Volkswagen Will No Longer Test On Animals

German carmaker Volkswagen will not longer test on animals.

The company made the announcement last week after coming under serious public scrutiny when it got out that Volkswagen was using monkeys to test the effects of diesel. Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess specifically sent a letter to the German branch of PETA, explaining the company’s intentions moving forward when it comes to animal testing.


People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, were the ones to announce Volkswagen’s new ban. The statement revealed that not only is the ban part of the company’s new code of conduct policy, but the only time it will ever test on animals is if the law requires it. Diess explained in the letter that testing, research projects, and studies have to be conducted with both ethical and other questions in mind at all times.

“Volkswagen explicitly distances itself from all forms of animal abuse. In the future, we will rule out all testing on animals, as long as there are no pressing or legal reasons that would make this necessary," Diess said.

This news comes six months after The New York Times ran an article about what the German company was doing to monkeys. According to the article, Volkswagen funded a study where macaque monkeys sat for hours in airtight chambers watching cartoons while inhaling diesel emissions from a Volkswagen Beetle and an old pickup truck.

Volkswagen has been hurting since 2015 when it faced the notorious "dieselgate" scandal. If you can’t remember what exactly happened with the company here is a reminder. The automaker placed emissions-cheating software in all of their cars in order to pass government testing. This defeat mechanism ensured that the engine did not pollute during the tests. The cars that were affected, around 11 million, actually discharged 40 times the legal amount of nitrogen oxide when driven outside the laboratory.

Testing on animals has sadly been a way of conducting research for years. However now that big name companies, such as Volkswagen, have started to ban animal testing on their products, it is thankfully becoming far less popular. Big corporations are finding other ways to conduct research and we think it is great! No more testing on poor defenseless animals, especially when other forms of testing are readily available and effective!


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