jenn Taylor


She’s been voicing for games since the late 1990s and shows no signs of slowing down. Jenn Taylor’s best known role has been voicing Cortana in the classic game Halo. Fans have never gotten enough of the lively A.I. or her robotic body and she’s been a mainstay of the series. Taylor has also voiced Princess Peach in several Mario games and Zoey in Left 4 Dead. A winner at gaming conventions, Taylor shows how a fine lady can voice some fantastic female characters.

15 HOTTER: Eliza Dushku

This sultry actress broke out huge as wicked Slayer Faith on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She’s added more credits since with Dollhouse, Banshee, and Bull. Dushku voiced Faith for the Chaos Bleeds game. She was also Yumi in Yakuza and Shaundi in Saints Row 2. Dushku also voiced the main character in Wet with critics noting her performance as the best thing about the game. An outspoken advocate, Dushku has been known for her hot persona and looking stunning in any setting.

14 HOT: Marisha Ray


The actress is already known for the cult series Critical Role. In games, her voice has been used for scores of characters in Fire Emblem, Laura in Legend of Heroes, Margaret in Persona 4, and Cheshire in Lego DC Villains. Her Twitter feed is quite popular thanks to her constant updates on playing D&D and her unabashed love for video games. She also has a fun style for one of the hottest “geek gals” out there and it’s no wonder she’s so in demand by game developers.

13 HOTTER: Ashley Johnson


Best known as little Christy Seaver on Growing Pains, Ashley Johnson has made a comeback playing the quirky Patterson on the NBC thriller Blindspot. She’s done voice work for games such as Gwen in several Ben 10 entries. Her most famous performance is as Ellie in the award-winning smash The Last of Us. Johnson has earned a BAFTA among other awards for her work and set to play an older Ellie in the much-anticipated sequel. In person, Johnson is much hotter than her game character yet shows the warmth that made the game so loved.

12 HOT: Kimberly Irion


Her credits aren’t as long as other actresses on this list but Kimberly Irion is still known to video game fans. Her big role was Bonnie McFarlane, the ranch owner of the award-winning smash hit Red Dead Redemption. Irion did a great job voicing the gal who can handle herself with a rifle and in a fight and even deal with a zombie outbreak in the special DLC game. She did a bit more voice work for the sequel and Irion herself has a great vibe that shows she could have handled this Western series for real.

11 HOTTER: Emily Rose


The Canadian actress is known to Syfy fans for her starring role of a cop in the cult supernatural drama Haven. Fans of the smash hit Uncharted series know her as Elena Fisher, the tough and smart reporter who wins the heart of Nate Drake. Rose has always been good at mixing humor and strength together for her voice roles. In real life, Rose comes off steamier than Elena.

10 HOT: Ashly Burch

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One of the most popular voice actresses out there, Ashly Burch has a habit of voicing some good strong female characters. She’s voiced Cassie Cage in Mortal Kombat X, April O’Neil in some new TMNT games, and Kamala Khan in Lego Marvel Heroes. Her biggest gig has been voicing the main character of Aloy in the acclaimed Horizon Zero Dawn. Boasting a major social media following, Burch has showcased a great ability to bring fun female characters to life.

9 HOTTER: Kristen Bell


She’s had a few movie hits but Kristen Bell is best known for her TV work. She’s starred in Heroes, House of Lies, the critically acclaimed The Good Place and is about to reprise her iconic role of Veronica Mars. A big gamer herself, Bell lent her voice and likeness to Lucy in the first Assassin's Creed games. She’s also reprised her role of Frozen’s Anna in several Disney games like Kingdom Hearts III. Known for her fantastic sense of humor, Bell is also much hotter in real life than in video game format.

8 HOT: Adrienne Wilkinson


Fans of Xena Warrior Princess will remember Adrienne Wilkinson as Xena’s grown daughter, Eve/Livia. She’s made numerous TV appearances since but is also known for her great voice work. She’s handled numerous voices for the Saint’s Row games, Maris Brood in Star Wars the Force Unleashed, and Mina in Alpha Protocol. Still possessing a nice exotic air to herself and some great humor, Wilkinson is a standout with any voice work.

7 HOTTER: Stana Katic

via us weekly

Talia al Guhl is the daughter of Ra’s, one of Batman’s deadliest enemies. While aiding her father, Talia still loves the Dark Knight and often tries to win him over. In Arkham City, Talia is caught in the middle of a fight between both men. Voicing the character is Stana Katic who’s best known as Kate Beckett in the long-running hit show Castle. Amazingly, Katic is actually more attractive in real life than the exotic Talia which makes her performance in the hit game even more striking.

6 HOT: Keeley Hawes


This popular actress has been a familiar face for BBC viewers from Ashes to Ashes, Spooks, and The Durrells to the recent hit show Bodyguard. Hawes is also very well known to gamers for taking on the role of Lara Croft for 2006’s Tomb Raider Legend. She was so good, she voiced the role in several sequels, her voice perfect to bring Lara to life. Hawes continues to show her own great vibe in various movies and TV shows to prove she was a great pick for gaming’s classic heroine.

5 HOTTER: Tricia Helfer

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The stunning actress had a huge breakout playing the fantastic Cylon Number Six on Battlestar Galactica. She’s kept it up with numerous TV roles such as the cult show Lucifer. In video games, Helfer is best known for voicing Sarah Kerrigan in the StarCraft series. She also provided the voice for EDI in the Mass Effect games and handled Sonya Blade for Mortal Kombat X. In real life, the bike riding gal is hotter than any character she plays so it’s no wonder she makes any role stand out.

4 HOT: Jennifer Hale


A veteran of the voice acting world, Jennifer Hale found major fame with fans voicing Bastila Shan in the award-winning Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic. She also took on the ultimate space heroine voicing Samus Aran in Metroid Prime 3. Fans of Mass Effect will also know her as the voice of a female Commander Shepherd. Hale’s voice has been used for dozens more games and she’s always a standout with her wry delivery making her a true beauty.

3 HOTTER: Tara Strong

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A veteran voice actress since the 1980s, Tara Strong is well-known to gaming fans. She played Rikku in Final Fantasy X, Batgirl in a few Batman games, Rachel in Ninja Gaiden, and scores of characters in Marvel games. Easily her biggest role was voicing Harley Quinn in the smash hit Arkham games. She also handled the voice of Juliet Starling in the quirky Lollipop Chainsaw. Living up to her name, Tara is still going strong.

2 HOT: Laura Bailey

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Her voice work is all over the place in the gaming world. Bailey has voiced Rayne in BloodRayne, Chun Li in Street Fighter, Blaze in Sonic, and scores of Fire Emblem characters. Her voice work as Nadine in Uncharted 4 made the character such a stand out that she became part of a spin-off game. She’s also voiced Catwoman in Batman: The Telltale Series, Supergirl in Injustice, and Mary Jane Watson in Spider-Man. A lively lady in person, Bailey is one of the best voice gals in the business.

1 HOTTER: Claudia Black


The Aussie actress is loved by sci-fi fans for her roles on the hit shows Farscape and Stargate SG-1. Her sultry voice has been put to good use in video games as Admiral Daro'Xen and Matriarch Aethyta in Mass Effect, and the conniving Morrigan in Dragon Age. Her biggest role was Chloe Frazier, the sneaky thief in the Uncharted series which became so popular that she earned her own spin-off game. Hot as her characters are, Black is even steamier in person.

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