Waffle House's Waffle Truck Delivers To Your Door No Matter Where Or When

Waffle House is a venerable breakfast joint that's been doing a food truck sideline venture for about five years. But the additional service that adds a more picturesque element to fast food hasn't been super popular until now.

That's because the Waffle House truck doesn't hit the street circuit. First of all, there's only one truck, even though the restaurant chain has nearly 2,000 locations across the U.S. Secondly, Waffle House uses the truck only for catering purposes, whether that be regularly feeding the college football team at Auburn or a wedding in South Carolina, where the truck initially made headlines as well as a splash on social media.

The truck is certainly bound to get additional exposure now, as we are right in the middle of National Waffle Week. The vehicle has been making a number of surprise stops at post-secondary institutions mostly around Atlanta which is the truck's headquarters.

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Surprise stop at Athens-Clarke Fire emergency services!

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Americans must be big on catered breakfasts, because the word from the Atlanta head office is that the truck is garnering a great deal of mileage, sometimes doing up to four weddings a day. Even Waffle House executives have a hard time booking it for Waffle House events.

"It’s very busy," said Pat Warner, Waffle House's director of public relations and external affairs. "It has really taken off. I try to get it for Waffle House events and I have to book it months in advance."

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Not only is the truck's calendar full, it's also covering a great deal of ground. The mobile breakfast service has made several junkets as far south as Florida. And the company has often relied on the truck for humanitarian purposes, such as feeding hungry Atlantan families for free on Thanksgiving. It also performed the same service in Baton Rouge, Louisiana residents in 2016 when the municipality, including one Waffle House outlet, experienced flooding. When a bridge collapsed on Interstate 85 in Georgia in 2017, the Waffle House truck was on hand to feed the crew.

Otherwise, Waffle House charges customers a rental flat rate of $90 and an additional $50 an hour for travel and the actual event. For events where it's expected to serve more than a thousand dollars worth of food, a deposit for half of the cost has to be made.

Thankfully, in response to overwhelming demand, Waffle House is planning to increase the fleet by adding one extra truck.

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