Walking Dead Wine Label Comes Alive With Smartphone App

There is a new line of The Walking Dead wines that have a special feature on their bottles. When viewed through a specific app on a smartphone, the labels will come to life.

When one thinks of The Walking Dead and wine, the two don’t necessarily go together hand in hand. However, The Last Wine Company and The Walking Dead have come up with a brilliant way to change that.

According to People magazine, the new wines are marketed by The Last Wine Company and produced by Treasury Wine Estates. The new wine collection features a Blood Red Blend and a Cabernet Sauvignon, both sound interesting. It is not the taste of these two wines that is gaining attention but rather what is on the bottles.


Thanks to labels that feature “augmented reality” technology, wine lovers will get the bonus of seeing their favorite characters from the show come to life. It is super easy to do and so much fun. All wine lovers have to do is download the “Living Wine Labels” app from the App Store or Play Store. Once that is done, they can view the wine label as it comes to life.


“The Blood Red Blend sports an image of Sheriff Rick Grimes staring down the undead. When the app is launched and pointed at the label, Sheriff Rick fights off the ‘walkers’ in the wine aisle. The Walking Dead Cabernet Sauvignon label features a horde of zombies, and when the Living Wine Labels app is launched and pointed at the bottle; they break out of the label onto the phone screen. Pointing the app at both labels, when the bottles are side by side, triggers the characters to fight each other.” shared The Last Wine Company.

Even those that are not big wine drinkers will want to check out these new bottles. It is a cool idea and those looking to check it out won’t have to wait too much longer. The Walking Dead wines will hit store shelves in February, just in time for the return of the hit AMC series.

What do you think about the new line of wines where the label comes to life? Will you try them?


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