WALL-E IRL? These Adorable Care-E Robots Are Making Air Travel Easy

As air travel advances at the speed of light, more and more innovations await. Boom is developing supersonic travel that can fly passengers from New York City to London in three hours. Pets can be monitored via in-flight baby monitors. And the TSA is set to debut 3D scanners that can digitally detect bombs, flamethrowers, and other contraband in luggage.

KLM is also adding its two cents by introducing a robot that will guide passengers to their gate and carry their luggage. The Dutch national airline will introduce a trial run for Care-E, a compact, self-driving, trolley-style robot. After you have cleared security, you will encounter Care-E, who will scan your boarding pass. Since the robots are connected to airport data, they are capable of directing you to your gate.

After placing your carry-on luggage on the robot’s carry deck, it will move alongside you, directing you to your gate at three miles per hour, the average walking speed. If you have time, you can ask Care-E to take you to get a drink, use the bathroom or go shopping. It will also let you know when it is time to board.

KLM is a leader in advanced travel technology. The carrier tested an android called Spencer at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam. Care-E takes the robot interactive experience to the next level. If you’re too slow, for example, the robot may act bored in order to get you to hurry up. It may also whistle while it guides you, and be sad to see you go.

KLM will launch the first Care-E robots in San Francisco (SFO) and New York (JFK) later this year. The carrier has yet to announce a nationwide rollout. It is simply testing how robots can improve air travel.

The carrier recently introduced BB, short for Blue Bot, which provides “the best possible service.” BB is available on Messenger if you’re booking a flight, or through your Google Assistant, on Google Home or a smartphone, and can help you find a flight or pack your bag.

According to KLM, “BB is not just another smart assistant. She's a self-learning AI system. BB has her own professional, helpful and friendly character, but be warned; she can also be a bit cheeky from time to time. Aside from that, she's always eager to learn more in order to be of better service to you.

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”BB is part of our KLM servicing family and is only supported by a human agent when help is needed. With BB, it's like with all technology: sometimes she is in need of extra help from a human. When BB is not able to help you with finding and/or booking a ticket, after all, you can also go to KLM.com or our KLM app.”

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